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    from RTP online just now:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=27 post #395

    McCann family wants to request new analyses on the vehicle

    British authorities have been at the McCann’s home in Rothley, this morning. The family wants to request new forensic testing, to be performed by another lab, on the vehicle that was rented 25 days after the child went missing.

    The family wants to request new analyses “in order to prove that someone who had access to the car put something inside in order to incriminate them”, the reporter from RTP in Rothley, UK, said on Jornal da Tarde [early afternoon news broadcast].

    Sandra Felgueiras discovered that that solicitation cannot be fulfilled until the final results from the tests that were performed at the Birmingham forensics lab arrive at Policia Judiciaria. The RTP journalist said these are only expected to arrive by the end of the month.

    Kate’s diary

    Kate McCann’s original diary will not be apprehended by police. According to journalist Sandra Felgueiras, during searches that were performed by the police in the family’s house two months ago, the document was photocopied. Police now wants “to validate an apprehension that has already been made”.

    It was known today that contrary to what has been published in the British press, the Policia Judiciaria is not interested in the computer that belongs to Madeleine McCann’s father, and not interested in the soft toy that the missing child’s mother constantly carries, either. British sniffer dogs detected a cadaver odour on this object, but no blood was found.

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    in Diario de Noticias today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=28 post #407

    Police admits that the cadaver may not exist anymore

    Policia Judiciaria already admits that Madeleine McCann’s body “may not exist”, in order to forever hide evidence about what happened on the fateful night of May 3, in Praia da Luz, near Lagos. Within that scenario, one of the more believable possibilities would include launching the corpse in a bag with stones, far out at sea, from a yacht, namely that of an English sailor at the Marina of Lagos, who was investigated by the authorities at some point, following searches on computers that were apprehended from Robert Murat, as DN referred at the time when the investigation pointed at Maddie’s kidnapping.

    Considering that one of the investigation lines which now goes through the possibility that the child was killed inside the Ocean Club apartment, with involvement of the parents, namely of Kate McCann, the non existence of a corpse even “may signify that the death was not accidental”, police sources add.

    The Procuradoria-Geral da Republica [General Attorney], in a statement on Wednesday, says “there will be new diligences in order to find out what type of crime” was comitted by Madeleine’s parents, who have been constituted arguidos a week ago, following their daughter’s disappearance and after lengthy interrogations at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of PJ in Portimao.

    On the other hand, as DN could discover, several investigators continue to “observe and analyse” discreetly some terrain south of the Ocean Club, namely along the coastline between Praia da Luz and Burgau, which should be the object of searches with the support of sniffer dogs from the Guarda Nacional Republicana, next week. When PJ goes back there, they should have an exact notion of “specific locations under more suspicion” which could be targeted by detailed investigations, like excavations, for example. For now, investigators want to see if certain areas were stirred or bored into. At the same time, caves and cliffs from the Lagos area onwards will also be thoroughly searched.

    The English priest of the Anglican Church, Haynes Hubbard, who socialized with the McCann couple at Praia da Luz, considered that the suspicions that now fall on Madeleine’s parents to be an “absurd”, as well as possible searches that also point to the area around the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz. “The police must focus on finding Maddie. We don’t know whether she is dead. They won’t find anything here”, the English priest said.

    Catholic priest Jose Manuel Pacheco told DN he had “informal conversations” with investigators from the Judiciaria, but he was never heard as a witness in this process.

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    in Correio da Manha today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=28 post #409

    Investigation: There could be more arguidos
    PJ investigates existence of accomplices

    Policia Judiciaria believes that Kate and Gerry may have had the collaboration of a third party in covering up Madeleine's cadaver. Or, at least, that one of the friends that were with them on holidays in May, in Praia da Luz, may have helped them covering up the lie.

    Authorities thus believe that the McCann couple couldn't hide Madeleine's corpse over so many months and hide her death without the help of another person. Even more so as right after the girl went missing, attention was completely focused on the couple, and their steps were watched almost on the hour by a batallion of journalists.

    Also as CM could discover, there are details in the statements from the McCanns' friends that don't add up. Doctor Russell O'Brien, for example, started out by saying that on the night of the disappearance he had gone into the child's bedroom while visiting his own children, but denied this later on. He then said he did not enter the McCanns' apartment, having merely checked there was no noise inside. He had presumed the children were asleep, not fulfilling the alleged requests from the parents.

    The rest of the friends also contradicted themselves in their various statements, namely about the timings at which each one left to check on the children and about who was the last person to see Madeleine.

    There is another testimony from an English woman who was part of the group and who guarantees she saw a men in a back area of Praia da Luz, carrying what she presumed to be a child. Her deposition was initially valued and strengthened the kidnapping theory, given the fact this woman knew all the members of the group that was staying at the Ocean Club, thus dismissing the possibility of an accident and concealment of a body.

    CM knows that, in this case, PJ admits that the aforementioned man didn't carry any child after all, and is therefore unrelated with the kidnapping of Maddie.

