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    More recent links:



    Articles about the McCanns heading back to England.


    This article is great. It is the beginnings of the fall of Justine McGuinness.


    This one asks why the Tapas 9 don’t talk, but it never answers the question.


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    SUN MORN- 09.09.07 6.15 am PT and UK

    McCanns to Leave PT today on 9.30 am flight to UK




    Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt says: "The McCanns are reverting to their original plan to fly home to Leicestershire on a flight at 09.30.
    "That plan, of course, had been thrown into disarray by them being declared suspects.
    "They have been clarifying their position and they have been told they are allowed to go.
    "It appears a deal has been struck - the authorities are satisfied that Kate and Gerry McCann will return to Portugal if required," he said.
    The McCanns' spokesman confirmed the plans in a statement, saying: "Kate and Gerry will be returning home to the UK this morning as originally planned. They will depart from Faro Airport.
    "It is emphasised that their return is with the full agreement of the......................SNIPPET

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    Parents to leave PT-Sun morn 09.09.07


    Speaking on Friday, before she was made an arguida, she added: "Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."
    Her husband Gerry, also 39, told the News of the World that Portuguese officers were looking for a quick end to the case and were exploiting apparent discrepancies in the couple's account of what happened.
    He said: "In a system that you don't know and don't really trust it's incredibly frightening."
    Mrs McCann's parents said that the couple were returning to the UK "with the full agreement of the Portuguese authorities and police".
    No bail conditions, travel restrictions or charges have been imposed on the couple, who had been questioned separately for more than 24 hours.
    Mr McCann was officially given "arguido" status 12 hours after his wife.


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    Guardian-Sunday Observer 09.09.07



    McCanns to fly home amid fear of charges

    Ned Temko and Mark Townsend in Portimao
    Sunday September 9, 2007
    The Observer

    Kate and Gerry McCann were due to fly home to Britain this morning amid mounting speculation that they were involved in the disappearance and possible death of their daughter, Madeleine.It is believed the McCanns fear they could be charged with their daughter's death after they were named as official suspects this week by Portuguese police. But sources close to the investigation told The Observer that DNA evidence that led to the couple being considered suspects was incomplete and not a perfect match to their daughter.

    Although evidence from blood found on the floor of the family's holiday flat was said to be 'very strong', it was not conclusive.The first authoritative account of the sudden change of direction in the search for the missing four-year-old came last night from a senior source who is close to both the British and Portuguese police teams.
    In a dramatic sign of the growing tension surrounding the fast-moving investigation, it also emerged that family and friends of the McCanns were in contact with the Foreign Office in the hope of securing support from the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband.
    The McCanns spoke to Miliband a month ago, and family sources said he had been 'very supportive'. Now, they are hoping he might help head off any decision to lay charges against the McCanns on the basis of what one relative branded as 'repulsive' suggestions they were involved in their daughter's disappearance.
    Revealing the details behind the decision to shift the focus of the investigation onto the McCanns, the source said that in addition to the blood at the holiday flat, DNA evidence had been found in a car rented by the McCanns more than two weeks after Madeleine went missing.
    He said that while both samples had matched Madeleine's DNA, since they had degraded over time, this was based on an incomplete picture - only 15 of the available 20 genetic markers usually used for such analysis were found: 'Nineteen out of 20 is what we consider conclusive. In this case, they could extract only 15 - but all of the 15 exactly matched Madeleine's DNA.' He also dismissed as 'simply wrong' recent media reports that blood had been found in the car.
    He said the Portuguese police were taking the sample recovered from the flat seriously - in part because of 'contradictions and changes' in the accounts given by the McCanns and their friends of what happened the night Madeleine disappeared.

    SNIPPED=========================================== ===============================

    The source added that it was the 'very strong' probability from the DNA results of a direct match with Madeleine that convinced police to put 'detailed and specific questions' to her parents'. Their answers 'did not provide a satisfactory explanation, which is why it became virtually inevitable under the Portuguese legal system that they would be named arguidos before further questioning'.
    Amid the shock of the shift in the investigation and alarm over the possibility of formal charges, the McCanns' family and closest friends yesterday rallied in support. One friend, describing the 'ordeal' of hours of police questioning on Friday and Saturday, remarked last night: 'They did not give Portuguese police the satisfaction of crying.'
    Kate McCann's uncle, Brian Kennedy, said: 'We still say as a family and friends that this suggestion that in some way they were responsible for the death of Madeleine is just nonsense, pure and simple.'
    Portuguese police, meanwhile, last night described as 'absolutely absurd' reports that Kate McCann was offered a plea bargain during questioning should she admit to the accidental death of her daughter.
    The McCanns' Portuguese lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, said that the newspaper reports were due to a 'misunderstanding' that had arisen during questioning.

