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    Fedex Workers Find Human Body Parts In Boxes

    (Missouri) - A startling discovery was made by FedEx workers in St. Louis. They found two human legs and an arm inside three boxes, station KMBC reported. Workers opened the boxes when one of them started leaking. Kirkwood police said the boxes were on their way from Las Vegas to a suburban St. Louis man who provides doctors with body parts for research. The packages were too damaged to be delivered, so the man had to come pick them up. Because the limbs were shipped across state lines, the FBI and other state agencies got involved. Authorities found the limbs were from a legitimate business and had paperwork to prove they were disease-free.
    Now that's one thing I would not want to see in My FEDEX Box! Hello!

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    Wow... I bet the shipping cost an arm and a leg

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    Talking Amen To That..!!

    AMEN TO THAT ...

    Wow... I bet the shipping cost an arm and a leg !!



    "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming.

    WOOHOO, what a ride!!!"

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    Cheaper than a plane ticket
    For what it's worth,THESE ARE MY OPINIONS

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    When I worked for a tour operator and was on airport duty we once had this Italian family book last minute.... the 2 grandsons and the old grandpa in the wheelchair.

    Well grandpa was 'asleep' with a blanket on his lap, a hat and dark glasses... after checking in, going to the departure lounge to board the flight... this is where I came is as I was working at the gate.

    The 2 grandsons suddenly were very concerned to learn the wheelchair would not fit on the plane... and it became apparent (to mee) that aftert 2 hours in the lounge grandpa was not waking up..... I called the paramedics, under protest from the men that grandpa was just sleeping.

    Turns out he was dead! The argument that ensued, a lot of yelling at me and obscenities.... it seems is was much cheaper to buy Grandpa a 600.00 one way charter to rome than it was to ship is body to Europe the proper way

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    Oh my .... That's kinda gross!

    I live near St.Louis and the body part thinghas been the fodder for jokes even on the news. I guess it didn't occur to them to dry ice it or pack it in a cooler?? LOL!

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