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    UK - Vicky Hamilton, 15, Bathgate, Scotland, 10 Feb 1991

    June 04, 2007

    COPS investigating the disappearance of a teenager 16 years ago have searched the former home of convicted killer Peter Tobin.

    Vicky Hamilton, 15, went missing in Bathgate, West Lothian, in February 1991.
    She was last seen waiting for a bus in the town.
    Tobin, 60, who is serving 21 years for the murder of Polish student Angelika Kluk in Glasgow last year, lived in the town at the same time Vicky disappeared.
    Lothian and Borders Police said experts are to start searching his former home in Robertson Avenue today.
    It is thought the search operation will last for at least a fortnight.
    A statement from Lothian and Borders Police said: “Work will begin at a house in Robertson Avenue, Bathgate, in connection with the disappearance of Vicky Hamilton."
    The property’s current residents have been moved out while forensic teams carry out the search.
    Specially-trained police dogs which can detect decades-old traces of blood are expected to be used during the operation.
    Vicky disappeared in 1991 while travelling from Livingston to her home near Falkirk.
    She had changed buses in Bathgate and was last seen standing at a bus stop in the town. The case was reopened in November.
    During Tobin’s murder trial it emerged that he had lived in a flat in the Falside area of the town.
    He was jailed for murdering and raping Miss Kluk, 23, in September last year and dumping her body underneath St Patrick’s Church in the Anderston area of Glasgow.


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    How many more could this man be responsible for?


    HUMAN remains were found last night at a former home of a sex monster who is feared to have slaughtered ELEVEN girls across Britain.

    The grisly discovery was made by cops who dug up the garden where evil Peter Tobin used to live in Margate, Kent.

    They were hunting for Dinah McNicol, 18, who vanished in 1991.

    Tobin, 61, is serving life for raping and killing Polish student Angelika Kluk, 23, burying her body in a church in Glasgow.

    But police suspect he previously brutally murdered ten girls, including Dinah, as he travelled across Britain, preying on vulnerable young women.

    Forensic teams began searching the garden in Margate at 8am yesterday — and within 12 hours made their discovery.

    A police spokeswoman said: “It is too early to say whether the remains are Dinah’s.

    “The coroner has been informed and a post-mortem will take place.”

    Tobin has already been charged over the disappearance of 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton, who, like Dinah, went missing 16 years ago.

    Vicky’s DNA was discovered on a knife found in the loft of his former home in Bathgate near Edinburgh, close to where the schoolgirl was last seen.

    Detectives across the UK began probing Tobin’s background after he was caged in May for the horrific killing of migrant worker Angelika.

    A top police source said: “We fear Tobin may have struck before.

    Pic at the link

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    COPS found a skeleton in a SANDPIT at a former home of Peter Tobin.
    Ex-neighbours of the 61-year-old told how he dug the 6ft deep pit.
    Police fear the remains are that of Dinah McNicol, 18, who vanished 16 years ago.

    One neighbour in Margate, Kent, said: “Tobin dug a hole which must have been about 6ft deep – telling everyone it was a sandpit for his son.

    “The little lad used to play there every weekend while his dad watched. He was only two so was totally unaware of what might have lain beneath. It sends shivers down my spine.”

    Essex Police last night said an initial examination of the remains found at the house revealed they WERE those of a female.
    But a spokeswoman said personal effects found with the remains were NOT consistent with those student Dinah had with her when she went missing.

    Missing ... Dinah McNicol

    She added: “It has not been possible at this stage to establish cause of death or anything more about the remains. It is also too early to say whether the remains are those of Dinah McNicol.

    Much more at the link

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    HANDYMAN Peter Tobin was charged today with the murder of schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton whose remains were found more than 16 years after she went missing.

    The 61-year-old appeared in private at Linlithgow Sheriff Court, West Lothian, at lunchtime.

    Earlier Vicky’s father Michael walked down the road ahead of the prison van carrying Tobin, leading it into the court car park.

    The Scots odd-job man was arrested in July over the disappearance of Vicky, who was 15 when she vanished from Bathgate in 1991.

    Her remains were found on Monday buried in the garden of a house in Margate, Kent.

    A spokesman for the Crown Office said: “Peter Britton Tobin, aged 61, today appeared in private, on petition, at Linlithgow Sheriff Court.

    “He has been charged with the murder of Vicky Hamilton.

    “He made no plea or declaration, he was continued for further examination, and he remains in custody."

    Yesterday friends of the shattered family of tragic Vicky how they will finally be able to find peace — after the teenager’s remains were found at the former home of Peter Tobin.

    Heartbroken dad Michael has suffered 16 years of anguish since the pretty 15-year-old vanished in Bathgate, West Lothian.

    But pals revealed the grim discovery in Margate, Kent, will finally give the tortured dad “closure”.

