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    in 24Horas this morning (10/18):


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #558

    Putrefying cadaver always leaks fluids

    Smell can get out of the car

    Since the day that Madeleine disappeared, on May 3, until the day the McCanns rented the Renault Scenic, it has been 25 days. After 25 days, a cadaver "can be in advanced decomposition", Pinto da Costa, from the Forensics Medicine Institute in Oporto, explained. But it is not as absurd as it seems at first glance, that someone transported Maddie's body in the car 25 days after the death. "In fact, a cadaver releases an unpleasant rotten smell. But that smell can leave the car's interior, or it can be damped. It is enough to leave the vehicle's windows open and a good ventilation", Pinto da Costa said.

    Delays or advances in putrefaction of a cadaver are connected with the condition it is kept in. "The only way to prevent advanced putrefaction is to keep it in adequate climate conditions, which means, in a fresh place with a temperature of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, at the utmost".

    A basement, for example, may offer those conditions. A body soaked in water takes longer to decay.

    In a liquid environment, a cadaver also preserves better. "A body soaked in water has more difficulty in decaying", Pinto da Costa explained.

    "If it remains in a location that is subject to air, humidity and heat, a body decomposes more rapidly".

    The fluids that are leaked by a cadaver are responsible for the rotten smell. The sniffer dogs can always detect that odour, he said, better than any person.

    Those are the bodily fluids that were found in the boot of the Renault Scenic that was rented by the McCanns, according to the forensics report from Birmingham. "If a cadaver is transported inside a vehicle, it always leaves fluids that can impregnate in the car's carpets". A putrefying cadaver, displays a dark colour, is already affected by gases and may bloat.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #560

    Madeleine: Socrates and Gordon Brown talked about the case
    Governments discuss Maddie

    Jose Socrates met his British homologue, Gordon Brown, after the European Union's Summit, in Lisbon, for a private conversation. The purpose, according to the British prime minister's statement before the meeting, was to discuss how the Madeleine McCann case is being handled.

    At the entrance to the summit, Brown guaranteed to the journalists that he was going to talk about the case with the Portuguese prime minister and that he wanted to reassure himself that the police forces of both countries were cooperating in the investigation. "I had already discussed this matter with him [Socrates] before, in order to assure that the Portuguese police is doing what is necessary to solve this case", Brown said.

    Questioned by CM, the press cabinet of Jose Socrates denies the existence of this late afternoon meeting."The only issues that were discussed by prime ministers Jose Socrates and Gordon Brown are the themes that were addressed during the summit. Everything else is pure speculation", it said.

    We remember that on July 9, Socrates flew out to London to meet the British prime minister and to discuss issues that concerned the Portuguese presidency of the European Union. Brown used the end of the meeting to congratulate and to thank the efforts that were being made by the PJ to find Madeleine. At that time, Kate and Gerry McCann talked with the British leader often, and had not been made arguidos yet.

    Socrates assumed that the media-exposed case was extremely important both to the United Kingdom and to Portugal, and guaranteed that the police in Portugal continued to do its best.

    Before and after that occasion, several pressures had been made by the British government on the Portuguese government and police.

    Sources at the PJ consider that yesterday's situation "is not normal" but refuse to comment any further.


    Couple wants to improve their image

    The McCann couple wants to improve the image they left in Portugal. Therefore, they are looking for a communication agency that can work as a spokesperson with the Portuguese media. As Correio da Manha has discovered, one of the agencies that were invited was Cunha Vaz & Associados (...), who refused to give that type of service. The couple, on advice of their lawyers, continues to look for help from companies in that area. Meanwhile, Gerry and Kate McCann have announced they are going to launch a new campaign to find Maddie. This initiative will focus on the villages and mountains of Morocco, Portugal and Spain, and its purpose is to introduce the case to everyone who has not yet heard about the kidnapping that happened in Praia da Luz.


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    in 24Horas this morning (tabloid alert):


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #561

    In the early hours of Maddie's disappearance, the parents moved house

    PJ let McCanns "clear" apartment

    In the early hours of May 4, only hours after Maddie's disappearance, the McCanns left the apartment where they were staying and took with them everything they wanted. The move may have been fatal to the investigations, and, even worse, was authorized by the Policia Judiciaria (PJ). This means a lot of evidence may have disappeared before the authorities sealed the place off.

