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    IN - Wayne County, male body in creek, Apr'07 - James Cassudakis

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    I'll start lookin!


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    The links are dead so there's precious little info here once again but this case seems to fit:

    Body Found In Indiana Still Unidentified

    Posted: 3:11 pm EDT April 25, 2007Updated: 3:18 pm EDT April 25, 2007
    CENTERVILLE, Indiana -- Investigators in Wayne County said there is still no word on the identity of human remains that were found in a creek on Monday.

    Authorities said evidence at the scene points to homicide, but they are releasing few details at this point.
    Investigators said someone was killed and left in the shallow creek on private property. The property owner found the body on Monday, setting off a homicide investigation and a flurry of suspicions.

    Dead Body Identified
    Last updated on Thursday, May 31, 2007

    (RICHMOND) - A body found in Wayne County last month has been identified as a Muncie man.

    49-year-old James Cassudakis was last seen in Muncie in early March. His last known address was a homeless shelter.

    His body was found in April by a mushroom hunter.

    Investigators are treating the death of 49-year-old James Cassudakis as =
    a homicide but have declined to give any details. State police say =
    Cassudakis was last seen in Muncie in early March.

    His body was found April 23rd along a stream on private property in =
    rural southwestern Wayne County, about 30 miles from Muncie.
    The investigators identified Cassudakis through fingerprints.

    The son of the man whose body was found more than
    two months ago along a stream in southwestern
    Wayne County said his father was much more than a
    homeless man living in a mission in downtown

    "He was happy-go-lucky. He was educated. He was
    personable," said James N. "Jimmy" Cassudakis,
    21, who lives near Muncie. "The idea that he was
    just this homeless guy living in Muncie is not

    "That was my dad at the lowest point in his
    life," he said Thursday.
    He was from Dayton, OH, and had worked as a counselor in a mental health agency. There were problems with depression and alcohol but the son says he had found help from faith. The son was to pick his father up from the Muncie Mission in early March but the mission worker called him and said his father had left.

    Not sure about the status of the homicide investigation.

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    You're excellent with finding these updates with so little info to go on.
    Thank you donjeta!

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