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    UK - Man not shot dead

    An incredibly lucky escape for this man who was trying to catch a thief!

    A jeweller shot in the chest during an armed robbery escaped injury because the bullet hit his mobile phone, a court heard yesterday.
    Shop manager Darren Prior, 25, was chasing the raider who had looted his shop of diamond rings worth £50,000.
    Despite the raider firing a "warning shot" past him, Mr Prior continued the pursuit down an alleyway, where the gunman suddenly stopped and turned before firing at him from just 20 feet away.
    The shot ripped through his jacket but hit the LG mobile phone in his breast pocket, a jury heard.

    More: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/a...let/article.do

    Sean Henry denies attempted murder. excuse me? you point and shoot and you plead it wasn't attempted murder?

    sadly, even if he is convicted, he will roam the streets again in the future. being what the laws are in the U.K.

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    Why would he get released? That's attempted murder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gman20001969 View Post
    Why would he get released? That's attempted murder.
    I think Floh is implying that sentences in Europe tend to be less severe than here in the US!
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