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    Police Dog has Pacemaker

    Police Dog Back On Beat Thanks To Pacemaker
    Device Made For Humans Has 'Blaze' Doing Duty Once Again

    (CBS) NEW YORK A dynamic dog now has a new lease on life. You'll never imagine what's keeping this canine cop alive.

    Energetic, adorable, accomplished -- all these things describe 4-year-old Blaze the police dog. Just ask his partner, Capt. Efrain Madera.

    "He's my partner. My friend. He's like a son," Madera said.

    Together the pair work the sometimes violent and dangerous Rikers Island prison yards for the Department Of Corrections.


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    Wonderful story about love and loyalty .

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    Great story!!

    I was reading about pacemakers for pets a few years ago and the article said that they actually use pacemakers that have been removed from people. I guess pacemakers need to be replaced every so often, but they are still in good working order, so they use them in pets.

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    IF only everyone would treat their dog this way, the world would be a better place, IMHO.


    PS......precious story

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