    In order to clarify all these doubts, authorities will probably require the questioning of the English citizens again. That questioning has to be made by English authorities, which makes the investigation more difficult. PJ cannot follow the depositions, and inevitably a lot of information will be lost. But there is no way around this diligence, given the fact that authorities don't have enough elements to allow for another scenario, namely the constitution of arguido. Simultaneously, other diligences will be requested.


    McCanns never made confessions

    Kate and Gerry never made any confession to the catholic priest in Luz, during the four months of anguish they lived in the Algarve. Before going back to England, the catholic couple delivered the church keys to the anglican priest who is a friend, and didn't say goodbye to the catholic priest that supported them on the day after the girl's disappearance.

    "In the last few days, they did not look for father Jose Pacheco and they made no effort to say goodbye to him", a source from the parish told CM. The keys to the church, which the members of the parish decided to lend to the couple a few days after Maddie's disappearance, "so they could pray", were returned to the anglican priest who also holds mass in the same church, and who befriended the couple. Haynes Hubbert said on television yesterday: "I agree that the parish lent them the church keys". But he didn't reveal that it was to him that the couple returned them.

    The Bishop of Algarve, in a communication that is published on the diocese's site, assured that he did not ask the priest in Luz to request the McCanns to return the keys to the church before they returned to England. D. Manuel Quintas guarantees he never made that request, even more so as "that was an initiative of the local community". It was the first public position taken by the Diocesis since May 30. The Pastoral Counsel of Luz Parish deliberated, yesterday, that the action of delivering the key was "spiritual and moral and always considering the couple's suffering".


    English Government cuts McCanns off

    The first call that Gerry made on the night of the crime was to Alistair Clark, a good friend from university days and a diplomat who is close to Gordon Brown. Clark made contacts at the highest level and - before Policia Judiciaria - already Sky News and the British Ambassador were being informed about the abduction.

    Ambassador John Buck was in the Algarve and Brown also gave his personal number to Maddie's father in the various phonecalls they exchanged. But, as CM could establish, the present head of the British governemnt is now "rather disturbed" with the inquiry's direction and, last weekend, removed the direct connection from the couple.

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    in Sol paper edition, September 15:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=28 post #418

    PJ reconstitutes crime
    The police is convinced that the McCann couple had someone’s help

    article by Felicia Cabrita
    translation by summer

    The Policia Judiciaria (PJ) will soon make the reconstitution of the events that took place on the night that Madeleine McCann disappeared. It’s an essential diligence in order to clarify the various contradictions that the group of nine let pass right in their first statements. If Maddie was in fact murdered, the McCanns could not have hidden the cadaver alone – which means they had to have the help from a third party.

    In order to reconstruct the night of May 3, it’s essential to count on the participation of the McCann couple and the group of British friends, with whom they were spending their holidays at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz. But at this moment, authorities cannot guarantee that they can arrange for the entire group to come to Portugal, at the same time.

    PJ is convinced that Madeleine McCann is dead, that Kate and Gerry are somehow involved and that the cadaver was concealed. But it is still unclear what happened exactly.

    Airplanes before the dogs

    Besides the reconstitution of that night, PJ wants to verify the only routes that the McCann family and their friends knew, which derived from their daily routine. The first leads to a vacant terrain, behind the Milenio restaurant; the second one was usually made to go to the beach. Both routes have already been trailed by the sniffer dogs.

    One of the relevant testimonies within this investigation is the one from Martin Smith, an Irishman who resides in Luz and who says that, on the night of May 3, he crossed ways with a man who was carrying a child. She seemed to be asleep, and both were going in the direction of the beach.

    The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine suffered a turnaround in late July, with the arrival in Portugal of highly specialized equipment and of the British police’s sniffer dogs.

    Before the dogs went onto the terrain, an airplane which is equipped with temperature and infrared rays cameras made a complete ‘sweep’ of the area from the Ocean Club until the cliffs. The infrared cameras detect the existence of land shifts (in England, they have detected cadavers under cement) and the temperature cameras are used to detect changes of temperature in the earth (given the fact that decomposing bodies register more elevated temperatures).

    The planes equipment, however, detected nothing out of the ordinary in Luz.

    After these diligences, the possibility of the child’s body having been thrown into the sea was pondered. Police even contacted Joao Alveirinho Dias, an investigator at the University of Algarve, who is a specialist in oceanography, in order to collect information about the movement of tides and beach sand, in that area. With the dogs, the British policemen walked the beachline and the routes that were usually made by the McCanns and their friends.

    Blood on the curtains

    Later at the Ocean Club, the use of the dogs ended up triggering a turnaround in the investigation.

    As Sol could discover, the dogs detected cadaver odour behind a couch in the apartment’s living room, close to a window that leads to the resort’s back area.

    This window had curtains that were removed and analysed by police, and a small blood sample was detected. Both the curtains and the wall where it was located at, had been washed.

