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    this morning in Correio da Manha:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=20 post #293

    Kate and Gerry McCann want to leave the Algarve
    PJ confident in analyses’ results

    All the analyses performed on samples that Judiciaria collected at the apartment where Madeleine was spending the holidays with her parents, at Praia da Luz, and in the McCanns’ and their friends’ car “are being done by the Birmingham lab, and there was no transference into another country”, a source with the PJ guarantees to CM. And “the results will appear”.

    “It’s dozens of analyses”, an inspector reminded us, and “therefore we never had a deadline for the results’ date”. The lab work continues in England, contrary to what was reported – and “the complexity of the analyses does not allow for any pressure to be exerted on the scientists”, the same source says.

    “Everything is being done” and the results will appear, PJ believes, while they proceed with the investigation “with less visible diligences”.

    Meanwhile, Maddie’s parents are considering leaving the Algarve over the next two weeks, and the couple’s spokesperson, Justine McGuiness, has a reservation only until the 9th.

    At the same time, relationships between a part of the British press and Justine are increasingly tense, with her being accused of benefiting “those who give nice news about Kate and Gerry”, reporters from English newspapers have told CM.

    Some journalists have raised “less comfortable issues”, receiving from the spokesperson “a discriminatory treatment concerning information about the daily routines” of the McCanns.

    In England, the directors of the school where Maddie studied decided to keep the hanger and the desk with the girl’s place.

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    Today in RTP online:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=20 post # 298

    The director of Tal&Qual weekly newspaper guaranteed to Lusa that he never accused the McCanns of killing their daughter, clarifying that last week’s headline only transmits what the police believe.

    The parents of Madeleine McCann have announced today, through BBC News, that they are going to sue Tal&Qual after this paper reported on news that indicate that the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) believed the couple killed Maddie accidentally.

    “I keep the story, I won’t change a comma”, director Emidio Fernando told Lusa, clarifying that the newspaper “never accused anyone, just says what the police believes”.

    Saying he is “absolutely tranquil” concerning a possible lawsuit, the weekly’s director said the McCanns’ intentions are “based on the articles that were published in English newspapers, which say that Tal&Qual accuses the family of a crime”.

    “If we published the story, it’s because we are certain of it”, Emidio Fernando said, adding that “what the newspaper assumes is that the police believe” the possibility that the parents killed the English girl accidentally.

    “I trust our sources and please note that I say sources in plural, because they are more than three”, the director said, who guarantees that the weekly he directs “never wrote anything that has not been confirmed, since this process [of Maddie’s disappearance] started”.

    Although they have not received any notification about a possible defamation lawsuit that the McCanns have announced to be filing, the complaint is, according to BBC News, against the newspaper and the director.

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    Today in Correio da Manha:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=21 post #312

    Tests: There are partial results
    Cadaver odor on Kate’s clothes

    The English dog that is specially trained to detect the odor of cadavers found a trace of death on Kate McCann’s clothes, as well as on the soft toy that the mother of Madeleine has carried since the first hour, which she took to the Vatican and presents as one of the child’s favorite toys. The dog’s work has been recorded on video and can be presented as evidence by the Policia Judiciaria.

    The dog was extremely nervous when he smelled a pair of jeans that was often used by Kate, and a shirt. These clues were collected in July – as CM could discover – at the same time that the animal detected the smell of death in the Ocean Club apartment where the child disappeared from.

    A second dog that was used by the police, who specializes in finding biological residues like blood, sweat or saliva, also reinforced the signs of the first animal, as he detected what is presumed to be blood in the trunk of the car that was used by the McCanns – which was rented after the child’s disappearance, on May 3.

    Meanwhile, CM knows that some of the tests that were performed on the collected residues are already in the investigators’ hands. The lab in Birmingham, England, has sent some elements, but not all the results are known yet. It is also not known when they started to arrive at the PJ, although several sources that were contacted by our newspaper guaranteed that only started happening this week.

