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    Between Jennifer Nielsen, Michelle Young & Janet Abaroa

    I found a post at Jennifer Nielsen's Website in the comments that mentioned Janet Abaroa and Michelle Young

    Someone Anyone
    Fri, 22 Jun 2007 18:16:16
    First, I am very sorry for your loss. Jenna seems like a very special woman and all of her family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    All i want to say is that back when Michelle Young was killed I was following her story and then read about the Janet Abora case in Durham which i hadn't really read before and kept having one thought, and yes I know everyone on her thinks the hubbies did it, but, I keep thinking it is a woman - that they and now Jenna share some common link - beauty shop, ultrasounds at the same place or something and there is a woman who can't have children and thinks her lot in life is awful and gets a major rage toward women with a good life, relationship and then kills them. It might not be she can't have children, that I don't know for sure - but this is someone with a lot of jealousy and resentment in her life. If she can't have children, she isn't wanting to take the unborn child, I think she realizes that would get her caught. She is more about the anger/jealousy. I just think if the police check they are going to find some one little common link. The link could even be a store clerk or something in a store they shop at at. Someone who sees them often or regularly. Not sure why this one wasn't in the home, but, I think this woman might not live in a detached home that offers the opportunity and privacy the others did. I think this woman knows the area of the convenience store and felt comfortable that she wouldn't be caught there. I think the discussion of DNA evidence from the other murders might have scared her from going in the homes. Anyway, please pass this on to the police. I can't help but feel strongly on this. Thanks

    I don't feel appropriate that I post this at Jenna's site, but whomever this person is that wrote this may perhaps read here and I would like to state, that Raleigh is not Durham, and if it was a transient getting to Durham and Janet's home would not be the easiest.

    Also, for the record, Janet was not showing, did not have an ultra-sound, and was newly pregnant. The only persons that would have known that Janet was pregnant was Raven and a few close to her, so there would be no way that these two murders could have been related.

    If this person was really on the up and up and reads here, I hope that helps put some things into perspective for you, unless it's someone trying to throw things off-track and is posting on behalf of one of the Husband's in this case. We all know that Jenna's husband had nothing to do with her senseless murder, but the husband's in Michelle Young's or Janet Abaroa's case have not been eliminated from as POI's or Suspects, and IMO will never been eliminated.
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    Excellent point, Terminatrixator! If I were you, I'd post your response on both the other sites as well. I admire your focus!

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    I think that people have a hard time getting past the fact that the women were all pregnant. To some, that might mean that there MUST be a link between the murders. Sadly, we all know that pregnant women are murdered all of the time so the fact that these three happened in fairly close proximity isn't all that out of the ordinary as to indicate some type of serial killer.

    IMO, Jenna's story isn't similar at all to Michelle Young and Janet. And Michelle & Janet's are very similar, especially in the fact that both of them were married to sneaky, lying, cheating husbands.

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