    If the information that the Irish citizen gave to Sol three months ago is confirmed, the child was wearing pink pyjamas, and Smith noticed no blood stains. Whatever happened to Maddie, didn’t provoke a large bloodshed.

    Contradictions and refusals to answer

    In the interrogations to which they were subject, last week, in the offices of Policia Judiciaria in Portimao, Maddie’s parents were confronted not only with the collected evidence, but also with the contradictions between their first statements, right after the child’s disappearance, and those by their friends.

    One of the issues that has yet to be clarified is the fact that both Russell O’Brien and Matthew Oldfield said they left the restaurant, where all of them were having dinner on the evening of May 3 around 9.20 p.m, and Russell came back 5 minutes before Kate gave the alert to the disappearance of her daughter – which was confirmed to Sol by the Tapas restaurant’s employees.

    The staff also declared that they didn’t see Gerry McCann leaving to check on his children’s welfare, contrary to what Gerry said himself.

    Kate and Gerry ended up being constituted arguidos in the inquiry. Sol knows that both refused to answer a significant amount of questions that the Judiciaria believes to be determinant and of high criminal relevance – thus contradicting their stance of cooperating with the process.


    1. Madeleine McCann, according to her parents, disappeared on May 3, 2007, at 10 p.m., from the Ocean Club

    2. The last persons to see Maddie alive were her parents

    3. All the clues to a possible abduction were checked by the PJ. After three months, the abduction theory was put aside

    4. At this moment, PJ thinks the child is dead

    5. Kate and Gerry McCann were constituted arguidos, after failing (and in some cases, refusing) to answer determinant questions of high criminal relevance. They have therefore passed into the status of suspects


    1. In the Ocean Club Apartment

    a) cadaver odour was detected by the English dogs behind a couch in the living room, close to a window that leads to the apartment’s back area
    b) blood (a very small amount) on that window’s curtains; the curtains and the wall were washed
    c) collected fingerprints belong only to the couple and their friends; there are no fingerprints from Robert Murat, the case’s first arguido
    d) searches with dogs in the other apartments of the same block at the resort did not yield these results, only the McCann’s

    The cadaver odour that was detected by the dogs indicates that the parents were with Madeleine after her death, and therefore must know what happened. This because, as they say, they were in the apartment until dinner time, at 8.30 p.m. It takes at least two hours for a corpse to release odours that can be detected by the dogs

    2. In the Renault Scenic car (rented by the McCanns on May 27)

    a) cadaver odour was detected by the dogs
    b) a very reduced sample of human fluid, in the car boot. After being analysed in Birmingham, this fluid registered, according to the PJ’s director, Alipio Ribeiro, results that do not allow a 100% correspondence with Maddie’s genetic profile
    c) hair that is compatible with Maddie’s genetic profile; there is doubt about whether they landed there by ‘transference’

    3. In the Vista Mar villa (rented by the McCanns)

    a) cadaver odour, detected by the dogs on clothes that belong to Kate, and on the pink soft toy
    b) an English book, normally used by police, that focuses on the different types of crimes, as well as on what clues should be looked for to identify its perpetrators
    c) a bible, on Kate’s bedside table, open at the Old Testament, at the passage that tells the death of King David’s son (God punished David with the death of his son, in order to force him away from sin and to return onto the path of good)
    d) Kate’s diary, in which she writes about daily difficulties, in dealing with her children

    4. Contradictions between the couple’s statements and those of their friends

    a) Gerry says during dinner he got up to check on his children; restaurant staff says only two people from the group left the dinner table and those were Russell O’Brien and Matthew Oldfield
    b) Russell arrived late for dinner and left at some point: he said his daughter had vomited and he was waiting for someone to change the bedsheets; the hotel staff say nobody requested clean bedsheets
    c) Jane, Russell’s wife, says she saw a man passing on the resort’s street, carrying a child. An Irishman, who was at the same time in the same spot, says he saw nobody pass


    The Portuguese…

    Ambition set him apart very early, when he was still a law student at the Catholic University, and he said he wanted to become President of the Republic. His persistence gave results when one day he saw the open doors to one of Lisbon’s main firms.

    It was in the office that is lead by penalist Germano Marques da Silva that Carlos Pinto de Abreu, now 40, built his carrer – as a lawyer, for example, for the leaders of UGT [Union syndicate] that were implicated in fraud with the FSE [Fundo Social Europeu, funds from the European Union], for the Cavaco brothers, for the doctor Veiga Fernandes and, more recently, for Isaltino Morais and Antonio Preto. Meanwhile, at the Lawyer’s Order, he was elected in the list of Rogerio Alves in 2005 to preside over the institution’s Human Rights Commission. The McCann couple’s defense, now in his own office, appears at the same time that Pinto de Abreu announces his candidacy to the Lisbon District Council of the Order – a launching pad, his colleagues foresee, for a greater ambition: to become head of the Order.