    The results’ arrival in Portimao may consolidate the investigators’ beliefs, which have been pointing for over two months at a scenario of the child’s death inside the apartment of Praia da Luz. The coming days will be decisive.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=22 post #325

    Left PJ at 00.52 a.m.
    Kate fears being a suspect

    Kate McCann was heard as a witness. The diligence will continue, therefore the judicial secrecy prevents us from speakin.” This was the short way that lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu defined the situation of his client in the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine on the night of May 3, from one of the apartments at the Ocean Club, in Lagos. It was 00.52 a.m. when Pinto de Abreu spoke these words, leaving behind 11 hours of interrogation, which will continue today.

    Kate McCann left visibly shaken and walked to the lawyer’s car, in his company and in the company of Gerry McCann’s sister. Mr McCann had left the house where the couple is living, over an hour before, presumably to pick up his wife, but was not seen when she left the Policia Judiciaria.

    The interrogation of Madeleine’s mother, which followed the results from biological samples that signaled Maddie’s blood in the apartment and cadaver odour on Kate’s clothes and on a soft toy that belongs to her daughter, marked a dramatic turnaround in the case. Up to one and a half months ago, it was centered on the possibility that Madeleine was abducted. Today, the British press highlights Kate’s fears, who is afraid of being seen as a suspect in her daughter’s death. Yesterday she left the PJ surrounded by security measures from the PSP’s Intervention Corps, who arrived on location before midnight in order to block the street and to create a security area.

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    in Jornal de Noticias today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=22 post #326

    Father and mother ‘squeezed’ by the Judiciaria

    Madeleine’s mother returns to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) in Portimao today, in order to continue being inquired with evidence that was collected by the investigators, which point to her daughter Madeleine’s death, which include cadaver odours, found by English dogs on Kate’s clothes. PJ concluded today at 00.56 a.m. an interrogation of Kate McCann, as a witness, that lasted eleven hours, and focused on elements that were collected by PJ during the investigation, and on contradictions in her friends’ statements.

    According to information that was collected by JN, among the evidence that the PJ has gathered for now, is a sample of biological residues that was collected from the trunk of the car that was rented by the couple several days after the girl’s disappearance. The Birmingham Lab has concluded, although not with 100% certainty, that the residue may belong to the girl. Yet, it remains unexplained why the sample was found in a car that was only used by Kate and Gerry after Maddie disappeared.

    From the English lab, there are still results from other samples missing, namely from the Ocean Club apartment. Those that arrived along with analyses from residues that were found in the car – which refer to other locations that JN was not able to confirm – resulted inconclusive.

    Today, after Kate, it’s Gerry’s time to be inquired again. Both may see their status in the process altered. JN knows that the passage into arguidos is a strong possibility, but everything depends on the answers that are given during the inquiries as witnesses.

    During eleven hours of interrogation, Kate McCann was confronted with the evidence that was collected by investigators and with the deposition of Pamela Fenn, the British woman who lives above the apartment that the McCanns occupied at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz. A testimony that is fundamental to the investigators, and which does not match the statements that have been made by Kate and Gerry, about the night of May 3, the day that Madeleine disappeared. The British woman says she heard the girl screaming for her father, two days before the disappearance.

    The 70-year old neighbour also raised strong doubts about the checks that allegedlt were made by parents and friends, on that night, into the apartment, to see if the children were asleep, and how often. In her statement, Pamela has apparently said that, confronted with the couple’s distress, when they noticed the child was missing, she offered to call GNR, but Kate said she had already done so. The truth is that the phone call to GNR was made more than 40 minutes after the conversation that Pamela says she held with Kate.

    This and other contradictions dominated the interrogation that the investigators performed on Madeleine’s mother. Kate arrived at PJ’s offices in Portimao before 2 p.m. Gerry was driving the car, which he parked on the opposite lane, kissed his wife and went back to Praia da Luz where the twins were in the company of his mother.

    Minutes earlier, through the same door, entered the lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu, accompanied by another lawyer, who is the attorney’s assistant. The Portuguese lawyer accompanied Kate’s deposition and was inside the building until 9.40 p.m., when there was a break for dinner.

    Upon leaving the PJ, Carlos Pinto Abreu told the journalists that Kate was heard as a witness, refusing to make any other comments due to “judicial secrecy”. Kate left in silence.

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    in Jornal de Noticias this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=23 post #341

    Parents refuse to talk about residues in car

    The parents of Madeleine McCann were yesterday formally constituted arguidos from the moment they refused to talk about the residues that were collected by the Policia Judiciaria's investigation, which point at the death and the hiding of the cadaver of their daughter, who is missing since May 3, from the Ocean Club, at Praia da Luz, Lagos.

