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    Turlock woman fakes kidnapping to get out of date


    SNIP ~

    The 911 call to Sacramento police dispatchers seemed real enough.

    A man reported that a woman has told him she was kidnapped. He met her in a chat room on the Internet and the two had arranged a rendezvous.
    "This was a kidnapping in progress," Sgt. Matt Young said of the Monday morning incident.
    Dispatchers made contact with the woman on her cell phone and then alerted officers throughout south Sacramento.
    "She tells us she is in the trunk of a car. She is whispering so as to not let her captors know she has a cell phone," Young said.
    "She describes her abductors and their car in great detail. At one point they stopped at a McDonald's and we surround the restaurant," Young said. "Then she said they are at a house, a single-story ranch-style home with green trim. We surround that and find it empty." Nearly two hours after the call came in at 8:30 a.m., and after mutual aid was requested from the Elk Grove Police Department, the California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, nearly 60 officers discovered the call was a hoax.

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    That's just not cool.
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    That's really not cool! Man the only ones I ever used was
    had to work
    flat tire
    or just don't show up...

    I hate to hear when people hoax 911, hope there were no real emergencies that got put aside

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    Oh! This is very aggravating to hear/read! ( I don't know how many damn expletives I had to delete before I was able to move on with this damn sentence!)

    This girl's mama better WHUP her within an INCH of her life...I am NOT kidding!!! Child better learn to live up to being a "big girl" and being able to say "No, thankyou" like a proper young person!

    Now, I am off for a Denny's Homerun Platter! G'nite y'all!!!

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