    Related articles
    07.09.2007: Timeline: Madeleine McCann case
    08.05.2007: Q&A: Madeleine McCann
    06.05.2007: For parents, our best is not always enough

    In pictures
    Madeleine McCann

    Key sites in Praia da Luz

    Special reports

    Useful link
    Find Madeleine


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    June 2 to June 13

    Psychic drawings are "no help" to McCann family (Phil McCann critical of Brian Ladd)

    McCanns in television appeal

    'Somebody Knows Who Has Madeleine

    Sighting in South America (Later proves to be a hoax)

    McCanns wind down European tour

    McCanns go to Morocco

    Dutch Telegraaf Newspaper receives tip about Madeleine

    Corresponding story on Belgian girls

    Investigator Antonio Toscano claims Madeleine is in the hands of notorious French pedophile

    Portuguese police search area outlined in Dutch news tip

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    Through mid-June

    Police search wasteland for missing girl

    Police seal off area

    McCanns hire manager

    Police officer in charge of Maddie case accused of beating mother of another missing girl

    Madeleine's parents "furious" over burial claims

    Search of scrubland called off

    Bible code: Where is missing Madeleine?

    6 weeks after disappearance, parents' faith is sorely tested

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    BBC- TONIGHT 6pm -SUNDAY 09.09.07


    McCanns at their home in Rothley

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    Parents believe Madeleine may never be found

    Parents' fatal errors

    Evidence destroyed in McCann apartment

    Global pedophile ring nets 700 suspects

    Madeleine's school gets involved

    Apartment Madeleine disappeared from up for sale

    McCanns respond to claims they contaminated evidence

    Sighting: Madeleine kidnapped by gypsies

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    McCanns arrive home-Guardian-Sun night UK time


    Cuddle Cat is still with Kate!!!!!

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    News Articles: 6/19

    "Bumbling" cops to search flat 7 weeks after disappearance

    "Return Stolen Maddie Pics"

    Madeleine McCann's father has appealed to the thief who stole his wallet to give back two pictures of his missing daughter he kept inside.
    The wallet was snatched on a rare return trip to the UK - after he acted as a good Samaritan on the flight over.

    Father makes emotional plea to Irish tourists to check holiday photos

    Maddie sightings in Malta

    Attempted kidnapping of child from near where Madeleine disappeared

    Mari Pollard positive she saw Madeleine in Marrakech

    Madeleine's parents cling to hope

    Study finds child abuse widespread and hidden in Morocco

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    Clarence Mitchell, press officer behind government blackout

    Suspicious Madeleine sighting in Malta: Arab said, ‘Get up, little girl’

    Hospital to release balloons for Madeleine

    50 days after disappearance: More chance of finding stray dog

    McCanns certain Madeleine is alive

    More Malta sightings

    14 separate sightings in Malta

    McCanns discounting Malta sightings

    Information on the 50-day balloon launch

    Search for Maddie: Day 50

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    News Articles through July 29

    Friends Reunited website where Gerry McCann posted a blog

    Swedish article about pajamas found on PDL beach

    Wikipedia information on CHARGE syndrome\

    Irish vigil; Spanish investigator hands over evidence of pedophile abduction

    More Malta sightings of Madeleine

    Spanish Cops Detain 2 With Possible Links to Madeleine

    Italian man, Portuguese woman try to extort money from McCanns

    Arrests in Spain not connected to Madeleine

    Pair investigated for extortion

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    Arrested pair investigated for Madeleine's disappearance

    Italian man was jailed for child abuse

    Gerry McCann's wallet with precious Maddie pictures returned

    German tourist disappears in Algarve

    Post Chronicle: Is Madeleine McCann Disappearance A Hoax?

    Trademark for FindMadeleine "Leaving No Stone..." fund

    Italian man thought to have been involved in a blackmail plot

    Police think Madeleine still in Portugal

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    published in Sol, on June 30, 2007
    an article by Felicia Cabrita and Margarida Davim
    Translated by Summer

    Madeleine Case - Pact of Silence

    Madeleine’s parents and the friends with whom they spent their holidays in PDL are suspects in the inquiry. There are contradictory versions about the night of the kidnapping, and an assumed pact of silence in the group

    The beginning of June is flowing in a strange way in the Algarve. A chilly wind and overhead clouds help to fill the auditorium of Lagos, where a solidarity concert is being held for the missing english girl. It’s been a month since Madeleine McCann vanished without a trace.

