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    MI -Serial Killer in Detroit

    Detroit pollice, confronted with the discovery of the bodies of 11 women, fear they might be dealing with a serial killer.
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    3/10/04 Just now on Greta's show they were talking about possible serial killer near Oklahoma City and also near Boston. The ones in Oklahoma were all prostitutes, but I turned it on too late to see about the ones in Boston. I wonder if this is related? Could very easily be a guy who travels with a carnival or construction crew or something like that, going from city to city for work. They said that with computers nowadays, LE can cross-check all similar cases in other states. Hopefully he'll leave behind enough evidence to be caught, this is horrible!
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    The sad part is, it usually takes a long time and several murders before LE realizes they have a major problem. In the Green River case, the problem was that often times the bodies were not found for months if not years after the disappearance. Then he stopped, temorarily.
    LE says, I believe, there are 300 serial killers on the loose. That's huge, IMO. IMO, when the killer uses different methods of his crime, it's hard to detect that the cases are related. It's only because of the discovery of DNA that they are now able to link many crimes, such as in the case here.
    IMO, as in cases such as in Oklahoma, it would be easy for a trucker to be a serial killer. He could perpetrate his crimes in a multiple of cities and states, thus making it harder for LE to detect the connection. It would probably behoove LE to centralize their murders into a database so that if a pattern were detected by a program or whatever, more of these guys are caught. They may have some type of central system in use now, but it appears it's not thorough enough, IMO.
    Another problem with serial killers is that they are usually stealth individuals. They do not talk about their crimes to others. They're the quiet guy next door and often times have never been under LE's radar screen for anything; or, they could have been questioned and then let go, also as in the Green River case.

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    I think that another problem now is that too many criminals leave a "clean" crime scene. There is so much information available that they know how to avoid leaving DNA.

    Sometimes it's just a matter of asking the right questions to the right person that can solve some of these cases.

    I think the awareness that people like WasBlind (Lainie) are doing to keep some of these cases in the public eye also will help solve them.



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    MI - Possible Serial Killer in Detroit? 3rd woman's body found burned on Westside.

    "DETROIT (WWJ) Ė Detroit police are wondering if they have a serial attacker on their hands after a third womanís burned body was found on the west side.

    The womanís body was discovered Saturday morning inside a home at the Mildred Smith Manor II apartment complex in the 1300 block of Forest Avenue, between Trumbull Street and the Lodge Freeway.

    Fire Chief Jack Wiley said the grim discovery was made after firefighters extinguished a small blaze at the complex.

    ďItís a young lady, I think, Iím not sure. All I could see was the leg and it looked like the leg of a lady than more of a man. So, Iím not sure yet,Ē he said.

    Wiley said itís too soon to tell if the woman, who hasnít yet been identified, was murdered.

    ďIím not sure because like I said, itís still a crime scene and I couldnít get all the way in there to see, but they did just let me see where the fire was,Ē he said.

    Felicia, whose family members live in the building, said itís scary to know that something so disturbing happened where her loved ones live.

    ďWe knew the girl, not personally but, you know, our kids play with her kids. Itís just sad,Ē she said. ďI fear for my safety, I fear for everybodyís safety. Itís just sad. I donít know what is going on. Itís like people donít value life anymore.Ē"


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    These are the other 2 murders LE feel might be connected.

    (Not sure imho if it's the same person who burned this victim as the Merhods used by the predator are different.)
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