    Last night one friend of the family said: “It’s the news that Michael has always been dreading, but he will get some comfort as well.

    “It is heartbreaking for the family but at least now they can have some kind of closure.

    “They have done all they can to keep up Vicky’s profile in the hope that she could be found, but now they can give her a proper burial.

    “The police visited Michael to give him the dreadful news and he was absolutely devastated.

    “But he bravely phoned round family and friends shortly after to let them know that Vicky’s body was found.

    “He is obviously struggling to cope after all these years of hope that she was alive, but I think he realises this will finally help them with closure.”

    Dedicated police liaison teams have kept the family, of Falkirk, up to date throughout searches of 61-year-old Tobin’s former homes.

    It’s believed senior Lothian and Borders officers reviewing the investigation into Vicky’s disappearance have been at the scene in Margate since earlier this week.

    At first, police believed the skeletal remains could belong to 18-year-old Dinah McNicol, who vanished in 1991. But yesterday Detective Superintendent Tim Wills, of Essex Police, confirmed: “The human remains are not those of Dinah.

    “The body and the personal effects have been identified as Vicky Hamilton, who went missing in February 1991.

    “Vicky and Dinah’s families have been informed.

    “As a result of this development, Lothian and Borders Police will pick up the investigation.”

    Mr Wills also revealed officers will continue searching the site for Dinah.

    He added: “We came here to search for Dinah McNicol or any physical evidence which might link her disappearance to that house.

    “We had reasons to come here. Those reasons still exist. We came here for Dinah and we haven’t yet finished. There is every chance that she is here. In fairness to the family, we need to fully answer the question as to whether she was here at any time.

    “I do not intend to leave the house until I’m fully satisfied that there is not any other human remains at that site.”

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    What a monster!

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    He certainly is. How many more childrens lives have ended at the hands of this man? They are even looking into cases from the 60s and 70s and asking all UK police forces to root out missing girls cases that have even a chance of being connected to Tobin.


    VICKY Hamilton’s dad yesterday screamed, “I hope you die, you bastard!” at the man accused of killing her.

    Furious Michael Hamilton, 57, came face to face with Peter Tobin at Linlithgow Sheriff Court.
    Vicky, 15, vanished in 1991 as she headed home from her sister’s house in Livingston.
    The 16-year search for her ended in tragedy this week when her remains were found in a sandpit at Tobin’s former home in Margate, Kent.
    Her mum Janette died aged 41 in 1993, without ever knowing what had happened to her daughter.
    Tobin, 61, was yesterday charged with the teenager’s murder.
    Heartbroken Michael was supported by wife Christine, 45, and sister Linda as he was helped into a car after the hearing.


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    Among the other cases being examined are murders that have been linked with Bible John.

    The first is 25-year-old nursing auxiliary Patricia Docker whose body was discovered in February 1968 near her home in Langside, Glasgow.
    Eighteen months later, the corpse of mum-of-three Jemima MacDonald, 32, was found in a derelict building by her sister close to their Bridgeton home.
    Finally in October 1969 Helen Puttock, 29, a married mum of two and bus conductress, was found dead in the Scotstoun area of the city.
    All three women had been raped and strangled with their own tights.
    Also being probed is the case of secretary Jacqueline Ansell-Lamb, last seen hitching a lift on the M1 in March 1970. The 18-year-old's corpse was found in woodland near the M6 in Cheshire.
    The body of London teacher Barbara Mayo was discovered in woods off the M1 in Derbyshire just months later. She had been hiking to Catterick in North Yorkshire.
    The 24-year-old's clothing was disarranged, and her face bore the marks of a beating.
    The dectives have also reopened the case of student Jessie Earl, who vanished from a bedsit in Eastbourne, Sussex, in May 1980.
    Nine years later the 22-year-old's skeletal remains were found near Beachy Head in a thicket by a man trying to reach a child's kite.
    The notorious Babes In The Wood case has also become part of the investigation.
    Karen Hadaway, nine, and ten-year-old Nicola Fellows were found dead among trees in Brighton in October 1986.
    Sex beast Russell Bishop, 39, was cleared of the murders. Four years later he was caged for the indecent assault, kidnap and attempted murder of a girl in nearby Moulsecombe.
    He is serving life at high-security Full Sutton prison, York.

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    He has been linked to this cold case & is standing trial. This girl from Falkirk, Scotland, went missing 17 years ago & her remains were found down south in the garden of a house in Margate that was once lived in by Peter Tobin.

    'Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.' Dr Samuel Johnson

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    indeed, calikid.

    the trial continues:


    also, looking through archives & remembered that this girl's body was also found at the house in Kent where Tobin lived:

    'Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.' Dr Samuel Johnson

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    The trial for Vicky's killer continues

    'Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.' Dr Samuel Johnson

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    Ireland - Vicky trial hears final evidence

    Same guy that killed the Polish girl in Glasgow a couple of Christmases ago and is also suspected of killing an English girl, Dinah Mcnicol. I'm a bit confused about that one, however. Dinah's remains were found at the same house as Vicky's, which is a house once lived in by Peter Tobin, who is accused of killing Vicky. But then an article on the BBC says that a man has been arrested in connection with Dinah's murder...and I can't find any other current info, though I'll keep looking.

