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    CA - Donna Jou, 19, Rancho Santa Margarita, 24 June 2007 *J. Burgess guilty*

    Fellow Wser fran has asked that we post this:

    Those words, 'You can make a difference,' are stated on AMW by John Walsh each week. This is a time where we would like to ask you, as Websleuth members and readers, to help make a difference in attempting to locate a missing young woman (19). With a click of your mouse and filling out a very short petition form, perhaps you can help bring home this grieving family's daughter.

    Missing without a trace, Donna Jou, Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Last seen June 23, 2007.
    (Donna's thread at WS)


    The petition is to the LAPD and the OC Sheriff to allow TexasEquaSearch, who has agreed to participate at the urging of Donna’s dad, to help ‘free of charge,’ in the search for Donna. TexasEquaSearch has brought back hundreds of victims both dead and alive. It’s completely volunteer, they use horses, atvs, boats, divers, cadaver dogs. Tim has his ideas on where Donna may be located, but LAPD and OCS have refused his offer and told him ‘they are not welcome here.’ Tim has even offered to do it without publicity or announcements. At this point, I believe Tim is our only hope of finding Donna and bringing her back home to her family.

    Donna Jou of Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca., was home for summer break from San Diego State College, where she was a straight A honor student majoring in physics. Donna aspired to be a neurosurgeon. She was attending summer classes at a local college, being tutored by her older brother (who was home for summer break from Harvard). Donna offered her services on the site Craig's List, to tutor math. Somehow, Donna became acquainted unknowingly with a sexual predator, a convicted sex offender, who was unregistered. He used another name on craigslist and also someone else's picture.

    It's been said Donna went off on a motorcycle with the now, 'suspect,' that fateful day, believing him to be the boyfriend of a friend, who Donna was to meet at a party. The friend never showed. It is known that her friend never showed up, because the person she left with, John Steven Burgess, scared her and she locked herself in the bathroom and called a friend all the way in San Diego and talked for about 20 minutes. That is the last KNOWN conversation Donna had with friends or family.

    Donna never returned home that night but a text message was sent to her mom saying she was in San Diego and her battery was dying, she'd be home later. That cell text was traced back to the vicinity of where Donna was last known to be seen. Donna normally, never text her mom, so many believe it was not Donna who sent that message.

    The suspect, John Steven Burgess, when Donna was reported missing and LAPD began looking for 'him,' quickly packed his truck with boxes, collected rent from his nine (foreign exchange students), took off in his truck and threw away a tool box about 1 1/2 miles from his home which contained the license plate of his vehicle, rubber dishwashing gloves, a motorcycle helmet, rope and a scrub brush. He was later arrested on drug charges in the state of Florida and a few days later his truck was found, painted a different color.

    After legal wrangling in Florida were concluded over his drug charges, Burgess was extradited to California for not registering as a ‘sex offender.’

    Burgess also called himself Sinjin Stevens. Burgess growing up in Jacksonville, Florida,
    joined the Army and went for a tour of duty in Iraq in Operation Desert Storm in 1991.
    When he later traveled to California, he had a dream of going into movies. He met a girl and they had a baby daughter. The relationship didn't work out and the couple parted.

    Burgess has three battery convictions in 2002, a 2005 arrest after police say he beat up his ex-girlfriend , and he was also charged with trying to force a teenage girl into prostitution.

    The suspect in the Donna Jou disappearance was to appear in court Sept. 5th , for failing to register as a sex offender, but he opted to appear a day early so as to avoid a much publicized demonstration planned to get him to tell the family where their daughter was. The family is now being represented by Gloria Allred.

    From what I understand, the only statement made by the suspect was through his attorney in which he said ‘he’d tell all he knew about Donna, if he were granted immunity.’


    Let’s get TexasEquaSearch here and find Donna and bring her home to her family. Then they can prosecute the suspect to the fullest extent of the law!

    PLEASE HELP THIS GRIEVING FAMILY. All it will take is for your signature to ‘make a difference.’

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    UPDATE from fran 9/21/07

    "You can make a difference."
    Thank you to everyone who took a moment to sign Donna's petition. Because of YOU, there's been some progress in the search for Donna Jou from Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca. According to the the most recent media article, http://www.click2houston.com/news/14130512/detail.html ,

    The director of Texas EquuSearch was scheduled to meet with police in Los Angeles on Monday in hopes of searching the area around Burgess' home.

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    Angry CA - Man convicted for local woman's death released from prison

    Man convicted for local woman's death released from prison

    The ******* should of been executed. No surprise it is in California.
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    Oh good lord, This is just horrible for her family!

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    From June 2014:


    A father told 10News he is angry after finding out the man who killed his daughter is about to be released from prison...

    Burgess had answered an ad Jou placed on Craigslist that offered her services as a math tutor. Authorities said Burgess admitted taking Jou to party at his home in west Los Angeles. It was there that he said he gave the Orange County native cocaine and heroin. Burgess claimed Jou died of an overdose. He acknowledged that he panicked and dumped her body in the ocean, saying, "I went down to my sailboat and gave her to the sea"... In 2009, Burgess pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sent to prison...

    "He has conned the system. He has lied and they have negotiated with him and he is going to go out and harm other innocent people," Reza Jou told 10News.

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