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    Quote Originally Posted by Details View Post
    I've personally got no problem with that -and were it my child, I wouldn't be telling them to clam up - if you did it, say it. If you didn't - say that. An attorney to make sure they aren't questioned in ways that elicit false confessions, etc. however, that makes sense.

    Were this my child, I'd not want him to get off on any type of technicality - bad enough having a child who kills. Having one do it again because I helped him get off on some technicality - that'd be worse! In this situation 'hurt' is a variable term - jail is not hurting them, freedom is hurting them, by letting them kill again.

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    Yes Details, but far too few parents really believe that their child could kill again.

    It was (pick one) drugs/bad day/her fault/her idea/etc.

    There are a few stand up parents out there (I remember the father of one of the men convicted in dragging the man in Jasper, Texas, to his death apologizing to the family of the victim and stating publicly, "We didn't raise him this way" but it seems like stand-up parents don't end up as parents of murderers.

    These parents had to have known about the earlier issue with the case that was dropped for lack of evidence. They knew what their son was, and refused to believe it.

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    are there more out there?

    I wonder if they get to digging in this case will they find more bodies?

    Obviously the family would like us to think it was his first murder victim and thats why the clumsy attempt at putting her body in his room but we dont know if he was trying to save her body to eat her remains or dispose of her later in another location or just what. All we know is that he hid the body in the room without us knowing why he did that.

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    I'm sorry guys-but I have to disagree with some of you. His parents getting him an attorney before they even call the cops tells me they were more concerned with covering their sons hiney than that poor girl lying dead in his closet. Gee, I can't imagine where he got his self-serving behavior from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Details View Post
    While I'm not wild about these parents - the girl won't get any more dead from an hour delay. So long as they didn't help their son to hide the body, didn't ignore screams from his room, didn't help him to escape, nor let him escape, I'm OK with calling the lawyer before police.
    I agree 100% - and as luthersmama pointed out, it's probably better in terms of moving things along that an attorney was present prior to/when the cops were there.
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    I just listened to the 9-11 tape here.....

    I kind of feel sorry for the father of the boy, but in this 9-11 tape he says the girl was there yesterday, and supposedly sleeping in his son's room.....
    Was she his girlfriend? Sooo Sad.....and does this guy look older than 26 to ya'll?
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    good grief, wasn't this guy put away a long time ago. just another monster looking for victims.

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    He looks much older than 26 to me. She went on a trip with him and his parents a few days before she was found. It sounds like the father thought she slept over after they returned.

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    Think about this 26 yo. He is able to kill a girl at his home and his parents allegedly didn't know about it. So if they are away that much, then I would assume that he would have had an opportunity to move the body at some point. But he didn't. He left the body there- for his parents to find.

    The same attorney they went and got represented him in the past. Might I assume that parents also made those arrangements and helped (or did) pay for the attorney? Letting his parents take care of things for him is looking like it might be a habit doesn't it?

    He was waiting for his parents to find the body and take care of it for him.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

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    I think the dad sounds just totally beside himself. I think his son probably told him that Amanda overdosed and died but I really wonder if the dad believes that. He is just repeating what his son told him to 911.

    These parents might have been in denial about their son being a pervert but some part of the dad questioned that. He said that Amanda's car was in the drive and that he had seen her the day before and he thought she had slept the night before in his son's bedroom. His son was acting strange and kept locking his bedroom. The father had to have suspected something as he hadn't seen Amanda that day and her car was still there. Why would his son keep locking the door when he left the room if Amanda was in there. The dad decided to find out and found Amanda dead in the closet. He knew something wasn't right. By now the parents know that it was no drug overdose. That son had to have murdered Amanda right there in their home. If he duct taped her mouth she wouldn't have been able to make any noise.

    I wonder why the parents hadn't asked where Amanda was? Her car was right there and they didn't see her that whole day. I'm snoopy. I would have asked where she was or why she was hanging out in the bedroom all day. To be honest, my 26 yr old son wouldn't be living at home and if he was he wouldn't be having 18 yr old girls spend the night. This guy even looks way older then 26 yrs. Amanda was a pretty girl with so much going for her. What in the world did she see in this creepy guy? He was a big nothing going nowhere. And living with mommy and daddy. Did he even work?

    I would have called 911 first and if I thought of it my son could get an attorney to protect his rights but he darn well would tell what happened and it better be the truth. If my son murdered a girl after he raped her he could just wait for a court appointed attorney. It would be a cold day that I would hire an attorney for him. I've been in that girl's parents shoes and my son would be on his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwatson696 View Post
    Investigators say they found duct tape in Buckley's hair, bruises on her body and evidence of rape, an autopsy revealed the girl was strangled, beaten and sexually abused ...
    Thank you so much for the information kwatson.

    Anyone know if drugs were even found in her system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_finch View Post
    Someone who knows their son is going to face life in prison or possibly the death sentence. I think I'd have called my attorney and LE at about the same time and have instructed my son to say nothing. Course, it definetly would look to the parents as if the son is guilty, but surely they were hoping for that 1 in a million chance that he wasn't--that maybe he'd let other friends in there too and he wasn't responsible for the body. Sounds crazy but parents will grasp at anything.

    I'm not saying it's right, but it's not that uncommon. Didn't J Ramsey call his attorney right about the time he called the cops????
    Patsy Ramsey called 911 not John. But they lawyered up fairly quick.

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    This is so sick. Too bad the courts didn't believe the girls in the January case. This poor victim would still be alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philamena View Post
    Patsy Ramsey called 911 not John. But they lawyered up fairly quick.
    And some insist that the Ramseys also called their attorney(s) before their 911 call was placed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie_mum View Post
    Totally horrible.

    While I admit the going to the attorny before calling the police is odd, I am wondering if the parents may have actually believed the girl died from drugs and because of the trouble their son had been in previously, wanted to do everything possible to ensure that the 'truth' was told to police.Some of the previous charges against him were dropped against him, he could have easily told them LE had it against him etc etc.
    I don't know these parents obviously, but it makes me sad that sometimes nice parents have kids who do bad things. Of course I have sympathy for the girls family and friends, who couldn't? But sadly there are so many people affected by incidents like this. I think it would affect the souls of everyone including investigating officers, their families....
    This is exactly what I've been wondering, Aussie. As parents, we are predisposed to love and to want to believe the best about our children. I applaud the parents for calling the police, even if they postponed the call until after the attorney was present.

    I'm going to say something awful here, but I am trying to put myself in the parent's shoes and understand their reasoning: the girl was dead, she was not going to get any deader if the call was made now or in half an hour. If they believed their son's story, and I'm sure they did (whether they should have believed him or not), they were doing what they thought was the right thing to do.

    Just as an aside: I would think that it is terribly hard as parents to see these types of flaws in our children----who would want to face the fact that their baby, the one they held close and nursed, the little boy they threw a softball with, grew up to be a sexual predator and murderer? Facing that fact must be like feeling the death of that baby, that little boy. It has got to be horrible.

    These parents have my sympathy and my prayers, as do the parents of the young girl's parents. In different ways, both of these families have lost their children. Whatever has happened, the 26 year old did it, not his mom or dad.

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