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    Quote Originally Posted by dogperson View Post
    Okay, here's a thought. It's beginnng to sound like the person on People Finders may not be Rose, if the whole family is black, but suppose she married a black man? This was the 70s, and as a child from a southern state in the 70s, I remember how lots of people felt back then about mixed marriages. I personally don't have those feelings and I want to be clear about that, but many people back then did, and probably still do. That might explain why she never contacted her family. If her dad or any of the family had racist feelings then she knew she would be even more disowned for marrying a black man.
    Definitely a possibility but from the information her SIL provided, I think Rose stop contacting her family because of how her Father treated her when she called last. He told her that if she had been out there that long she could stay out there. Or she is no longer with us.

    I'm hopeful that she is happily living her life some place and doesn't want to be found.

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    No, I don't think the Rosie on FB is white or Rose Cole.
    It's hard to imagine where on earth or what on earth happens to these missing people, I understand we're all trying our best to find them and with time, hopefully we will.
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    I do NOT claim to know where Rose might be today. Even so, could one of these women be our match?
    Rose L. Cole of Detroit, Michigan

    Rose Cole of Oakland, California

    Rose Cole of Wyoming, Michigan
    And of course, as I previously mentioned, there is Rose Cole (aka Rosie Bee Sherman) of Bunkie, Louisiana, whose birthday is also Dec 23, 1956

    Naturally, it is entirely possible that if Rose is still with us she might be going by a married/assumed name at this point. Only Rose herself could say for certain!

    On a related note, there is an alleged psychic (and self-professed schizophrenic) out there named Brian Ladd who recently released a new YouTube video about Rose Lena Cole (Feb 21, 2014) alongside fellow alleged psychic, Gale St. John. The two speak with a guest named Susan and ultimately describe what they initially believe to be a (male?) murder victim buried somewhere in the vicinity of Arlington, Oregon. (Did Synanon or whoever even operate in Oregon?) For whatever reason unbeknownst to me, they borrow Rose's name for the video clip title.

    I want to state for the record that I'm very skeptical about this video, which seems a little dubious and disorganized to me. Still, I'm including it here in case they're onto something I don't yet see:
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