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    OK - Joshua Minton, 2, suffocated at Tulsa day care, 17 May 2007

    How absolutely horrible! This woman is a monster!

    TULSA, Okla. When Robert Minton heard something had happened to his 2-year-old son, Joshua, he thought the boy had been in an accident or had fallen ill.
    When he arrived at the eastside residence where Joshua, and his 4-year-old sister, Heather, were being cared for, the news was much more devastating.
    Paramedics had tried to revive Joshua, who was found unresponsive after the in-home daycare center's owner, Vicki Leigh Chiles, bound his mouth and hands with masking tape.
    Minton said Chiles said nothing to him.
    "All she said to Heather was, `I love you, baby."'
    The state medical examiner's office will determine the official cause of death of the Sperry boy, who was on life support when he died around 10:20 p.m. Thursday.
    His mother, Kathryn Minton, said she and her husband were allowed to hold their son at the hospital.
    "You could see the bruising (on his face) where the tape had been," Robert Minton said.
    Chiles, 42, told police that Joshua would not be quiet for nap time and that she used masking tape to bind his hands and cover his mouth to keep him quiet, her arrest report states. (more at link)

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    ... There are NO WORDS!!

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    sick f^ck!

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    the thought of how scared that baby was... what a horrible way to die. i just dont know what to say...

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    His nose had to have been taped closed too, that's part of what makes me so ill! That, and if only the DHS workers had arrived half an hour sooner...

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    How horrible. That poor little guy. I can't imagine taping the hands and mouth of a little guy just because he wouldn't be quiet at nap time. Maybe he wasn't tired. Scary to even take kids to daycare unless the provider is a close friend of yours. Maybe not even then the way things are going now days.

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    As soon as I read the title, I immediately knew it was in home daycare....

    The article did not mention if this was a licensed home day care. Where they licensed? And what are the state provisions for licensing?

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    Re-read the article. DHS was going to yank her license THAT DAY, but arrived too late to save the poor child.

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    WHy in the h$%^ didn't DHS notify the other parents who had kids at the daycare that this was going to happen? That would have saved this precious little guys life!!!! Those poor parents.
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    It breaks my heart. I am going abck to work b/c of financial strains and now I am scared to go back.

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    This is the EXACT reason why my baby girl is NOT in daycare. I respect other peoples want/need to put their kids in, but I just can't bring myself to do it, it's terrifying to me. It ticks me of that we can't even trust people (and in my case 2/3 of my family)to watch our kids anymore
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    From the article: "You had no right to take him from us," Kathryn Minton said. "That's all I can say to her (Chiles). You had no right."

    Sorry, but I'd be saying A LOT worse than that to her! This is just sickening!
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    What a shame that Chiles didn't have her license suspended immediately after the April 10th incident and that the other parents w/ children in her care weren't notified. It's too bad it took over a month for an emergency order aimed at stopping her from providing any more child-care service to be issued. This poor couple felt they had found a safe environment for their children. They checked w/ DHS and did a background check and checked references, yet this daycare somehow slipped through the cracks. I can't imagine the pain they're going through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    As soon as I read the title, I immediately knew it was in home daycare....

    The article did not mention if this was a licensed home day care. Where they licensed? And what are the state provisions for licensing?
    I ran a home childcare for six years and was not licensed. (I had the same little kids the whole time.) The stories I heard from my afterschool kids (the older ones) about the licensed childcare homes they had been in were horrific!

    Don't let a license fool you. It still boils down to who the person is who is caring for your child. Licensed or not - doesn't mean a thing, in my opinion.

    I never left my daughter with a caregiver other than public school - licensed or not - and am thankful everyday that my life is such that I never had to.
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    from the above link

    The order was obtained after Tulsa County prosecutors charged her on Wednesday with abusing a minor child. Chiles was accused of hitting an 8-year-old child 10 to 12 times with a fly swatter on April 10.
    According to an affidavit in that case, Chiles admitted hitting the child with the plastic device while chasing him around a room. The affidavit quotes Chiles as saying, "He had done something and I went way over the top."

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