    Separately interrogated for hours (Kate, 15 hours and Gerry, eight), they had to pass from witnesses into arguidos when questions were asked about the biological residues that were found in the trunk of a car that was hired by the couple, and which has strong probabilities of belonging to Maddie, as JN reported yesterday. Kate invoked her right to remain silent in order not to answer any more questions as arguida. She would have still justified the cadaver odors on her clothes, which were detected by an English dog, with the fact that she is a doctor and was in contact with dead bodies before going on holidays. Gerry, even as an arguido from 6.30 p.m. onwards, agreed to give further clarification. The father's questioning ended close to midnight.

    Both arguidos were subject to a term of identity and residence - an automatic coercion measure - but, according to information that was collected by JN, they will be interrogated next week by the Public Ministery, who may decide to present them to a criminal instruction judge, in order to apply more serious coercion measures.

    The process strategy of the McCann couple intrigued the investigators, although their procedure was legitimate. The issue is an apparent contradiction with the public statements of the couple who stated they intended to "cooperate" with the investigation.

    As far as JN could discover, the investigation is now focused on clues for the crime of hiding a corpse, which was preceded by an episode that is still not clarified, but which points to the death of the girl as a consequence of an accident or a neglect situation.There is no evidence pointing to an intentional crime.

    After two days of intense questioning on Kate and Gerry, the investigators will advance with more diligences next week. As JN could discover, some of the couple's friends, who spent their holidays at Praia da Luz, may be called back to the Algarve, but it has not been excluded that some policemen may go to England in order to perform interrogations.

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    from Expresso paper edition, Sept. 8:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #346

    A case filled with mysteries

    At the beginning of the case, all clues pointed to the abduction thesis. But the presence of English sniffer dogs at the Ocean Club, on the 8th of August, two months after Maddie’s alleged disappearance, changed the investigation’s perspective. “The question of kidnapping started to be dismissed. Today, there are not many doubts about the homicide theory”, says Carlos Fonseca, the PJ inspector who investigated the ‘Lisbon Ripper’ case.

    Although the suspicions about the parents are growing increasingly stronger, Kate and Gerry McCann will continue their “half insane” strategy of fleeing forward. “The couple will not hesitate to divert responsibility onto the Portuguese investigators”, he theorizes. To Carlos Fonseca, if it is true that Maddie’s parents are guilty, this should become a ‘case study’ to be used as an example for future investigations. A source at the Policia Judiciaria that was contacted by Expresso even compares this case with that of Vale e Azevedo. “After a first lie, it’s easy to tell another one. And so forth”. Possibly the couple never expected to be meeting Pope Benedict XVI one day.

    Anyway, when the McCanns’ state of grace dissipated once and for all, last Friday, even the Vatican removed all records about Maddie’s disappearance from their official site.

    Death odor in the car trunk

    The scenario that was drawn by PJ increasingly points to the McCann couple’s implication in the disappearance of Madeleine, based on clues of the presence of a cadaver in the bedroom and in the trunk of a car that was rented by the two British 25 days after the child’s disappearance. This could be one of the big puzzles in this case. “I don’t believe it was the child’s body, but bloodstained clothes”, specialist Jose Manuel Anes suggests.

    “There are strong clues that point to homicide”, a high-ranking official from Policia Judiciaria told Expresso, requesting anonymity. The same source revealed that Kate and Gerry McCann will be constituted arguidos, as suspects of being involved in the death, which is believed to be accidental, of Madeleine, who disappeared 128 days ago.

    According to the PJ, the cadaver odour was detected on the floor of the apartment that was rented by the McCanns at Praia da Luz, and in the trunk of the car, a Renault Scenic that was rented five weeks after Madeleine disappeared, on May 3.

    These clues were detected by British dogs, which are trained to smell cadavers and blood residues. The Portuguese police then crossed this information with the results of tests that were performed by two English labs, in Birmingham and Yorkshire, with advanced DNA collection technique. When questioned about the type of result that the tests on the samples provided, the same source refused any further details: “I can only say we are satisfied with the work that was done by the British labs”, he said.