    Anyway, article about Vicky trial from today:

    'Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.' Dr Samuel Johnson

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    Killer Tobin will serve 30 years

    YES! and last night on the news, they confirmed that he will stand trial in the new year for the murder of Dinah McNicol

    'Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.' Dr Samuel Johnson

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    Wednesday, 7th January 2009

    By Hilary Duncanson and Louise Hosie

    CONVICTED sex killer Peter Tobin was jailed for a minimum of 30 years today for the "barbaric" murder of schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton.
    The 62-year-old abducted, sexually assaulted and then killed the girl 17 years ago, before cutting up her body and burying it in his garden.

    Tobin is already serving a life sentence for raping and murdering Polish student Angelika Kluk and hiding

    The judge continued: "By the verdict of the jury, you stand convicted of the truly evil abduction and murder of a vulnerable young girl in 1991 and thereafter you attempted to defeat the ends of justice in various ways over an extended period.

    "Once again, you have shown yourself to be unfit to live in a decent society."

    The judge continued: "I note that Mr Findlay, your senior counsel, has advanced no mitigating features on your behalf today.

    "But any mitigating features would in any event have paled into insignificance by comparison with the enormity of your serial offending."

    There were cries of "yes" and sobbing from the public gallery as Lord Emslie fixed the minimum sentence of 30 years.

    As Tobin was led from the dock, someone shouted: "You'll die in jail."

    During the trial, prosecutor Frank Mulholland QC, Scotland's solicitor-general, described Vicky's murder as "a barbaric act" and an "atrocity".

    The 21-day trial heard that Vicky's remains were unearthed by police in a shallow grave in the back garden of Tobin's former home at 50 Irvine Drive, Margate, Kent, in November last year.

    Her bisected body – badly decomposed by that stage – had been wrapped in layers of plastic bin bags "like a Russian doll" and dumped 3ft beneath the surface, under a layer of concrete.

    The discovery came after the schoolgirl's family endured a 17-year nightmare, forced to wonder every day what had happened to their daughter and sister.

    Tobin abducted Vicky in Bathgate, West Lothian, on the snowy evening of February 10 1991.

    The schoolgirl, from Falkirk, was waiting for a bus in the town centre to take her home to her mother in Redding, near Falkirk, after visiting her sister Sharon in Livingston, West Lothian.

    The 15-year-old was said to have been nervous about the journey as it was the first time she had ever visited her sister on her own.

    Tobin preyed upon her nervousness and lured her to his home at 11 Robertson Avenue, Bathgate.

    There, or somewhere else, he drugged her with the sedative Amitriptyline, strangled her, carried out a serious sex attack and murdered her.

    Experts told the trial that bruising found on her body suggested she met a violent death.

    Bruises on the 15-year-old's hand suggested she fought bravely for her life, despite being sedated.

    The killer then set about covering his tracks by hiding Vicky's body and getting rid of some of her clothing and personal belongings.

    He cut her body in two, wrapped it in a curtain and bin bags, and stashed the knife in the loft of Robertson Avenue.

    Tobin left the schoolgirl's purse near Edinburgh's main railway and bus stations to fool police into thinking she had run away from home.

    The following month, he moved to Margate, taking the schoolgirl's body with him in his van.

    It was there, in his own back garden, that he buried Vicky's body, hundreds of miles away from her family.

    Yet when police confronted Tobin with damning DNA evidence against him in July last year, he insisted he had never met Vicky and refused to help officers find her body.

    Lord Emslie told Tobin he had been convicted as a result of his own mistakes.

    He said: "This was a vulnerable teenager who needed help on her way home, but instead she fell into your clutches and you brought her short life to an end in a disgusting and degrading way.

    "No one will ever know what fear and torment Vicky Hamilton went through before she died.

    "But the agony you caused to her family was made infinitely worse by your calculating and entirely self-interested attempts to conceal and avoid detection for what you had done."

    Lord Emslie added: "It is hard for me to convey the loathing and revulsion that ordinary people will feel for what you have done.
    "You already have an appalling record of convictions for sexual and violent crimes and are currently serving a life sentence with a 21-year minimum period in custody for the rape and murder of a young Polish girl in 2006."

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    Just wanted to post the above to remind us all how convictions can happen even after so many years! Vickys Father has been on TV today saying how happy he is that his daughters killer has finally seen justice!Hope theres many more cases like this!

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    so glad they convicted him...& he's to stand trial for Dinah McNicol this year...yes!
    'Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.' Dr Samuel Johnson

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