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    Cold Case File: The Naked Tickler



    June 24, 2007
    Cold Case File: The Naked Tickler

    Home Invasion
    Date of crime: 2001-2006
    Location: New Smyrna Beach

    Since March 2001, several women on the city's beachside have had their feet fondled by an intruder in the buff. Bare except for a backward baseball cap, the tickler last struck in August, when he touched the foot of a 59-year-old woman dozing on her couch in her Katy Drive home. The woman awoke to discover him crouching behind her sofa, according to a police report. "What are you doing here," she said. He ran from the room, his hands held low over his groin.

    Detectives are still investigating whether this is the same man who tickled the toes of two Sea Woods subdivision residents in July 2005. One 77-year-old victim who had her toe touched described her intruder as having a curly ponytail and a "skinny, white butt." The same evening just a couple streets away, a second victim stepped on the bare backside of a man next to her bed. "He did not make a sound," said the 79-year-old woman at the time of the incident. "I did not see his face; all I saw was his naked behind. That is something I will never forget." In both cases, once discovered, the man fled. Five similar burglaries have occurred in the same neighborhood. Police said the crimes follow a similar pattern, none of the victims was attacked or threatened and there were no signs of forced entry. However, there is no physical evidence that conclusively points to a single suspect.


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    How scary for the women and he could become dangerous, but I couldn't help but find this sort of amusing just the way the story was written.

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    except for a backward baseball cap having a curly ponytail and a "skinny, white butt." lmao i showed this to my hubby and said look hun they are describing you rofl he looked at me and cocked his head to the side and said hahaha verrrry funny lmao .. poor hubby

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