    According to a source close to the couple, the police even confronted Kate McCann with the presence of Madeleine’s blood in the car’s trunk, which irritated the British doctor very much, during the inquiry.

    The same source said that the police sustains the theory of the child’s accidental death, in the bedroom at Praia da Luz. This will justify the arguida status that was applied to Kate McCann by the police’s initiative, on Friday, after interrogations that lasted for several hours, over two days. According to a police source, the same status will be applied to Gerry McCann, whose inquirition started yesterday afternoon and who was still being heard at the time this edition was closed.

    Early in the morning, Gerry stated in his blog that Kate McCann is innocent, and guaranteed that the theory of Kate’s involvement in her daughter’s disappearance is “ridiculous”.

    By the end of the afternoon, spokesperson Justine McGuiness explained to Expresso that the police had to make Kate an arguida in order to legally her ask some questions. “Kate is devastated”, McGuiness said. “The police is implicating her in her daughter’s death. But not even the authorities can explain Maddie’s whereabouts. Or if she is dead or alive”. According to the spokesperson, the police has dismissed the abduction theory for good.

    If they come to be accused of homicide, without Maddie’s body being found – just like in the case of Leonor Cipriano, the mother of Joana – the fact will be very difficult to explain to the British.

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    from Sol paper edition on Sept 8:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #347

    Nerve war

    PJ bet on a pressure strategy on the McCanns

    Policia Judiciaria (PJ) has no more doubts that Madeleine is dead, and they’ve closed in on the McCanns in order to discover what happened on the night of May 3.

    Kate McCann was constituted arguida yesterday, after an interrogation that lasted for approximately 14 hours. Yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, Gerry was still being heard – accompanied by his lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu – and the possibility that he will also become an arguido is open.

    Judiciaria tries to determine whether the crime was homicide or accidental death. The investigators have been betting on a strategy that includes placing pressure on the English couple. That is why they decided to interrogate Kate exhaustively first, trying to explore any frailties.

    The long interrogations focused on the results from analyses that were performed on residues that were collected in the Ocean Club apartment – which were received this week – but also on some of the inconsistencies that were revealed in the depositions of the couple and their friends, right after the child’s disappearance.

    In choosing to hear Kate first, PJ also wanted to enhance the pressure on her husband, Gerry McCann. The way he reacted publicly, in some circumstances, leads the investigators into believing that Gerry ‘explodes’ when he is under pressure. In August, Maddie’s father furiously interrupted an interview to a Spanish television channel, after being questioned about the existence of blood traces in his daughter’s bedroom.

    It was also with the intention to benefit from an increase in nervousness among the McCann couple and their friends, that police opted not to confirm officially whether they have received the total of results from analyses that were performed on the samples that were sent to the Birmingham lab.

    The police strategy also included delaying as much as possible the constitution of Kate McCann as an arguida, because that status confers her special rights. As an arguida, she has the right to remain silent, and is not obliged to cooperate with the investigation. More: under that status, the law even allows Kate to lie, without being punished for that – contrary to what would happen if she was making a deposition as a witness. That issue was pondered by the PJ, when they advanced the possibility that Kate could become arguida on Thursday evening, without going forward with a formal constitution at that moment.

    As arguidos, and because they are British citizens, the McCanns “can be subject to a coercion measure that will prevent them from leaving Portugal”, lawyer Vicky Fernandes explained to Sol. The couple’s friends, who spent their holidays with them in Portugal, may be called to Portimao again, or they may be heard in the UK.

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    in Correio da Manha Sept 8:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #348

    Madeleine McCann case: Blood traces in car are decisive
    Suspected of killing and hiding Maddie

    Kate and Gerry are formally suspected of killing Madeleine and hiding her body. The blood that was found in the couple’s car, which was rented only 25 days after the girl went missing, change the whole scenario. The Policia Judiciaria are now convinced that the parents killed the child, hid the body and then simulated the abduction.

    Gerry and Kate deny this and consider the accusations “absurd”. But they fail to contradict the chain of evidence, although circumstantial, that the police has gathered over the last weeks. Everything points at the death of the child inside the apartment, and the fact that the cadaver was successively moved. This could explain the existence of Maddie’s blood in the car, which could have been obtained by contamination, for example from clothes that the child could have been wearing the moment she died.

