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    Memphis; Noose-like knots lead to 3 firings at GPAC


    There is video on the link also.

    A hangman's knot is one way to tie a rope. But it's also be a sensitive subject in the South.
    "It reminds me of the days when African-Americans were routinely hung from a tree," says Memphis NAACP Executive Director Johnnie Turner.
    She agrees with a decision to fire three employees who tied noose-like knots above the Germantown Performing Arts Center stage.
    "One thing this city doesn't need is another incident where hatred is being portrayed," says Turner.

    Just my opinion, there is no reason why those workers had to tie the excess rope in that fashion. This is disgusting.


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    I do agree they didnt need to be hung that way. I wouldnt automatically think of racism though when I saw it, its seen in many westerns and it would be the first thing I thought of since I have seen way too many westerns in my life due to my dad. I wonder how old the employees were? I could see young men doing this as a joke not realizing the repercussions of it but an offending one.

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