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    Australia - Samantha Knight, 9, Bondi, NSW, 19 Aug 1986

    Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: March 25, 1977
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 9 years old
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair; green eyes.
    Circumstances of Disappearance
    On the day she disappeared, Samantha arrived home after school at her mother's flat in Imperial Avenue, Bondi, changed out of her Bronte Primary School uniform into a pink skirt, navy blue track suit top and blue, open-toed sandals.
    At 4.30pm she went to Bondi shopping centre and bought a pencil and lollies from the Bondi Road newsagency. At 5.30pm, a woman spoke to her at the corner of Bondi Road and Wellington Street. Samantha told the woman she had lost her front door key. About 6.30pm, Samantha bought a toothbrush from a pharmacy in Bondi Road. The last known sighting of Samantha was at 6.45pm by a neighbour who saw her in Bondi Road near the intersection of Imperial Avenue. Samantha seemed to be going home. She has never been seen again.

    When Samantha disappeared, concern motivated hundreds of volunteer searchers. One of them was Michael Anthony Guider, then 35 and head gardener at Royal North Shore Hospital. He has now been charged with her murder. Guider is a convicted pedophile who is currently under special protection in Lithgow Jail where he is serving a 10-year sentence for sexual abusing nine girls and two boys, aged 2 to 16 years. He first came under investigation 10 years later when two mothers accused him of sexually assaulting their young daughters. But police who did the original investigation had no idea or any evidence that he had known Samantha for two years before her disappearance. Mrs Knight did not know Guider, he met Samantha through one of her playmates.
    He had been baby-sitting her and her friend when they spent time at the friends house. Investigators have obtained playground photographs which Guider took of Samantha and the other young victim and albums of press clippings which Guider kept on the disappearance of Samantha and other children. A female witness who knew Guider before he was arrested said he was "obsessed" with Samantha.
    There is evidence that Guider met Samantha on the afternoon that she disappeared. Witnesses had seen her about 6.30 walking with a man from Wellington Street across Bondi Road.
    Guider told friends that he did not mean to kill Samantha but had accidentally given her an overdose of the stupefying drug Normison

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    You have not been forgotten....

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    The Daily Telegraph recently did an in-depth story on this case. It covers the initial stages of the investigation, the years long process it took to get Michael Guider to confess to the murder and everything in between. Samantha's death still stings 30 years later and she continues to be remembered.

    Guider's next parole hearing is in February. He was first denied parole back in May of 2014 and hopefully he will be denied again.

    Samantha Knight: The full story


    Previously known only as Witness O, the Daily Telegraph can now reveal that Frank Soonius, from Holland, was the prisoner who Guider confided in over his role in the death of nine-year-old Samantha.

    “He said ‘I gave her something in the cola and some sleeping tablets and during what I was doing to her she became a little bit awake so I gave her another cola with a tablet in it and I went shopping,” Soonius recounted.

    Guider continued to tell him: “Most of the time they wake up (but) when I came home I went to the couch and she was cold. She was dead.”

    Samantha Knight’s body has never been found, but Soonius said Guider had told him in prison what he’d done with her remains after her death.

    Two years after the she vanished another young girl is believed to have gone missing in the area. Not much is known about that case, but Soonius said Guider told him he was spooked by the police search and moved Samantha’s body from where he had buried it in Bondi.

    “He was scared and before even the search started (for the second girl) he dug her up and put her in a container and made sure she went into where they burn all the garbage,” he said.

    “Then he took her remains and made them so small and put them under all the garbage from the garden job he did and dumped it where the garbage goes.”

    After he was charged with her murder — which would later be downgraded to manslaughter in a plea agreement — Guider told investigators he didn’t remember where he had buried Samantha.

    But Soonius believes the killer was telling the truth when he recounted what he had done with her remains.

    “That day for the first time I thought he was open and I thought he was telling the truth,” he said.
    “I WAS deeply affected and I still am.”

    The loss of Tara Catsanis’ childhood friend Samantha Knight still haunts her 30 years on.

    It’s not something she enjoys talking about. But she doesn’t want her friend forgotten either.

    Samantha would have turned 39 this year but instead, she remains frozen in time, her nine-year-old face etched in the minds of Sydneysiders over a certain age — the little lost girl with the floppy hat and crooked smile.

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    Michael Guider, killer of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight, ‘should never be released’


    Chantelle*, now 28, was just six when she and a friend were drugged, molested and photographed by Guider over a two-day period.

    Her report to police put the repeat offender behind bars and eventually helped solve the mystery of nine-year-old Samantha’s disappearance, which haunted Sydney in the mid-1980s.

    Speaking for the first time to 60 Minutes, Chantelle said she writes letters to the parole board every year to remind them of Guider’s horrific crimes.

    “He’s a predator, he’s a repeat offender,” she told the Channel Nine program.

    “The only reason he hasn’t offended in the past 20 years is because he was locked safely behind bars. He can’t get out. I’ll do anything I can to keep him locked up.”

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    From last month:

    Paedophile Michael Guider to stay behind bars — for now


    Michael Guider is serving a 17-year prison sentence for the death of Samantha, who vanished from her mother’s Bondi flat in 1986. He will not apply for parole until next year, the NSW State Parole Authority on Thursday said.

    “Convicted paedophile Michael Anthony Guider, 66, has not sought parole for 2017. His next parole consideration date is April 2018,” the statement read.