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    Toddler Served Margarita At Applebee's

    ANTIOCH, Calif. -- An executive with the Applebee's restaurant chain said its restaurants won't be keeping juices and margarita mixes in similar looking containers any more after a toddler was accidentally served a margarita at one of its locations.

    Police said 2-year-old Julian Mayorga was served an alcoholic beverage in a covered, plastic sippy cup last Monday night at the Applebee's franchise in Antioch.


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    I heard about this yesterday. Thank goodness the little guy didn't like the taste, and also that the mom thought to check it out - it's normal for a 2 year old to be a picky eater/drinker.
    Hopefully he is ok. It doesn't state how much he drank, but with him getting tired and vomiting, I would imagine it was too much.

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    I already hated Applebees, now this seals the deal.

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