    … and the English

    Michael Caplan and Angus McBride are two partners at Kingsley Napley – one of the most distinguished law firms in the United Kingdom. Caplan is a Queen’s Counsel (QC), which means a counselor to the Queen and he was known for defending Chile’s ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet and for having avoided his extradition into Spain. McBride made his career by protecting the reputation of celebrities. He recently defended the English football captain, John Terry, who was accused of kidnapping, and actor Chris Langham, who was accused of downloading pornography.

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    in Sol paper edition, September 15:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=28 post #419

    Silence has returned to Praia da Luz

    article by Maria Mateus

    “People are saying they always walked hand in hand, and that he squeezed her hand when she talked too much”. Inacio Salgadinho hands out the ticket that allows us to park within the parking lot that belongs to the village hall. He is 77, a man of few words but who doesn’t excuse himself from answering the questions that, invariably, are asked by the people who leave their car there, in front of the beach: “Was the girl located? Was it the parents after all? Where is the Ocean Club apartment?”

    Initially, he let the journalists park at no cost, but the space was quickly invaded by the media exclusively. “I started demanding the payment from everyone, because the village hall doesn’t forgive me, I have to pay them at the end of each month!”, he justifies.

    The ‘problem’ of journalists doesn’t exist anymore. Now, very few are still around, and even these prefer to park around the church. In fact, if it weren’t for the half dozen dishes on the satellite-cars and the cameras pointing at the church’s main door, and nobody would say that Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, has been the stage for the most mediatized police case there ever was in Portugal.

    There are no longer photos of Madeleine in the shop windows, or yellow ribbons in the hair and around the wrists. And there are already people who fear the long-term consequences of the case, which the village will suffer: “With time, the English will stop coming here”, Jorge Silva, a cook, foresees, and he explains: “We’ll be remembered for a bad thing”.

    Business was good for some cafés and restaurants but nobody wants to admit a big increase in their income because of Maddie’s case. Behind the counters, the reply is always the same: “High season here can be felt starting in early May” – precisely when the girl went missing.

    Only at the bar of the local supermarket, the Baptista, Elsa Barros admits: “This year, we’ve had August twice”. But she adds: “We usually sell well all year round”.

    Silence has returned to the village. Because there are less tourists, and because Kate and Gerry don’t drag onlookers and the media behind them anymore.

    But there is still a restlessness that is no longer due to the sidewalks being crowded and to the noise that came from the generators of the journalists’ machinery. The noise is present in the memory of those who live in Luz. “We have a bigger fear of people. We had never heard anything about missing children around here. After this case, we started to be afraid”, Celia Rodrigues says, while she irons at the local laundry shop. “My son, who is 11, is still frightened when a stranger looks at him”, she adds. And even at school, Silvia Silva continues, “if someone stops and looks into the playground area… It’s complicated! We suspect everything and everyone”.

    Silvia lives at the apartment block ‘Pedras Brancas’, which was inspected by the Policia Judiciaria (PJ). On the days right after the disappearance of Madeleine, a muffed cry that came from that location raised suspicions.

    “On Saturday, around half past midnight, two inspectors from the Judiciaria asked to enter my home. My daughter was four months old back then. They looked at her often, they walked around the bathroom, the kitchen, they even peeked into the laundry basket”, she recalls. The reports follow one another on the same subject, because on that night the PJ visited other homes, leaving the inhabitants restless and disturbed. “We didn’t want to risk someone watching us talking to the PJ, like it happened with Luis, Robert Murat’s friend. After the police talked to him, he never got himself another pool to clean”, Silvia remembers.

    The truth is that the Madeleine case brought the world unique images from Praia da Luz. The sand beach, the cliffs, the sea, the meandering streets that lead down to the beach, the church that overlooks the ocean – images that introduced an Algarve where one feels like going to. But that is not what people talk about at Luz. There, everybody laments that “we are only known for something so bad”.

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    in Sol paper edition, September 15:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=29 post #420

    Contention within the [Portuguese] Government

    Alberto Costa has been assuring the articulation with the PJ and the English minister

    article by Helena Pereira, with Catarina Cristao

    The [Portuguese] Government has been treating the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann ‘with tweezers’. For Jose Socrates [Portuguese Prime Minister], the main word is contention.

    The silence and distance that have been the rule for the last four months, concerning this case, were broken only this week. The government only decided to make a public statement only after the national director of PJ, Alipio Ribeiro, made a public appearance about the investigations (on the Pros & Contras show on RTP, last Monday) and after knowing that the Procuradoria-Geral da Republica [Attorney General] would emit a statement (which happened on Tuesday).

    This articulation was assured by Justice Minister Alberto Costa. It has also been Costa who has been serving as a pivot in the contacts with English authorities, namely the Internal Affairs minister, Jacqui Smith, with whom he has spoken often.