    A few kilometres from Lagos, in the Ocean Club resort at Praia da Luz, the faint illumination further densifies the climate. At the reception, which leads to the Tapas restaurant, there is nobody. Getting inside is easy.

    A portuguese waiter, but with a british ‘behaviour’, strikes the first blow on the journalist’s plan: “We only serve dinner to the club’s clients”. “What about a drink?”. He says yes.

    It’s 9.30 p.m. If we were to believe the several members of the McCann’s holiday group, and after several mismatching versions, at this time Madeleine was being carried out of her apartment by a dark-haired man, who would be around 35 years old.

    From the same table where the group of nine had dinner on that evening, one tries, in vain, to observe the apartment’s front – a ground floor apartment that faces the restaurant. A linoleum screen on the side of Tapas and the corridor of bushes that follows the limits of the apartment’s back yards prevents any vigilance to that level.

    The image of Madeleine – big blue, questioning eyes and an innocent smile, fixed on the photographic films – is always present. It doesn’t leave the conversations of whom passes by. One remembers the words that the mother, Kate Healy, is supposed to have said to a friend (and that the husband, Gerry McCann, did not know): “I had a bad premonition about my children, when I found out the Ocean Club had no baby listening service”.

    The choice of Algarve as a holiday destination would come to change their lives. Everything was arranged with three other couples, with whom they used to travel. Some of them had recently been to Greece, with their children, and the Mark Warner agency, the same that prepared their trip to the Algarve, had done their itinerary for the islands. According to their reports, the hotel where they stayed had a baby listening service – a service that is assured by four or five members of staff who would control the children while the adults dined, by listening through doors and windows to confirm that everything inside was quiet.

    At the Tapas bar, from bartenders to staff from the Kid Club, criticism is whispered: “We have a creche where they left their children for most part of the day, where they could be until 11.30 p.m. without spending another Euro. They could also have used our baby-sitters, who stay with the children in their rooms until 1 p.m. In this case, they would have to pay an extra fee, but these people looked like they could afford it”, an employee comments, concluding that “this was a very strange group, that never stayed with their children”.

    The children’s routine

    The story of Madeleine looks like a tangled ball of wool. In the last days of April, Kate and Gerry, both 39 and doctors, arrive with their friends in Praia da Luz. The weather is not very good, but the group makes the best of it. The children seem to exist outside of the adults’ world. In the morning, Kate would take Madeleine, almost 4, and the 2-year old twins, to the Kid Club. The other couples in the group did the same. While the little ones entertained themselves with collages and paintings, the group divides itself between tennis and jogging until lunchtime. In the creche, the girl’s picture is taken: “She was shy and had some difficulty in adapting to the group. She always stayed close to the english children she already knew”.

    It is at lunchtime that the families socialize a bit. After a short nap, the children go back to the Kid Club, while the parents use the activities that the club offers. They only get to meet again in the late afternoon, when the children’s dinner is served. Before 8 p.m., Madeleine and her siblings, who seem to function like a clock, are already asleep. Half an hour later, the group of friends meets at Tapas. The staff remember that they only leave at midnight: “They were very lively and drank a bit too much. I didn’t even realize they had children, because I never saw them around”.

    Mathew Oldfield, one of the elements of the group, is back in England. He reacts with surprise upon the contact of Sol, but he does not avoid the conversation: “We drank. We were on holidays. So what?”.

    And thus the days followed one upon another, at the Ocean Club. The holiday week is almost over and the group’s spirit does not change. Nobody had noticed until then, how the children were kept at a distance.

    The most reliable way to undrestand what happened on May 3, when Madeleine disappeared, is to analyze the various versions that emerged.

    It would have been 10 p.m. when Kate decided to check the children at the apartment. This is the only moment in the story that gathers consensus. Madeleine had vanished from her bedroom and the twins were sleeping like nothing had happened. The mother was back at the restaurant in one leap. She was disoriented.

    PJ called two hours later

    In seconds, the resort is in turmoil. The group’s four men and the club’s employees check every corner. They seem to be oblivious of the essential: to call the authorities. GNR is the first to arrive at the scene, but the news only reach Policia Judiciaria (PJ) more than two hours later. The first explanations arise. Where were the parents when the child disappeared? Gerry explains that, inspired in the scheme that some of the friends had used on their holidays in Greece, the nine members of the group took turns in checking on the children with some regularity.

    This is the beginning of a story that will change in many chapters. Gerry starts by saying that he first left the table to check on the children around 9.05 p.m. When he entered the apartment the children were fine, he just noticed that the door to their bedroom was partially open. He looked at the window, which was closed, just as the shutters, and relaxed.

