STAYTON, Ore. -- Investigators have traced a tainted box of macaroni and cheese to a packing plant in Minneapolis.

Earlier this week, a Stayton mother opened the last box of pasta in her pantry and discovered two used syringes inside.

"When I squeezed the box, there was two syringes sticking up out of the macaroni and cheese," Tara Ebner told KOIN 6 News.

Police say residue in the syringes tested positive for amphetamines.

The Western Family macaroni and cheese, lot number 071403-3C, was sold at Roth's IGA in Stayton and came from the Western Family Foods distribution center in Tigard.

Before that, it came from S.T. Specialties in Minneapolis. S.T. Specialties President Dale Schultz said 1,665 cases were produced on July 14, 2002.

Schultz said they are taking the claim very seriously and are cooperating fully with police.

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