    The silence that the government kept until now, and which has been widely criticized, namely by PJ members – the institution under fire from British media – was justified to Sol by a governmental source with the need for the government to keep its distance from the case, respecting the separation of powers.

    On the other hand, the Executive believes that, at no moment in time, was the work of the Portuguese police ever questioned by the British government, so there was no need to respond over any attack. Alberto Costa would end up saying that the PJ “is investigating with its entire competence and with the resources that are necessary”. Socrates only spoke about the case because he was questioned by ‘El Pais’ [Spanish newspaper] in an interview, where he stated that “the duty of politicians is not to feed a soap-opera”.

    Therefore, the Portuguese government was never available to receive the McCanns in an audience. The couple’s spokesperson, Justine McGuiness, guaranteed to Sol that “they never talked, or requested audiences from the Portuguese government over these four months”. Yet, the McCanns have been received by the Spanish Interior Affairs minister.

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    in Correio da Manha today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=29 post #421

    Madeleine McCann case
    Car with residues drove 2750 km in a month

    The Policia Judiciaria wants to clarify the routes that were driven by the Renault Scenic during its first month of rental in Praia da Luz. The vehicle, where the residues that are preseumed to be from Madeleine, were found, was delivered to the McCann couple on May 27, with 3114 kilometers. On June 3, the rental agreement was extended, and the vehicle was showing 3844 kilometres at that point.

    The last record of the vehicle was made in July, also on the 3rd, and the counter of the vehicle registered 5864 kilometres. Which means that from May 27 until July 3 – a little over a month – it ran 2750.

    At the moment, it’s unknown how many kilometers were made by the car already, whose contract with the McCanns ends on the 20th of this month. The extensions of the contract were made by phone, and the documents from the rental company don’t show the distances anymore.

    CM knows that besides Gerry there was a second authorized driver on the rental agreement. It is Michael Wright, a cousin of Kate McCann, who at some point was the couple’s spokesperson. Michael Wright promoted the Find Madeleine site and organized some of the couple’s most important trips. PJ tries to understand who drove the car and which routes were taken, at a time when the McCanns were touring the world, and used tourist taxis for their connections to Faro or Lisbon airports.

    Hair exams

    Simultaneously, PJ is still waiting for the tests that are being performed on hair that was found inside the vehicle. Which is an important clue in the investigation. It can typically associate a suspect with a victim, or a victim with a crime scene. The amount and the state the hair is found in, are also important factors in the police inquiry.

    In 200, a member of scientific police at the FBI, Douglas W. Deedrick, concluded that the microscopic characteristics of a hair under amplified sight do not allow for an absolute identification of the sample. But one thing can be determined quickly: if the hair fell out, or if it was pulled from a living or a dead person.

    Meeting between police and magistrates

    During the afternoon yesterday, police and magistrates met at the Courthouse in Portimao. The contents of the meeting is unknown, but the motive is certain: the continuation of the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, the definition of strategies over the coming days.

    The meeting ended around 6 p.m, and only the heads of PJ at Portimao, Gonçalo Amaral, and from Faro, Guilhermino Encarnação, were captured by the cameras.

    The magistrates exited incognito again and nobody knows what diligences are being prepared. The moment is of absolute silence and even Olegario Sousa, the PJ’s spokesperson for this case, was not to be reached. CM knows that next week the searches, which will be surgical, may start, and could lead police to discover the corpse. At least, this is what the police hopes for, as they believe they can clarify the mystery.


    5 persons drove the car between May 3 and 27, the day the McCanns rented it. None of them is in any way related to the couple.

    September 20 is the foreseen date for the car to be returned. The McCanns have not yet said if they will extend the contract.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=29 post #431

    Madeleine McCann case
    Judiciaria investigates crematoria

    Policia Judiciaria is investigating the crematoria that exist in the Algarve region. The purpose is to eliminate any possibilities of finding residues of Madeleine's body, thus concluding the investigations and presenting an accusation in the process of the disappearance of the British girl.

    Sources that were contacted by CM refused to say which crematoria had been contacted, although everything indicates that those are private crematoria and not licensed ones.

    CM contacted one of them, the Creon Starlight, which has been operating for two years in Castelo de Nave, in the middle of the Monchique mountain area. The Dutch couple that owns it, offers services to cremate pets, from birds to larger animals. CM was on location yesterday to find out whether Hendrik and Jeanette Hoos had been visited by the Judiciaria, but nobody opened the door.

    As CM could further find out, the authorities are also checking the possibility of the child's body having been taken to Sapin. Crematoria in that country were equally investigated, but for now nothing relevant seems to have been discovered.

    Kate questioned

    Meanwhile, Kate McCann, who will be questioned again by police, will probably be inquired in England and not required to return to our contry. The Policia Judiciaria will have to send all the elements into that country and will have to list the questions that are to be made exactly. At that time, Kate McCann will also know all the evidence that are falling on her, so she can respond to the police questioning.