    Ten minutes later, his friend Jane Tanner, who went around the apartments, crossed ways with a dark-haired man who was walking in the opposite direction, carrying a child. She didn’t make any connections either.

    A few minutes later, Mathew Oldfield enters the room, sees the McCann children fast asleep, and notices nothing out of the ordinary. It is at 10 p.m. that Maddie’s mother discovers her daughter has disappeared. The window was wide open and the shutters were up.

    To GNR, who is in the area with sniffer dogs to search for the child, this is a highly unlikely scenario. One of the military assures: “This is an extremely silent area, where there are practically no passing cars. That shutter was very difficult to lift from the outside, and would have made a lot of noise. It would have been a lot easier to use the door, but there were no signs of a break-in”.

    This was just one of the reasons why the group became suspicious in the eyes of the investigators. Russell O’Brien, Jane Tanner’s husband, is already back in England, but he knows he could be summoned back to Portugal for a deposition anytime. Over the phone with Sol, he tries to keep his british phlegm: “It is normal that we are suspects, and the DNA test is a consequence thereof. We were the closest people involved”.

    The conversation always comes back to the same issue: the night of the disappearance. The account of that last dinner has disparate versions among the group’s members. Some swear that someone left the table every half hour to check on the kids; other reduce that time to half of it. Some say control is made window by window; others say the adults entered each other’s apartments.

    One of the employees that was on duty that evening does not remember a lot of movement: “I only remember a tall, grey-haired man getting up once from the table”. It was Russell, who, two days earlier, also had attended dinner.

    An aerobic instructor from the resort entertains the dinner guests at Tapas with a ‘Quiz’. At 9.30 p.m. the game ends, and Gerry invites her to their table, where she stays for half an hour. During that time, as she later confided to friends, nobody left the table, but one of the chairs was vacant. Najova Chekaya refuses to talk to Sol. And Russell, when the questions start to surround him, loses his sympathy: “I have nothing further to tell you. I am not going to dishonor the compromise I assumed with Kate and Gerry. They want to control all infornation that is disclosed”.

    Gerry changes his version several times, but he maintains that the door to his children’s room was open. Mat revokes his first statement: when he entered Madeleine’s room, the door was open and there was more light, as if the shutters had been raised. Here starts to develop the theory that there was already someone inside the apartment. Which reinforces Jane Tanner’s version (that she saw a man carrying a child).

    Only Jane saw the man carrying a child

    But there is a witness whose deposition contradicts this theory. Jeremy Wilkins – a tv producer who had met Maddie’s father during their holidays and used to play tennis with him – was walking his eight months old son at that time. He met Gerry, who went out through the apartment’s back door after having checked on the children, and the two man exchanged a brief conversation. At that time, if one is to believe the first accounts, Jane would have left Tapas in the direction of the apartment’s main entrance, and would have crossed paths with both of them. “It was a very narrow road and I think it would have been almost impossible to walk by without me taking notice”, Jeremy says, pointing out the fact that he saw no man carrying a child, as Jane states.

    But Jane continues to guarantee that, at the top of the street, she saw a man with a child in his arms.

    Although the area is scarcely lit, and the situation did not make her suspicious at the time, she describes the beige trousers, the dark thick jacket and the black classic-style shoes in a detailed way. Once again, Jeremy disagrees: “If that happened, I would have likely seen it”.

    On the next day, the media circus was fully installed. The first reports are on Sky News first thing in the morning, even before portuguese press takes hold of the story. Journalists and locals dispute the information. Robert Murat, the son of an english mother and a portuguese father, with little luck in business, does not waste the opportunity. He moves from failed businessman into the role of a translator for the press and the police. Some british journalists, after sucking him to the bones, start suspecting his availability.

    The Murat contradiction

    Contrarily to the GNR elements and the Ocean Club’s staff, who participated in the searches on the night before and assure they did not see Murat around, Gerry and some of his friends guarantee that he was there. And thus he becomes an arguido.

    Gerry and Kate’s friends, who are interrogated tightly by the PJ over almost a month, refuse to clarify this contradiction, when asked by Sol. “We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business”, says David Payne, another element with the group. Minutes after we tried to contact Kate, Gerry, in a fury, calls the Sol journalist: “What do you think you are doing? Do you think you’re better than the portuguese police? I’m going to forward your contact to PJ and you will have to explain yourselves”.


    PJ says ‘everybody is a suspect’

    The director of the Policia Judiciaria in Faro, Guilhermino da Encarnacao, confirmed with Sol that “we do not discard the possibility to have the family and friends as suspects”. This is always done “without neglecting other clues. Everybody who was at the resort at the time are suspects”.

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