AMES, Iowa (AP) — Three classes at Iowa State University — two of them in the past two weeks — have been interrupted by a man who flashed students and then ran.
A man wearing nothing but a trench coat, a Richard Nixon mask and tennis shoes entered a class auditorium Friday just as a meteorology exam began, said freshman Erik Triggs.

The man opened his trench coat, danced around and ran from one door to the other while yelling, Triggs said.

The previous incident happened Feb. 10 when a man fitting the same description interrupted a sociology class, said Brent Bruton, a sociology professor.

The man ran from the north side of the stage to the south end, with his trench coat open to roughly 400 students, Bruton said. The incident took less than 10 seconds.

Iowa State University Police Capt. Gene Deisinger said on Dec. 10, 2003, a man entered the Molecular Biology Building and exposed himself. The man was described as college age, with a black trench coat and a rubber mask.