    Our newspaper could further discover that searches will soon restart. It is not known exactly when, but everything indicates that the PJ will return onto the terrain in the coming days, searching for the body in exact location, with as much precision as possible.

    Judge Pedro Frias has also authorized authorities to apprehend Kate's diary, which will also have to happen via an international diligence.

    The new press advisor to the McCanns, Nathalie Orange, clarified yesterday that Kate and Gerry will only return to Portugal to be heard, if and when they are formally notified to do so.

    CM also knows that a psychologist who works for the British police was contacted by PJ in order to counsel on the interrogation techniques, based on the scientific evidence that has already been collected.

    One of the things that were suggested was that authorities, when speaking with Kate, should never mention the child's name, referring to her as "daughter".

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    Summary of main news from PT on Sept 17:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=30 post #436

    in Diario de Noticias:


    English police rummages through Kate’s past

    British police is investigating Kate McCann’s past, on behalf of Portuguese authoities.

    The news was reported by British press, who inform that Portuguese criminal investigation police has asked its British counterpart to investigate also the entire medical history of Madeleine’s mother (…)

    in Jornal de Noticias:


    New procurator has the McCanns’ friends interrogated

    A new interrogation of Kate and Gerry McCann should only happen after the forensic science lab in Birmingham concludes all analyses on residues that were found inside the Ocean Club apartment, where Madeleine disappeared from on the night of May 3. (…)

    in Correio da Manha:


    Diligences – Parents’ interrogation halted by Judge

    The Policia Judiciaria wanted to interrogate the McCanns in Portugal again. The instruction judge didn’t accept this, and deferred the request to the English authorities. The decision will force the PJ to wait for the British policemen to inquire Maddie’s parents within the timings that they find necessary. (article available after 1 p.m. local time)

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    in Diario Digital this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=30 post #437

    Maddie: Judge wants to make the process public

    The Superior Magistrature Counsel should pronounce itself this Tuesday about the request that was made by judge Pedro Frias, who wants to publicly explain the process about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    According to Correio da Manha today, the counsel that directs the judges should meet this morning, and one of the items that are to be solved is the request from the criminal instruction judge from Portimao.

    Pedro Frias believes that the judicial proceedings in the criminal investigation of the Brirtish girl should be explained to the media, given the exposure of the case.

    The journalists have also requested a public statement about the process, and this document was attached to the request that was sent by the judge to the Superior Counsel, the only instance that can allow to make public statements.

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    from LUSA just now:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=30 post #438

    Madeleine: CSM [Judges Counsel] assumes clarifications about the case, but says they are not justified for now

    18 de Setembro de 2007, 12:07

    Lisboa, 18 Set (Lusa) - The Conselho Superior de Magistratura (CSM) [Judges Superior Counsel] announced today it will assume any statements about the "Madeleine case" in collaboration with the instruction judge from Portimao, stressing that at the moment no public information is justified.

    The Instruction JUdge in Portimao, Pedro Frias, asked the CSM for authorization to explain to the media what the judicial procedures of the case are, considering the proportions this criminal investigation has grown into within public opinion.

    In a statement that was released today, the CSM explains that the case of the missing English girl is still in the investigation phase, and the Ministerio Publico is in charge of releasing information ans clarifications about its development.

    The CSM, the body that manages and disciplines the judges, also refers that during this phase, the intervention of the instruction judge "is momentary and is aimed at safeguarding the rights, the freedoms and the guarantees, therefore authorizing or denying the execution of diligences", like for example forensic tests, searches and apprehensions.

    On the 11th of this month, the Policia Judiciaria delivered its preliminary report to the Ministerio Publico (MP), in Portimao, which then sent it to the criminal instruction judge.


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    in Correio da Manha today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=30 post #446

    Investigation: Preparing interrogations
    Judiciaria requests searches at McCanns’ house

    PJ required for the house of Kate and Gerry in Rothley to be searched. The purpose would be, among other diligences, to apprehend the diary of Maddie’s mother, as well as to look for new clues that may explain the disappearance of the British child. The request for the search was made to the instruction judge, and has apparently been granted. It is part of a large set of diligences that were requested by Portuguese authorities, and which are included in the request letter that will be sent to England, where the PJ will have to travel in order to carry out some diligences that are related to the investigation.

    Beside the new interrogation of the McCanns, the authorities have also requested that all their friends would be inquired in order to tell, once again, the events of the evening of May 3. Some of the contradictions in their depositions still stand, and the goal is to clarify these once and for all.

    Concerning the diary, with its apprehension already authorized by judge Pedro Frias, the PJ believes it may contain elements that allow to define Maddie’s mother’s psychological profile. In her writings, Kate complains about Madeleine’s hyperactivity and calls the twins “hysterical”, thus showing psychological fatigue.

    At the time of the disappearance, the diary was not confiscated because the authorities didn’t presume the McCann couple to be suspects. Therefore, it is only now, one and a half months after the searches, that PJ asked for it to be attached to the process.

