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    Firefighting chopper crashes water bucket into firecrew

    08:35 AM PDT on Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Fire crews face surprise attack from the sky

    WENATCHEE, Wash. ? As if braving flames head-on isn't dangerous enough, imagine a "surprise attack" from the sky.

    Local fire crews on the front lines faced a new threat coming straight at them through their front windshield.

    Seeing the video, it's amazing anyone survived.
    The scene: a dangerous wildfire, a low-flying chopper, and a bucket loaded with thousands of pounds of water.

    "Oh my god, here it comes. He came to a complete stop. Sure enough, there comes the helicopter bucket through the window," recalled Brian Kees, Getchell firefighter.

    "This is it. This is how it's going to end. Game over," said Nicholas Verbon, Getchell firefighter.

    Another firefighter at Wenatchee's Easy Street Fire last week shot the video as a DNR helicopter rose up over a ridge and flew straight at the ground crews riding inside the truck.

    More at link plus links to videos:

    Raw video of chopper accident

    VIDEO REPORT: 'Attacked' crew thought they were going to die

    VIDEO UNCUT: Crew describes fireline scene, chopper bucket collision


    These firefighting heroes definitely had an angel sitting on their shoulders, thankfully; and lived to tell about it!

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    Wow lucky guys! I would have peed my pants

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    How frightening for those poor firefighters.

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    That was an amazing video! I'd heard stories of pumpkins (bucket) being so heavy the chopper could hardly get any altitude. Never saw it myself, but never disbelieved the guys who told us about them crashing into trees and hillsides as well as into structures on occassion....

    Glad that rig was strong enough to withstand that crash and that all the guys are ok!

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    They are remarkably calm guys! Yikes. I don't know what I would've done but calm and collected aren't words that you're going to need describing it, I'm afraid. I'm glad it ended well.

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