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View Poll Results: Did Darlie Routier Murder Her Precious Sons ?

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  • Yes ~ I believe she is right where she belongs on death row.

    404 57.39%
  • I believe Darin played a role in their childrens death one way or another.

    83 11.79%
  • No ~ I believe Darlie Routier is Innocent.

    60 8.52%
  • N ~ There was a intruder.

    26 3.69%
  • I just don't know.

    131 18.61%

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    Quote Originally Posted by neesaki View Post
    I keep wondering about the execution date as well. It's beyond what most dates are. I keep thinking that it's because the state's going to turn it over to LWOP. But why are they waiting? I just wish they'd do something and get done with it. It's really ridiculous. If she's not going to get the DP, just say so, for God's sake. Politics,
    She wouldn't get LWOP if she is somehow magically commuted. Since her crime was committed prior to that legislation, she would be eligible for parole after 40 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawandorder View Post
    First time to post about Darlie Routier. How did she get the death penalty? What was the specific charges that she was found guilty of? (and yes, I think she is guilty.)

    I live in Texas and I know that one can get the death penalty for: 1) killing a police officer and 2) murdering someone while committing another crime such as robbery or rape.

    But how did Darlie get the death penalty?

    Anyone know when her execution date is? And why there is a delay?
    Murdering a child under six, at that time, carried the death penalty. that's why she was only tried for Damon's murder.

    No, no one knows what the delay is. I do know her appeals started much later than normal due to the transcript debacle.

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    She knows better than to blatantly lie to say Darin did it because, pressed against the wall, he might have to tell what he knows about all that she did that night. IMO she is 100% guilty.

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    I keep going back and forth on this depending what book or article I read. I want a new trial that I can watch!

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