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    I just read through all the threads. I'm pretty sure the wedding picture was ruled out because the former Synanon member explained that you would have to be at least a 3 year resident before you would be eligible to be married there. The wedding did occur in 1972, and there was another group wedding shortly after that, but after Rose had claimed to run away from there, I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink Panther View Post
    I have not been following this case but this picture sure looks a lot like this girl:

    Pink Panther.. I believe this is the photo you speak of being a possible Rose.
    The expression, the thick brown hair & eye color are similar, but the nose is totally different. The young woman in the photo has a Roman nose, and strong, broad cheekbones; suggesting Southern European or Mediterranean origin. RC features were more delicate, and distinctly English (or part-Irish?). RC's chin too is just slightly squarish.

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