    Yet, without finding the body, it will be difficult for the authorities to advance other coercion measures. They want to avoid a repetition of the Joana case, and the amount of criticism and even suspicions that was raised at that time. The fact that these are two British citizens also lead the Policia Judiciaria into actions of more restraint. The diligences are preceded by great caution, in order not to hurt “international susceptibilities”.

    Suspicious behaviour

    On the night of May 3, Kate called British television Sky News first, and only after that did she call the police. Furthermore, upon noticing that her 3-year old daughter was missing, Kate closed the apartment door and returned to the restaurant where her friends were. She left the small children alone again, in order to tell the British that her daughter had disappeared. The reports made to police by several witnesses mention no distraught screams or immediate calls for help.

    As CM could further discover, there are at least two witnesses that indicate there was neglect from Kate towards her children. One of them is the English woman who lives in a neighboring apartment, who guarantees she heard the child screaming days earlier, calling out for her father. The second witness is another elderly woman, who says she saw Kate behaving in a way that raised suspicions about her performance.

    CM knows that the deposition from Russell O’Brien also raised serious doubts with the Judiciaria’s investigators. The English doctor, a friend of the McCanns, guarantees he went to the children’s room around 8 p.m., but then he says he did not enter, and only worried about listening if there was any noise inside the apartment. The version is not considered as believable, and the police thinks that the witness is not telling the whole truth.


    McCanns can leave Portugal

    The McCann couple may return to England at any moment. The term of identity and residence only carries judicial constraints, without penal sanctions.

    This means Kate and Gerry must inform the court if they want to leave Portugal for more than five days, and they can do it personally, by letter, e-mail or fax. But if they failed to do this and returned to their country, any penal sanction would collide with the lack of international cooperation which is characteristic for the English. Firstly, because they follow the principle of not extraditing their nationals; then, because there is no European country who privileges more their nationality when confronted with alleged suspicions of crimes in other countries.

    There is yet another doubt: several jurists that were contacted by CM say it is not certain that the McCanns must ask for permission from the judge in order to leave the country. The law says they must inform the court, but it is not known what would happen if the address that they deliver the court is their residence in England. As Portugal has no jurisdiction in that country, notifications would not be validated, which would raise other juridical constraints.

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    Translated by Ozzy at the Mirror Forums



    McCann couple suspected of Madeleines death

    O casal McCann foi ontem constituído arguido por suspeita de envolvimento na morte da sua filha Madeleine, na noite de 3 de Maio, no aldeamento The Ocean Club, na Praia da Luz. Embora à hora do fecho desta edição, Gerry ainda estivesse a ser inquirido no Departamento de Investigação Criminal (DIC) de Portimão da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), onde chegou pouco depois das 16 horas, logo após a saída da sua mulher, o DN apurou que também ele foi constituído arguido no processo. A ambos foi aplicada a medida de coacção mínima, isto é, o termo de identidade e residência.

    The McCann couple were yesterday named arguido (the word means formal suspect) on the basis of suspicion that they were involved in the death of their daughter Madeleine on the night of 3rd May at the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz. Though at the close of this edition Gerry was still at the Dept. of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the PJ, where he arrived a little after 4 pm, and soon after his wife had left, the newspaper DN has gathered that he has also been named arguido. To both, minimum legal restraints have been applied – ie. identity and confirmation of residence. (This means they have to report to the police and confirm that they are physically present and resident in the place from time to time – once a day or whatever is set).

    Pelo menos sobre Kate recairá a suspeita de "crime de homicídio por negligência e ocultação de cadáver" (este último incorre a uma pena até dois anos de prisão)". Uma situação confirmada ao princípio da noite pela assessora dos McCann, Justine McGuinness, segundo a qual "a polícia portuguesa considerou Kate suspeita da morte acidental da sua filha". Entretanto, fontes ligadas ao processo revelaram que Gerry terá admitido aos investigadores ter administrado um sedativo aos filhos na noite de 3 de Maio. E uma das linhas de investigação seguidas neste momento é precisamente, ao que o DN apurou, a hipótese de que a criança terá sido sedada com uma dose excessiva de um medicamento.

