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    Traffic Chaos As Hearse Ejects Corpse

    (Germany, Reuters) - A hearse overturned on a German motorway, shattering the coffin and ejecting the corpse onto the tarmac along with a bag of coffin nails that brought traffic to a standstill, authorities said. "The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and yanked the steering wheel around when he woke up," said Jens O'Brien, spokesman for the regional government in Duesseldorf. "There were nails strewn over 160 feet and the corpse fell out onto the ground." The motorway was closed for an hour and there was a four-mile back-up as police collected the coffin nails and took the corpse away. The undertaker was slightly hurt.

    I remember when I was back home Way back in the day, lol, a little old lady from across the way, died, and she was taken off to the Funeral home. Well, everything was fine until the morning of the funeral. They closed the coffin, and rolled it out into the hall, and then returned to the room. Somewhere along the way, the coffin was confused with an empty one, and well, that's what ended up 6 ft under....to make a long story short, they gave the family a free plot, and that was that. As far as I know, that empty coffin is still in the ground.

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    LOL! That would be my luck.. to get dumped on the freeway and become a hood ornament.

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