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    FL - Morris Jackson, 32, Hillsborough County, 11 June 1976

    Morris Jackson is an attempted murder suspect who fled Florida in June 1986. It's believed that he might have passed away and left unidentifed

    Morris Jackson: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/3438dmfl.html

    Possible Match #1: http://doenetwork.org/cases/163umnj.html
    Possible Match #2: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/758umtx.html
    Possible Match #3: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/20umfl.html
    Possible Match #4: http://www.doenetwork.org/hot/hotcase623.html
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    Morris Tyrone Jackson is still listed in DN but it says he fled in 1976, not 1986.

    but UMFL20 has been identified
    Gregory Vondell Andrews
    The victim was located on January 11, 1982 in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida. He was identified in November 2009 by DNA as Gregory Andrews.

    An unidentified male located in California (Hot Case 623)
    has been identified as Joseph L. Walker.
    according to a DN January 23, 2011 site update.

    Morris Jackson has some medical hardware and deformity that should make him easier to spot:
    # Distinguishing Characteristics: Black Male. Black/gray hair; brown eyes. Black skin tone. He has a metal plate in his head, plastic hip joints in both hips; one leg is shorter then the other and he has a deformed right little finger (is curled back). He walks with a limp and stutters when he speaks.
    # Marks, Scars: Scar over nose and left eye.
    # Dentals: Gold tooth - front upper right; missing upper left teeth.
    The NJ possibility Namus page https://identifyus.org/cases/1768 says that he had no distinctive bodily features but it was only a partial discovery so some things might have gone unnoticed. Dentals are available, however, and do not mention a gold tooth and he does not appear to have missing upper left teeth either, they're all present in the chart. So that's not Morris Jackson either I think.

    The Texas possibility had all parts recovered according to https://identifyus.org/cases/4619 and the Namus listing says he had no distinctive bodily features. So unless it's a really incomplete listing I'd say it's not him either. Dentals of this UID are not available on Namus.
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    This is a long shot because of several things that are off but the scar over left eye (according to DN) and the nose injury match, and they both have metal plates in the head or jaw and various amounts of tooth loss. Although Namus says the UID has an injury over right eyebrow, not left.

    Things that don't match:
    -The age estimate is off by 12 years, Jackson would have been 62 in 2006. Namus gives a little older estimate for the UID, up to 55 which would be off by 7 years. But they have people born in 1900 and 1987 in the Namus rule out list so apparently they've considered them as possible and the age range is not set in stone.
    -Jackson's height is off by three inches and he has more teeth but I suppose he could have grown a little shorter in 30 years and lost the rest of his teeth.
    -The noses in the images of the MP and the UID both seem to be crooked but somewhat differently. Of course 30 years is enough time to get another nose injury that changes the overall look.
    - The timing and geography are a bit iffy: Jackson would have had to spend 30 years incognito somewhere before ending up dead in Washington, but I suppose it seems to have been his intention when he fleed (to stay under the radar, that is, not necessarily end up dead in Washington). Washington is pretty much the furthest you can get from Florida inside the US but I expect it might be considered desirable if you're a fugitive. Jackson was 32 when he disappeared so it's not unreasonable to expect him to have lived 30 years or more if he managed to stay out of further shooting incidents.

    The rest might be errors in the estimates or explained by the 30 years that have gone by but the biggest problem I see is that there is no mention that the UID had hip replacements. Namus says he had prior surgery but that could be anything, maybe it refers to the jaw plates. If the UID had his natural hips left it would rule him out for sure. Namus says it was a partial skeletal discovery so it's conceivable that some parts might have fallen off and gone undiscovered but they specifically mention the hands.

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    This is probably not Morris Jackson either because
    -Morris's face looks wider at the temples and the nose doesn't quite match either
    -there is nothing on the Doe page to indicate that he had the medical identifying marks that Jackson did
    -Jackson sounds like someone who could have gotten arrested once or twice using his own name as well and they'd have his prints on file and recognize him (his Doe page says nothing about fingerprints being available but I suppose it doesn't mean they aren't)
    -the UID seems to have been rather consistent in giving people fake DOBs in the 1930s and Morris was born in 1944

    I will mention him anyway because one of his aliases matches one of Morris Jackson's aliases. (James Harris) But it could easily be a coincidence, it's not like either James or Harris are unusual names that couldn't randomly occur to two people thinking about an alias.

    Morris Jackson is AKA: Jackson Brown, James Alan Harris, James Allen Harris, Junior Harris, T-Ball, Walter Lee Jackson and Joe Williams

    John Doe is Richard Miller AKA: Harold Stewart, Alvin Stewart, Carl Stewart, Richard Stewart, James Stewart, Alvin Clark, James Harris, James Robinson, Charles Carter, James Jones, and Richard Welch.

    Dentals do not rule him out by first sight since he is also missing teeth in the upper jaw and his height is within 2 inches.
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