    Kate is suspected of ‘homicide by negligence and hiding the body” ( the latter constitutes a sentence of upto two years in prison). A circumstance confirmed in principle by the spokesperson Justine McGuinness who said “ the portuguese police suspect Kate of having accidently killed her child”. However, sources connected to the inquiry have revealed that Gerry has admitted to the investigators he had administed a sedative to the children on the night of May 3rd. And one of the investigation lines followed at this moment is precisely, as the DN has gathered, the hypotheis that the child was sedated with an overdose of medication.

    Entretanto, fontes ouvidas pelo DN asseguram que a medida de coacção de Kate McCann poderá ser, contudo, aumentada a qualquer momento, em função de novas diligências. Sabe-se entretanto que, segundo declarações feitas por Philomena McCann, cunhada de Kate, ao canal britânico Sky News, a PJ terá oferecido um acordo de dois anos de prisão à mãe de Maddie, através do seu advogado Carlos Pinto de Abreu, para confessar ter matado a sua filha por acidente e escondido o cadáver. Apesar dos contactos efectuados, DN não conseguiu obter uma reacção a esta grave acusação por parte da PJ.

    However, sources have told the DN that the restraint measures on Kate McCann can at anytime be increased, depending on the results of new enquiries/information. According to declarations made by Philomena McCann, Kates sister in law, to Sky News, the PJ had offered a deal of two years in prison to Maddies mother through her lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu, if she confessed to killing her daughter and hiding the body. Despite trying to verify this, the newspaper DN has not been able to get any response from the PJ regarding this serious accusation.

    Contradições de Kate

    Contradictions by Kate

    Segundo fontes ligadas ao processo, a PJ suspeita que a mãe de Madeleine é "desequilibrada mentalmente", podendo o crime ocorrido no apartamento de onde desapareceu a menina britânica, ter resultado de uma "agressão" a esta por parte de Kate. Outra suspeita avançada por aquelas fontes prende-se com o facto de Maddie ter morrido antes do jantar. As mesmas fontes admitem que a situação "complicou-se e os pais desorientaram-se", o que terá levado à "ocultação do corpo", que continua por aparecer.

    According to sources connected with the enquiry, the PJ suspect that Madeleines mother is mentally unstable, and the crime could have occured in the apartment from which the child disappeared, as a result of an “aggression” by Kate. Another suspicion put forth by the sources is linked to the fact that Maddie had died before dinner. The same sources admit that the situation got complicated and the parents got disoriented which led them to hide the body which is yet to be found.

    Ao longo das 15 horas de inquirição, realizadas entre a tarde de quinta-feira e grande parte do dia de ontem, Kate McCann foi fortemente apertada pelos investigadores, que começaram por conferir as rotinas familiares do casal e amigos desde que chegaram ao aldeamento da Praia da Luz, bem como confrontá-la com os resultados das análises forenses realizadas num laboratório de Birmingham, no Reino Unido, às amostras de vestígios de sangue, recolhidos no apartamento e, sobretudo, na viatura alugada pelo casal 25 dias após o desaparecimento da criança.

    During the whole 15 hours of questioning carried out on Thursday evening and a major part of yesterday, Kate McCann was closely questioned by the investigators, who started off with checking the routine of the couple and their friends since their arrival at the Praia da Luz, as well as confronting them with the results of the forensic tests carried out at the Birmingham laboratory, UK, the blood samples collected at the apartment, and especially the samples in the vehicle rented by the couple 25 days after the child disappeared.

    Segundo apurou o DN, Kate não terá sabido explicar o porquê do sangue no carro, tendo garantido que este não pertence à sua filha. Outra das questões colocadas pelos investigadores, diz respeito ao odor a cadáver detectado por cães pisteiros ingleses nas roupas de Kate. Esta terá alegado que semanas antes da chegada a Portugal esteve em contacto com cadáveres na unidade de saúde onde trabalha.

    According to what the DN has gathered, Kate could not give any explanations about the blood samples in her car, insisting it doesnt belong to her child. Other questions asked by the investigators were regarding the smell of a cadaver detected by the sniffer dogs on Kates clothes. To this Kate said that weeks before she arrived in Portugal she had contact with cadavers in the health section where she worked."