    Because it is a piece of evidence that “invades” the arguidos’ personal sphere, the request had to be made to the judge, after the Ministerio Publico agreed to it. It was immediately granted and will now be included in the request letters that are going to be sent to the British authorities.

    Meanwhile, the authorities are acting with doubled care. The legal offensive that is expected from the McCanns, who have hired some of the world’s most expensive lawyers, is already expected, and a clear sign of it was given by nominating a new aide: Clarence Mitchell, an ex-director of the media monitoring unit with the British government.

    The attitude has changed, and Gerry and Kate have appeared in public again, beside their new spokesman, who reaffirmed both their innocence in a clear speech, guaranteeing that he accepted to leave a public job in favour of what he considered to be the defense of truth.

    Clarence asked for the process to refocus on the search for Maddie, setting the tone for the campaign that can be foreseen. Several personalities have announced to be willing to finance the McCanns’ legal expenses.

    (article continues)

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    in Correio da Manha today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=31 post #455

    Madeleine McCann case
    Scientist contradicts parents’ explanations

    Antonio Amorim, the vice director of the Pathology and Immunology Institute at Oporto University, defends that DNA transference from a piece of clothing or from a sandal into the boot of a car is “virtually impossible”. The scientist guaranteed to CM that the hypothesis is merely academic and that he does not believe it could happen.

    The issue was now raised by English newspapers which, citing from sources close to the McCann family, guarantee there are “innocent” explanations for the presence of DNA from Maddie in the car that was rented by the couple. One of them is the fact that the family moved houses (they left the Ocean Club and rented a villa in Praia da Luz), and ferried all the family’s belongings in the car boot. Madeleine’s sandals would have been inside the vehicle, and her biological residues would have transferred into the car.

    “Theoretically, there can be contamination. But the hypothesis is virtually impossible, as the quality of the residue would have to be acceptable. There would also have to be perfect moisture conditions for the transference to occur, which is only possible in academical terms”, the scientist assures, also refuting the other explanation that was advanced by the child’s parents yesterday, that some of the collected residues could come from their twin children.

    “When one tries to reconstruct DNA, one searches for target areas. A person’s DNA has a large interindividual diversity, something that is completely different, even among siblings. There is a kind of tombola among that which is transmitted to us from our parents, and it would be a gross mistake from the laboratory to mistake the DNA from the other children. It is again virtually impossible, as we are dealing with one of the world’s more prestigious labs.”

    Antonio Amorim also stresses that he understands the delay from the English specialists in obtaining results. “They can, and they should take a lot of time. That is precisely what guarantees us there are high levels of reliability”, the specialist says, assuring he understands why the authorities have asked London to perform the tests. “It was an excellent option. Because it is a reference lab, and it is almost impossible to contest the results.”

    PGR says there will be new diligences

    The district general prosecutor of Evora, Luis Bilro Verao, released a statement yesterday about the Maddie case, guaranteeing that “no new interrogations were determined” from Maddie’s parents, because no new evidence has been collected. That diligence would have to be made in Portugal, and the prosecutor said nothing about the requests for clarification and evidence collection that will be made by a request letter to England. The prosecutor added, in a short note that clarifies very little, that the authorities “do not exclude any investigation line”.

    “Diligences within the inquiry will proceed […] which will be developed according to the plan that has been established between both entities”, the prosecutor adds, confirming that, as the presupposition of the application of ‘termo de identidade e residencia’ have not changed, “the alteration of the coercion measure has not been promoted, as it has been considered the adequate measure according to the elements that have been collected”.

    Couple fears having their cellphones under surveillance in England

    Kate and Gerry fear that their cellphones may be under surveillance. This was the most recent of a new wave of news in the English press, which have been focusing more on the investigation than on the drama of the disappearance of the McCann couple’s daughter.

    The re-entrance on scene by aide Clarence Mitchell, the day before yesterday, coincides with the new pattern. ‘The Sun’ publishes the alleged dismissal of DNA evidence that was collected by Portuguese police. The ‘Daily Mail’ published an article about rumours against the McCanns that would have started “hours after” the disappearance of Madeleine. It concludes that “the defamation campaign has failed and the McCanns’ friends question whether the police really searched for a kidnapper”. In the afternoon, the same newspaper revealed that the couple feared that their cellphones were under surveillance, and that their lawyers assumed that all conversations by electronic means were not safe. The couple even believes that this surveillance started in Portugal and continues in England.

    A listing of the main titles makes the English press’ tone over the last few days clear: “We can explain DNA in our car”, “Police cannot prove Madeleine’s death”, or “Immediate mistakes may have compromised the inquiry”.

    The ‘Daily Mirror’ revealed that Gerry has regained contact with the British prime minister through an aide. The next step is the campaign to refocus on the search of Madeleine’s kidnapper.


    The explanations that are now advanced by “close sources” of the McCanns in order to justify the DNA matches that were found inside the car are new to the Portuguese investigators. This had never been said during the interrogations, and Kate did not answer those questions.