    "It's obvious the house had to be sealed. But with everything that was inside, and without being touched. But that was not what happened. They took everything they wanted into another Ocean Club apartment, and without any control from the authorities", a judicial officer that is connected to the case has told 24Horas. To this source, Maddie's disappearance is "a case that promises to become eternal in time and whose solution may never happen, in face of the evidence that has been gathered, which, in spite of pointing at the McCanns' involvement, are not conclusive."

    A high ranking officer with GNR has confirmed these facts to our newspaper, but guaranteed that that police force acted correctly: "After the alert, a team was immediately dispatched to that location. They only took the time to drive from Lagos to Praia da Luz.

    As soon as they arrived at the location, they realised they were facing a probable crime, whatever type it was, and called their commander, who then immediately contacted the Judiciaria. We also immediately requested search and rescue dogs, and the entire region was thoroughly searched. But it's true that the dogs that were used were not trained to detect blood or putrefying flesh. They were looking for a living person."

    The same officer specified that "only one dog signalled the odour of the missing girl, next to the McCanns' house", but the searches that were developed by the military and the Judiciaria members were, as has become public, unsuccessful.

    The PJ's investigators believe that Maddie died inside the house that was rented by her parents, but they do not explain how the body was removed from the location, and where it was hidden until it was, allegedly, transported inside the Renault that was rented by the McCanns more than 20 days after the girl's disappearance.

    The authorities suspect that this happened at the house of Robert Murat, the other arguido in the process, but evidence is weak.

    As 24Horas established, with the arrival of the new team, led by Paulo Rebelo, investigations up to yesterday were limited to simply analysing the elements that were until now collected by the investigators that were at the beginning of the much-discussed case.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #562

    Investigation: Perplexity over news

    Ill-feelings at the PJ

    The theory that the Maddie case investigation failed to give value to some clues and that the process was disorganized, is causing ill-feelings within some sectors of Policia Judiciaria. This idea has been circulating within judicial circles and has been echoed through some news, that connect it with the team of Paulo Rebelo, the new coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department in Portimao.

    Over the last few days, as the new Rebelo team has been gaining knowledge of the inquiry, the theory has been spreading that the investigation is weak, and with few clues. Yesterday, 'Expresso' cited sources at the PJ that said they had found "important material spread all over, which had not been included in the investigation", and that the new team in Portimao "had a hideous amount of work to do" in order to organise the files. Worse: That the new team considered "there was a lot of important information that was despised in the investigation".

    After these news, the silence that surrounds the investigation has thickened. None of the former leaders of the case - Gonçalo Amaral, Guilhermino Encarnação and Luis Neves - comments on the cited news. But several sources in the police have told CM that the news are causing "perplexity" and that they cannot be connected with the investigators from Lisbon who are analysing the case. Paulo Rebelo and the team he has chosen are pointed out as very experienced people, who are used to deal with pressure and who would not easily fall prey to the ingenuity of making precipitated judgements of value.

    The investigation is still with the same group that was already working on it before - with the obvious exception of Gonçalo Amaral - and the four policemen who travelled from Lisbon are still reading the process. It is an acquired piece of data that the investigation's direction from now on will be that of a homicide case, just as the trio formed by Gonçalo Amaral, Guilhermino Encarnação and Luis Neves already considered it.


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    in Expresso on October 20:

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #563

    Paulo Rebelo calls in biggest homicide expert

    The invitation of chief-inspector Teixeira reveals that the kidnapping theory is losing terrain among the PJ's new team

    The new team that is led by Paulo Rebelo, the new coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of Policia Judiciaria (PJ) in Portimao, already has the Maddie case process digitalized into the personal computers. "It was a hideous amount of work", because the process' paperwork was "anarquically spread out", according to a source with PJ, who criticises the inexistence of a centralising figure in the former team, who "would know how to distribute the work".

    Chief inspector Antonio Teixeira and inspector Portel, both from the Lisbon Directory and homicide experts, are two well-know names in a team that includes another four investigators (from robberies and data crossing departments). "They are reviewing the process. There was a lot of important information that was despised in the investigation", the same source says.