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    In Diario de Noticias this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #355

    PJ awaits new analyses in order to detain McCann couple

    The Policia Judiciaria (PJ) believes they may detain the McCann couple next week. For that, they await the results that are still to be sent by the Forensic Science Service of Birmingham, England, which they expect to arrive at that time, and the result of new diligences that are being performed, that will restart the searches for Maddie’s body. Kate and Gerry have been made arguidos and subject to ‘termo de identidade e residencia’, but the coming days will be decisive for a change in the coercion measure. Both will be heard again on Tuesday.

    It is on Maddie’s mother that most suspicions fall. The investigators admit it is strongly possible that Kate “slapped” Maddie and that she bumped her head. What surprises them is that the mother did not call 112 [emergency number]. It is here that the biggest mystery may lies, and configures the previously mentioned possibility of gross negligence. The fact that she is a doctor and immediately knew what had happened, may explain the case.

    Tomorrow, PJ will deliver to the attorney of the Public Ministry (PM) in Portimao, the report of the inquiritions of the McCanns, which, as DN could discover, didn’t yield any significant results due to Kate’s and Gerry’s silence on the 40 questions that were asked by the investigators. After analyzing that report, the PM will present the process to the criminal instruction judge in Portimao, for evaluation. Then, the couple is brought back to PJ and after that, to the court, which may determine a new coercion measure (the most serious one is preventive custody).

    “The theory of Maddie’s death is becoming increasingly consistent”, the assistant national director and head of the Faro Directory of PJ, Guilhermino Encarnação, told DN, assuring that the investigation “continues to search for the body with all means that are in its reach”. As DN could determine, the searches, albeit very discrete, are still centered in the Praia da Luz area, on a strip “between the land and the sea”. Sources connected to the investigation advanced that the investigation line does not exclude the possibility that Madeleine’s body passed through several locations, including cars, apartments and other locations. Yet, until this moment, the possibility of destruction of the cadaver has not been considered.

    After announcing the theory of Maddie’s death, the PJ now expects a new “batch of clues” concerning the whereabouts of the child’s body. “A new cicle of the investigation is beginning, with lots of clues that the girl’s body could be here or there”, it was refered, advancing that the PJ “will only go into the terrain following credible leads”.

    A guarantee that responds to the concerns that were voiced by the McCann family yesterday, in England, about whether the PJ will continue searching for Maddie.

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    this morning in Correio da Manha:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #356

    Searches on Monday
    McCanns fly to England

    Madeleine’s parents scheduled for today their trip to return to England. After a day of contradictory information about the return date for Gerry and Kate, who were constituted arguidos in the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance, tickets were booked for today’s Easy Jet flight at 9.30 a.m, which connects Faro to the East Midland Airport, that serves Leicester, the city where they live.

    The flight that has been booked is number 6552 and is due to arrive in Leicester at 12.20 p.m. This trip – remember that the McCanns’ spokesperson guaranteed yesterday that the couple would not travel now – surprised the PJ’s investigators, who had requested for men and sniffer dogs from Guarda Nacional Republicana to start searches for Maddie’s body on Monday.

    CM knows that the request that was sent to GNR asks for total availability of means from 10 a.m. on Monday onwards, near the Ocean Club apartments, and the searches will cover Praia da Luz again, as well as the ravine area.

    Inside PJ, it is being regarded with great unpleasantness that the couple’s lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, met with the General Attorney, Pinto Monteiro, before he traveled to the Algarve in order to give the McCanns juridical assistance. This meeting, whose contents is unknown, is associated to the change in strategy of the Public Ministery, which intended to arrest Kate but then gave up on their intent.

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    from Publico today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #358

    The English dog that detected tha cadaver smell in the apartment where Madeleine McCann was spleeping, has already helped British and American police in the investigation of approximately 200 cases and, until now, has never failed, an officer with PJ told Publico.

    At the Portuguese police’s request, a dog of springer spaniel race called Eddie, seven years old, and belonging to Yorkshire police, came over to Praia da Luz in mid-August to participate in the diligences that were promoted within the investigation into the disappearance of the English child.

    When he was led to the apartment that was rented by the McCanns, he revealed a behaviour that he usually manifests when he detects the odour of a corpse, and which is duly recognized and evaluated by his handler, Martin Grime, who immediately alerted to the fact, an element of PJ told Publico.

