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    Smile Moo, the wandering bovine, pardoned from slaughter.


    Moo, the freedom-loving steer who gallivanted on the North Fork for weeks while evading the long arm of the law, received a pardon from the slaughterhouse and will spend the rest of his days on an animal sanctuary, according to several people who helped arrange his safe haven.

    "This is a fantastic outcome for Moo," said Susie Coston, of Farm Sanctuary, which found the escapee a spot with a Michigan group that shelters farm-raised animals. "His life will be fantastic. He'll live with the herd."

    Moo's time on the lam began in April when he broke through a metal fence on a Greenport farm. For several weeks, Moo was a fugitive, slipping through backyards, chewing cud and traversing Route 48, where he was blamed for a number of near-accidents.

    The 600-pound bull was captured May 26 after he led authorities on a four-hour chase through heavy brush and was brought down by a tranquilizer gun.

    ...more @link

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    Aww, good for Moo. That's great!

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