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    The anti-christ travels by private jet

    Followers await self-styled ‘Antichrist’

    It is the Puerto Rican-born former evangelical priest's latest attempts to expand his following in Central America. Most of his supporters are in Miami and Colombia, but Miranda holds a congress every year in different locations in the Americas. He has a 24-hour Spanish-language television network and a radio program broadcast on 287 stations.


    The article makes for disturbing reding, IMO.

    Wikipedia piece:

    José Luis de Jesús Miranda (b. 1946- is the leader of International Ministry Growing in Grace, Inc. a new religious movement criticized as a cult by cult expert Rick Ross, Daniel Alvarez, professor of religion at Florida International University, and others. Miranda says he is "Jesus in the flesh" while simultaneously referring to himself as the Antichrist.
    Miranda believes his life and teachings supersede those of Jesus of Nazareth—a point which he emphasizes by referring to himself as the Antichrist and by exhibiting a "666" tattoo on his forearm.


    He claims 2m followers.

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    I started a thread about this guy a while back after seeing something on 60 Minutes or one of those type shows about him.
    I think that we need to be very concerned about him. Another Jim Jones just waiting to happen. Here is the link to the other thread:

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    I can't believe that 2 million people are stupid enough to follow this nut and give money. Maybe he'll be around when the real antichrist shows up on the world scene. He's already got the mark. Could the 2m followers be a lie and the whole church is just a cover for drug dealing since he's in Colombia and Miami?

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