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    Man Accidentally Shoots Himself Without Gun

    A young man shot himself without using a gun.

    Damion M. Mosher, who put bullets in a vise and whacked them with a hammer to empty the brass shell casings, was hit in the abdomen by one of the shots, authorities said.

    Warren County deputies said they were called to Mosher's home in Lake Luzerne on Saturday afternoon after one bullet went about a half-inch into his abdomen. He was treated at Glens Falls Hospital and was released. No charges were filed.

    Mosher, 18, told authorities he was trying to empty the .223-caliber rounds to collect the brass casings for scrap.

    More at link: http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/05/15/wha....ap/index.html

    I'm glad he's OK, but I bet he's embarassed!
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    sometimes u just gotta shake your head and sigh.....

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    Seems to me like a highly idiotic method. Why not just shoot the bullets with a gun then collect the brass?

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    ok i have a question for some1 who knows more about guns...

    what is the part that strikes the bullet and causes it to fire called? if its hammer like i think i will need to LOL all over again...

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