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    Still Trying To Get the Word Out

    SherlockJr has posted an ad for the book on Craigslist and I added it to my Classmates profile.

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    Happy Belated Mother's Day Annasmom...I thought of you on the day, as always! Hope it was a fantastic day for you~

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    Quote Originally Posted by InterestedNHelping View Post
    Happy Belated Mother's Day Annasmom...I thought of you on the day, as always! Hope it was a fantastic day for you~
    It was a very poignant day, with lots of music...thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annasmom View Post
    This is hardly a weekly update, but there are a few recent developments you might like to know about. All our efforts--letters, requests, copies of Searching for Anna--have not resulted in any exposure of this case on Missing Children's Day at the end of this month. So let's just keep our porch lights on that evening for a couple of hours and think positive thoughts.

    I added info and a link about Missing Childrens day requesting my fellow Single Parents on a Yahoo single parents forum to join us in remembering missing children by leaving our porch lights on and included the link to searchingforanna.com to read more about my "pet" missing child case. This SP group has many members from various advocate groups on the fathers rights side. I am also going to add the same to another advocate group i belong to for Child support enforcement. Anna will get some exposure there, and perhaps she too is a single parent who might frequent that type of forum or someone who might recognize her.....
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    A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart. ~Author Unknown

    Long Lost Love - Discovery ID - Disappeared - Bob Harrod Case

    You can now purchase Mr. Harrod's Disappeared episode through Amazon, iTunes or YouTube.

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