    The McCanns’ lawyers are building their defense against DNA evidence and cadaver odour, based on other judicial cases. The couple’s defense team will meet with the lawyers of the alleged Omagh bomber, who has not been convicted yet because of controversy over DNA evidence.

    Madeleine’s disappearance will originate a movie. There are not concrete details about the movie yet, but actors Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchett are being named for the roles of Gerry and Kate. Two major movie production companies are fighting for the movie.


    The elements of Policia Judiciaria did not travel to London the day before yesterday, as was reported by several newspapers.

    The process is still in Portimao’s courthouse. It has not been returned to Policia Judiciaria yet, which awaits its reception in order to resume diligences.

    The Policia Judiciaria has not written the request letter yet, which will ask for new interrogations and searches at the McCanns’ house.

    Clarence Mitchell, the new McCann aide, abandoned a salary that is equivalent to one hundred thousand euros per year, in order to assure the family’s defense.

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    in Jornal de Noticias today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=31 post #456

    Public Ministery with no reasons to inquire McCanns again

    The Ministerio Publico (MP) has not yet determined new inquiritions on Kate and Gerry McCann, because “new pieces of evidence that would justify new interrogations” have not been collected, after the questionings that were performed on the 7th and 8th of this month. This information is part of a note that was released by the Procuradoria Geral da Republica (PGR) [Attorney General] – the first that included concrete aspects of the ongoing investigation.

    A new diligence with the couple – which was constituted arguido two weeks ago – and according to what JN could discover, will only occur after the forensic science lab in Birmingham releases the results of the analyses that were performed on residues that were found inside the Ocean Club apartment in Praia da Luz, where the girl disappeared from on the night of May 3.


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    In Barlavento online today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=31 post #457

    Madeleine: Speculation boiling, waiting for breach of silence from Ministerio Publico [Attorney General]

    Since Friday, the Policia Judiciaria stopped having a spokesman for the investigation that is ongoing to discover the circumstances of and the person(s) responsible for the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann, from the apartment where she was possibly sleeping in Praia da Luz.

    Chief inspector Olegario Sousa, who liaised with the journalists since the first days after the girl’s disappearance, on May 3, was relieved from that task by the Central Management of the investigative police, as it considered that his functions “were no longer justified”, “given the fact that the process is now coordinated by the Ministerio Publico”, a source at the press cabinet of Policia Judiciaria referred.

    The moment, which should only matter to the journalists, opens this article simply because it marks the beginning of a new phase in the process.

    With Olegario Sousa exiting the scene, and the majority of sources connected to the process now being unavalilable, the journalists have nobody to turn to in order to confirm or deny any new information about the investigation that may appear in the newspapers, either Portuguese or English.

    The result: any news is easily spread as being true, without having been sufficiently confirmed by other sources.

    The examples are in the dozens, and they have sprinkled the newspaper pages throughout the week. “Police wants Kate’s diary”, “Police already have Kate’s diary” and “Police does not want Kate’s diary” were titles that followed one another, in a random order, without a single journalist being able to ascertain what he was reporting.

    Safe for cases when the news were based on absolutely credible sources – which, for now, is impossible to confirm – most of the information resulted from rumours, from hearsay, which often starts by a British paper citing from a Portuguese one and vice-versa.

    What is objective for now is that the Ministerio Publico has asked the Criminal Instruction Judge of the Circuit of Portimao, Pedro Frias, to validate and to authorize diligences, that could include searches, forensic tests or apprehensions.

    On this search for objective information, and confronted with the insufficiency of the information flux that is being generated by the press cabinet of the Procuradoria-Geral da Republica [Attorney General], appealing to judge Pedro Frias might open a clear information door.

    That door was closed on Tuesday, with the Conselho Superior da Magistratura [Judges Counsel] pushing the responsibility over to the Ministerio Publico.

    Hopes are now focused on the Ministerio Publico and the interpretation it makes of the changes in the Penal Code, which became valid on Monday.

    The process may become “public” and only be subject to judicial secret if any of its participants requests it.

    Independently from that, the Procuradoria-Geral da Republica, which had kept rigorously silent until yesterday, said this Wednesday that for now the McCann couple will not be questioned, thus dismissing Portuguese and British newspaper titles over the last few days.

    On Friday ends the ten days time limit for the criminal instruction judge to issue his dispatch, “determining the execution of diligences that are seen as necessary, the use of international cooperation mechanisms that are adequate and the measures that are to be taken, namely concerning the situation of the arguidos”, as the first statement from the PGR mentioned last week.

    What crime Kate and Gerry McCann are suspected of, which evidence there is, which diligences are to be performed, these are all questions we expect to be answered on that day.

    Until then, one keeps in mind that no information that is being published in the newspapers is believable, at the same time one realizes that the judicial system is not prepared for cases like “Madeleine”.

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