    In order to establish comparisons, Eddie was taken into other apartments within the resort, but he remained tranquil, without signs of smelling any death odor, the policeman reports.

    Considering all possibilities, the PJ investigated the possibility that there had been any death in that apartment before, but the collected data concluded that had not been the case.

    Accompanying Eddie, who in insured for five million pounds, a 3-year old female dog called Keela also came from England, especially trained to detect blood residues, even if these were cleaned or washed several times. Keela also detected the existence of blood at the same spot that had been indicated by the dog, in the same apartment. “It’s too much of a coincidence”, the investigator heard by Publico considers. And doubtlessly a reason to investigate, he says.

    The handler, a British police agent, wrote a report with the diligences’ conclusions, confiming that the dogs had marked possible signs of the presence of a cadaver in that location, a document that is in the PJ’s possession.

    Eddie, who is sometimes equal with an “undercover agent”, and Keela have often supported the police in investigations into missing people and homicide cases, both in England and in other European countries, and in the US, at the FBI’s request.

    Among the cases in which Eddie intervened is that of the homicide of a 65-year old woman, Attracta Harron, in County Tyrone, when she was walking home from church, in April 2003. The dog found her body inside a grave and managed to detect the smell of her blood in the murderer’s car even after he burned it.

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    Link to translated SOL articles:


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    this morning in Correio da Manha:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=24 post #359

    Maddie Case
    Public Ministry Attorney considered arresting Kate McCann

    Magalhaes Meneses, the attorney from the Public Ministry who is in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, considered arresting Kate McCann in order to present her to the instruction judge, in order to apply preventive custody to her. The formal detention at PJ would have to be performed in order for the judge to ponder applying preventive imprisonment.

    The situation was discussed inside Policia Judiciaria in Portimao, and during phone calls with the PM attorney, but juridical doubts about the case (to know whether it was negligent homicide, which does not include preventive custody, or homicide with eventual intent, which admits preventive imprisonment) finally dictated that Kate was only constituted arguida, and subject to state her identity and residence [“termo de identidade e residencia”].

    Maddie’s mother also felt that this was the way the investigation was headed, and on the first night after the first round of interrogations she confessed to fearing about her freedom. On the morning that the interrogation started again, the spokesperson said just that to CM: that Kate was afraid she would go to prison, for the investigators’ accusations were extremely assured.

    The day that was chosen for the interrogation also indicates that the decision was simply to constitute her as arguida. Madeleine’s mother was interrogated on Thursday afternoon, at a time it was expected that the interrogation would continue on the next day.

    At that time, Policia Judiciaria also predicted they would hear Gerry McCann. And they would only do so after hearing Kate. “We all know that over the weekend, diligences calm down. It’s normal, even because people have to rest. To make interrogations before the weekend seems to indicate that something was not finished. That there was a retreat in the investigation”, an investigator told CM.

    As CM could further establish, the biggest problem with the investigation is that the circumstances of the child’s death are not clarified yet. As well as the fact that the body has yet to be found: something that is fundamental to strengthen the theory that is now being defended by the Policia Judiciaria.

    The decision of advancing with the arguido status for Kate and Gerry was well thought over by the Policia Judiciaria and the Public Ministry. For more than a month, the authorities were convinced that the McCann couple had not provided all the answers, but the arrival of the analyses changed everything. Although they were not fully clarifying (there is a correspondence of 78.95% of Maddie’s genetic profile when compared with the blood residue that was found in the car that was used by the McCanns), the truth is that the probability of the child’s body or any piece of her clothing having been inside the car that was rented after the disappearance, has increased. This is joined by other pieces of evidence, like the fact that the dogs detected cadaver odor on Kate’s clothes and on the child’s soft toy, and also the lack of evidence pointing to an abduction.

    Grandfather confesses to the use of Calpol: Medicine without death cases

    Brian Healy, Madeleine’s grandfather, contradicted former statements from the McCann couple and told ‘The Sun’ that his daughter gave the child Calpol “in order to help her sleep”. “Kate must have used Calpol [to help her sleep], but it is atrocious to think of anything more”, the grandfather said. A popular medicine in the UK to treat pain and fever in children and causing somnolence, its sale was authorized in Portugal by the Medicine authority, Infarmed, on May 3 (ironically the same day that Maddie disappeared).

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