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    UK - Ernest Norton, 67, pelted with stones, dies, Erith, Kent, Feb 2006

    FIVE boys aged from 12 to 14 burst into tears today as they were found guilty of killing a father who they spat at, insulted and pelted with sticks and stones.

    Ernest Norton was playing cricket with his 17-year-old son, James, on a Sunday afternoon in February last year when they came under a hail of missiles.
    Two stones, one the size of half a brick, struck him on the temple and fractured his cheekbone, and he collapsed to the ground with a heart attack.
    As the 67-year-old lay dying on the tennis court, his wife, Linda, rushed to his side, holding his hand and calling his name.
    Mr Norton, for 30 years a house husband who enjoyed nothing more than looking after his two children, died at the scene.
    The five boys who killed him, the youngest of whom was just 10 at the time, were convicted at the Old Bailey today of manslaughter and violent disorder.
    Mr Norton had gone with James and Linda to their local leisure centre in Erith, Kent, and while his wife went to the gym, he and his son set up stumps in a tennis court outside to have a bowling practice.
    But they were soon surrounded by up to 20 youths, who began to shout insults including "Rubbish bowler" and "Go back to the old people's home". Mr Norton went to the gate to try to scare the boys off but they threw stones, rocks and pieces of wood at him and he collapsed bleeding heavily.

    More here about the bragging of one of the boys - appalling.

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    I can't believe it. I've met some obnoxious kids in my life, but I guess I've been sheltered - I don't know any who would have done anything like this.
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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    This is one of the saddest things I've ever read. Prayers for the Norton family.

    Unreal. I don't even know what to say about those boys.

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    Oh my gosh how horrible. You see how mean and hateful some kids can be? I often wonder what in the world could cause a child to have no concious and to act like this??...

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    How can that many kids all spur each other on and go along with such a thing. You'd think at least one would have some morals and ethics and not go along. The ones who threw the biggest bricks should be charged with actual murder instead of manslaughter in my opinion.

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    An update on the case at this link and it seems like these kids havent learned a thing.

    During the month-long trial the boys treated the Old Bailey like a playground, joking just feet from Ernest’s grieving family, having play-fights and racing on the stairs. Their behaviour was so bad court staff complained to the judge, who reprimanded their parents in court.

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    From October 2007:


    Five boys have been sentenced to two years' detention for killing a father who collapsed with a heart attack after being pelted with stones and rocks...

    The boys, now aged between 12 and 14, were convicted of manslaughter and violent disorder in August.

    Passing the sentence at the Old Bailey, Judge Warwick McKinnon said: "The conduct of all of you as a group was utterly disgraceful and criminally irresponsible."
    From January 2008:


    Five boys who pelted a father with stones before he had a fatal heart attack have been given 12-month supervision orders...

    The Court of Appeal overturned their manslaughter convictions in December after they had served 55 days in jail...

    Judge Warwick McKinnon, said: "I simply hope that what has happened to you, that you had to serve two months of the original sentence, has benefited you. It would mean that some good has come out of the case."

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