    Antonio Teixeira, who is almost 60 years old, has thirty years of experience in homicides. "He is the oldest inspector who is still active in this area. One of the best reserves of the PJ", a colleague says. This may be his last major case, as Teixeira "announced he will go into retirement next year".

    This man who loves painting, is seen within the PJ as an affable, methodical and meticulous professional. "It's a breath of fresh air for this investigation", a colleague says. Another inspector who worked with him for several years has one certainty: "By inviting him into the case, PJ has given an inequivocal sign that the homicide theory is dominant. One does not invest in a member of staff of such value, if there was only a slight suspicion of a blood crime".

    Objectivity is the greatest weapon of Teixeira, who coordinated, with success, media exposed cases like this summer's murder of an English senior citizen in Praia das Maças. One day after the crime, he caught the perpetrator, a neighbour of the 70-year-old woman, who had a bad reputation in the area. "If he has to choose between the direct way and the tortuous one, he chooses the first to solve a crime. And he is spot on", a police source says.

    Inspector Portel has been his right arm for ten years. But, contrary to Teixeira, he does not inspire unanimous opinions among his colleagues: "One is the good cop. The other takes over the role of the bad cop."

    In a rare interview, given to University students seven years ago, Antonio Teixeira said: "Homicide is the one crime that we are all able to commit".

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    from TSF online today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...2883725&page=8 post #112

    Commission to interrogate the McCanns’ friends is ready

    The national director of PJ has confirmed that the commission that is going to investigate the persons that were with the McCanns at the time of the disappearance of Madeleine, is ready. In an interview to El Pais, Alipio Ribeiro said the theory that Madeleine is dead has been gaining terrain.

    The national director of Policia Judiciaria guaranteed that the commission that is going to interrogate the people that were with the McCann couple on the day that Madeleine disappeared, is already prepared.

    In an interview to Spanish newspaper El Pais, Alipio Ribeiro explained that this commission “will travel within days with a team of policemen and with the deputy from Portimao’s Public Ministery”.
    PJ’s head officer also admitted during this interview that the thesis that the British girl that disappeared on May 3 from a tourist resort at Praia da Luz is dead, has been acquiring strength.

    “It really is a hypothesis that has gained some truthfulness and is stronger, but we don’t exclude anything”, the director of PJ said, while recognizing that, during an initial phase, the investigation focused almost entirely on the kidnapping theory.

    When asked whether there was a lack of discern to investigate the girl’s parents, who have been arguidos in this case since September 7, from the first moment on, Alipio Ribeiro replied that “it’s easy to say that now”.

    On the DNA analyses’ results, Alipio Ribeiro considered that those may help the investigation a lot, but added that those elements do not solve the case on their own.

    The national director of PJ also talked about the “always loyal and respectful” relationship between the Portuguese and the British police, and Alipio Ribeiro assured that the British have never interfered, even because they could not do so.

    Alipio Ribeiro also admitted to some information leaks in this case that has been hugely exposed in the media, and said he was convinced that “sooner or later” there will be results, although he avoided to say when.

    This top officer of PJ also considers that the trial of this case should be performed in Portugal, although he referred that this issue is still very distant and has not been treated yet.


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    in 24Horas this morning (TABLOID ALERT):

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #565

    New team led by Paulo Rebelo tries to discover

    Murat may have hidden Maddie's body

    Robert Murat, a friend of the McCann couple, is the main suspect of having made the body of Madeleine disappear, on May 3. This is the belief of the Portuguese investigators that are connected to the case. But evidence that confirms this theory has not been obtained yet, as 24Horas has discovered with sources close to the investigation. Therefore, the new team led by Paulo Rebelo, a top officer at Judiciaria, is verifying in detail all the steps that were made both on the day that Maddie disappeared, and on those that followed after the authorities were alerted.

    But, until yesterday, there was no concrete lead as to the girl's whereabouts. Live or dead. Therefore, Murat's house will reportedly be visited again by authorities this week.

    "There is a time frame between 6 and 10 p.m. that is filled with contradictions that must be clarified. This implies that the McCanns and the friends that were having dinner with them are heard again. But that task must be performed by British authorities, given the fact that the addresses they provided for the case files are those of Leicestercity. In Great Britain we have no authority, unless our collaboration is officially requested, which has not happened yet", a judicial source explained to 24Horas.

