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    The Autopsy

    When this case was hot, we had Team Ramsey up against three different forces; the police, the DA's office, and the medical examiner. We know John Ramsey and his lawyers did an incredible job of managing the situation in the early hours.

    John had to realize he had three main areas of concern. Those areas were the ransom note, an immediate separate interrogation of he, Patsy, and Burke, and the autopsy of JonBenet's body.

    The DA's office took it upon themselves to help with the ransom note.

    The police allowed the Ramsey's to walk away that afternoon like the only thing going on was a gas leak in the house. This was not a mistake or an act of incompetence.

    So of the three areas of concern for John, two appear to have been "managed".

    That leaves the third area. Why would Team Ramsey not try to protect the Ramsey's from the autopsy? They would have been extremely anxious about what the autopsy would reveal. Would they allow this to go forward and hope for the best? Did Team Ramsey ever allow anything critical to happen by chance?

    I certainly don't mean to cast any doubt on Dr. Meyer's character, but am merely pointing out he could have been up against a very powerful force. Plus Dr. Meyer would have been very aware of how things operate in that community. Did he have to conduct that autopsy while keeping his head down?

    The reason I bring this up is because people keep saying we don't know if JB was strangled first and then the blow to the head happened, or if the head blow came first. There seems to be too much disagreement over basic medical evidence.

    So I want to point out, if you look at the environment surrounding this crime, it looks more like an organized crime slaying than a little child being killed in her home. People are scared and they have a reason to be scared. Experts say things with one eye on the evidence and ONE EYE ON TEAM RAMSEY. Sometimes the eye on Team Ramsey is the dominant eye. That is why I posted on another thread that you have to be careful when reading what some of the experts say about this case.

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    Organized crime slaying? In what way?

    CASKU thought this crime looked exactly like an unintentional lethal accident covered up by family members. I think they'd know what they're talking about.

    The Ramseys were never really scared after this murder - that's why they sent Burke right back to school, that's why they left themselves vulnerable for the Atlanta break-in, that's why JR felt confident about running for public office. They knew they had nothing to fear from a killer, foreign faction or otherwise.

    I doubt Meyer had ever conducted an autopsy of this much import with this many facets. I believe he may have been out of his league with this autopsy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuisanceposter View Post
    Organized crime slaying? In what way?
    I'm saying the atmosphere surrounding this crime was "like an organized crime slaying", NOT that this was an organized crime slaying.

    Team Ramsey created a very intimidating environment for people who dared to venture too close to this crime.

    The Ramsey's were scared of the investigation. That is what Team Ramsey is all about. They didn't get body guards, they assembled Team Ramsey.

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    That coroner was certainly out of his league...even so he skipped two very important steps when he made his 10-minute visit to the house that night.
    He did not take samples of the vitreous fluid of the eye to check potassium levels and he did not take a core body temperature. Two very important things to calculate an approximate time of death. He did have the stage of rigor and where the pineapple was in the digestive process. But even so, I never saw an approximate TOD on the autopsy report. On a death from natural causes, it doesn't matter as much, but a murder? You'd learn that in Autopsy For Dummies.
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    The ME screwed up while clipping the fingernails also. He didn't change clippers with each nail. Something else he should have known to do. Especially since the victim was a child who'd been sexually abused, then murdered. Every tiny detail needed to be checked, double checked and recorded.

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