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    Woman Lived with Sister's Corpse for Months

    Woman Lived with Sister's Corpse for Months

    DUBLIN (Reuters) - An elderly Irishwoman shared a room with her sister's corpse for up to a year and sometimes slept with it in the same bed, newspapers reported Tuesday.
    Mary Ellen Lyons never told anyone that her sister Agnes had died, the reports said. Even their brother Michael, who lived in the same remote bungalow in rural western Ireland, did not know.

    An inquest heard Monday that Agnes probably died in 2002 -- possibly in September -- at the age of 70.

    However, her body was only discovered in August 2003 when Mary Ellen fell ill and had to be taken to hospital.

    "I have tried to remember when Agnes died but I just can't remember," Mary Ellen said in a statement read out at the inquest. "I remember getting Christmas cards at Christmas 2002 but I cannot remember if Agnes was dead at the time."


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    How sad! I can believe that the brother wouldn't just go walking into their bedroom, but I don't understand why he wouldn't at least inquire about where the sister was????

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    That's like the thread on here about the Man not going in his brothers room for 18 months. It's sad because a lot of old people feel alone, have no one in the world, and turn to crazy things. But...sleeping with a dead person for a year....well, not my cup of tea! lol How sad!

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    That is sad, sounds as if she has a touch of alzheimers... or something.

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    My grandfather had alzheimers. It's amazing how badly that can effect you. One day he was just fine, went to bed and got up with alzheimers. he couldn't remember who anyone was or where he was at. I feel really sorry for people like that. Good chance she had a wee touch of it as well!

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