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    Christine: Has you or anyone heard from Yanette? I notice she has not updated Roses myspace page in a year. Are they still looking for her? Do you think perhaps she found Rose, and that is why she has not posted? Please come back Yanette, we'd love to hear from you!

    Quote Originally Posted by christine2448 View Post
    Hiya! I emailed Yannette to let her know when the notice went out, thanks a heap, just in case we missed it...I'll send her a reminder.

    I need to look for those notes, I may have never done it. (like the timeline)

    Sometimes you just have to smack me in the head!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNTERESTEDWOMAN View Post
    After reading Rose's Letters again on the Hot on the Trail Blog, (Which are much easier to read) I have come to the conclusion that Rose was smoking pot at the time she wrote the 3rd Letter dated December 15, 1972. This was the letter written to Opal on yellow legal paper, to inform her she had split the Synanon. It has several burn holes in the first 2 papers, (4 pages). Knowing a few (okay a lot) of stoners in my old days, the burn holes are consistent with hand rolled joints. They are rolled much looser than a regular cigarette and tend to drip burning embers often. I know her Dad smoked cigarettes because in the picture of him you can see the outline of a pack in his shirt pocket, so I had originally thought maybe the pages got burned when he was reading it. (I couldnt really see them well) But on the top of page 3, Rose doodles around one of the holes so they where obviously there when she mailed them.

    I know the jury is still out on wether Rose really did drugs, or just claimed to have out of a smartalic remark to the Judge.

    Anyway, this letter makes me believe she did have at least a partial problem with drugs, and the rambling in the letter are very consistent with a teen girl smoking pot. It also leads me to believe she did hook up (at least temporarily) with another cult, (such as PT, Hare Krishna-sub culture, Heavens Gate etc.) where she was being sheltered, and where they openly shared and smoked pot. She obviously had no money (to buy it) because all her belonging where taken. Some one gave it to her, (or she "worked" for it).
    Just a theory: could Rose have joined a Catholic religious community? Her handwriting shows that she was intelligent and serious-minded; most likely capable of performing well academically. Despite grammar mistakes and bad usage, she nonetheless expresses herself well.

    Her writing is very reminiscent of the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Perhaps she had read some of Plath's work.

    The letter itself is well-developed logically, and the short poem about the stars summarizes perfectly the preceding description of her happy dreams of returning home: "[The stars] must like the night black. Must bring good memories back."
    Surely if she sought help from a religious order, they would have tried their best to help the talented young woman.

    Despite the pleading in the letter, my impression is that she is resigned to never returning home. Hard to believe that her memories of her home life were really that happy. Seems like she is trying to make her family feel guilty for rejecting her; the letter is too stylized and well-written to ring 100% true.

    Could the letter have been written only to please some counselor at the facility? No reference is made to uncomfortable or hostile conditions. The family is painted as the Brady Bunch. Was she telling the counselors what they wanted to hear?

    Or maybe she had a close attachment to one of her male step-siblings, and that's the real reason that she wanted to go home. Since they were not related by blood, this situation would not be incestuous, but may have upset the household. But, in this case, odd that her father didn't arrange to send the adopted step-son away (boarding school, military), instead of his own daughter. He could have appealed the judge's sentence, and insisted that she at least not be forced to leave the state.

    Since RC came from a prominent and apparently very well-to-do family, seems unlikely that she would have lowered herself to prostitution. Also, she describes herself as shy. In the photos, she appears to be a sensitive person.

    Could she possibly have been an heiress? Could have been some money reason why she was mistreated.

    If RC joined a convent, she might have changed her name, and possibly moved to another country; therefore, her brother may have been unable to find her. She may not have been aware of any efforts to find her.

    She makes frequent references to God in one of her writings, and quotes a poem about "My Rock," which is used as a metaphor for the Church in the New Testament.

    No information is given about her education. Did she have any religious education? Did she have any close attachments to any teachers back home? Did she have an attachment to a former nanny or contact with her biological mother?

    Maybe the family could try contacting convents active in San Francisco during the 70s.

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