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    Video's of Missing Children - New Global website resource

    New website to focus on video and photographs of missing children.


    Arizona Web TV Launches Global Missing Children Website
    “What if the public had a video of the missing child’s personality, behavioral patterns, looks, etc.? What if we provide a three dimension image so the public could experience a far better feel of the missing child than with the standard one dimensional photo now used by all missing children sites?”

    Danielle Hampson, a Scottsdale, AZ entrepreneur, founder of Arizona webTV LLC and The Art of Networking LLC, is concerned for missing children and their families. MissingChildrenWebTV.com (www.MissingChildrenWebTV.com) is a 100 % non-revenue generation initiative for Hampson who has two goals. The first is to help the families left without their loved ones. Her second goal is to develop a program to bring more awareness to this human tragedy.

    Danielle Hampson encourages those parents and family members who don’t have videos of their children to begin immediately, as it is an important tool that can play an important role in the unfortunate event a child disappears. If you don’t have a camera, ask the school or your religious affiliation if they have one you can use.

    Contact: Danielle Hampson, CEO of Arizona Web TV LLC
    Toll Free 1-877-955-8800 ext. 705
    or cell 602-920-2470

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    This sounds like an awesome idea! It doesn't look like its up at full strength yet, but I'm sure it will be great once they add some more.

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