    The main theory of the PJ investigators who were connected to the investigation since the beginning is that in the McCanns' house there were all the children of the couples who participated in the dinner that was held at the Tapas - as 24Horas had advanced in its edition of October 9. Which might explain the fact that they took turns at checking whether the children were fine. PJ only has the confirmation - obtained from residents at the resort - that the only apartment that was indeed visited by the dinner participants was that of the McCanns.

    The Judiciaria believes that, while they were having dinner, little Maddie left the apartment looking for her parents and, while still sleepy, fell off the flight of stairs that exist at the apartment's exit, dying accidentally and ending up being discovered by Gerry McCann, who then asked for Murat's help.

    The fact that she may have been under the effect of sedatives - according to a source at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, the twins were asleep with sedatives - led the couple to get rid of the body, for professional reasons. For that, they contacted Robert Murat, who advised them to return to the restaurant. During that period, the friend carried the body and took it to his house, which is approximately 200 meters away from the apartment where the McCanns were staying. What happened next is a mystery. The only clue that exists are the alleged fluids that belong to Maddie and which were discovered in the Renault Scenic van that they rented 25 days after the child's disappearance.

    Who got rid of Maddie?

    "The body was probably kept at Murat's house, and later, the couple or someone who had access to the vehicle got rid of it. But we are talking about conjecture. Nothing is proved. Therefore, the work of evidence revision that is being performed now, is extremely important. New people can also bring in new visions on the case. We are in a phase of internal analysis of everything that was done, but aware that everything possible was done at the time", says an officer from the PJ's Homicide Division who requested anonimity due to the order that was sent out by the Public Ministery of "absolute silence on the Maddie case".

    The authorities' big doubt is only one: who got rid of the body of Madeleine McCann, and how.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post # 566

    Maddie case: Missing for 172 days
    Image worries McCanns

    The McCanns have consulted a communication agency in Lisbon and admitted to paying an amount of 50 thousand euros per month so their image was managed in the Portuguese media. CM knows that one of the first companies that were contacted was the firm of Antonio Cunha Vaz, who presently is the image manager of the leader of PSD [political party], Luis Filipe Meneses, but even after discussing the price, and after the couple admitted to paying the amount that was discussed, the company ended up refusing.

    The contact was made a few days ago, at a phase when Maddie's parents have no representative for the media in Portugal. It also coincided with the meeting between English prime minister, Gordon Brown, and Jose Socrates [PT prime minister], during which the former solicited the Portuguese government's commitment to contain the publicity of facts of the inquiry, namely the analyses' results. During that approach to the Cunha Vaz Associados firm, the couple's representatives considered the value to be high - higher than what they are paying their lawyers - but they didn't close the door. The refusal from this firm led them to consider other possibilities, by making a wider approach to the market of communication companies. Antonio Sousa Duarte, a partner at Communicare, who works with Rogerio Alves, one of the couple's lawyers and president of the Portuguese bar, told CM that his company "was not consulted" and that the fact that he works with this lawyer is in itself "a factor that prevents any contractual relationship with the case".

    Rogerio Alves told CM yesterday that "no communication firm was hired, nor will any be hired". The process retreated by the couple's lawyers, who had established contacts with some other major companies within the communication and image market.

    On another front of this case, the PJ's national director, Alipio Ribeiro, gave an interview yesterday to Spanish newspaper 'El Pais', during which he announced that within days a group of policemen and the joint prosecutor of Portimao, Magalhaes de Menezes, will travel to England with the purpose of fulfilling the rogatory letter. During this diligence, the parents and the friends that were holidaying at Praia da Luz on the night that Madeleine disappeared, will be interrogated.

    Digitized process is being read by PJ in Lisbon

    The team of inspectors that was chosen by Paulo Rebelo to help him in the investigation into the Maddie case is reading the process in Lisbon. The process is fully digitized and the team that includes investigators from the homicides and robberies departments went to Portimao early last week for an initial view of the case and to meet the colleagues that work on it, but immediately returned to Lisbon.

    The inquiry's digitizing was initiated by the investigators at the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimao shortly after the case was opened. This work dismisses the theory that the process was disorganized and needed some "paperwork tidied up", according to a news report that was published in the latest edition of weekly newspaper 'Expresso'.

    This article, that contained criticism of the team in Portimao that had been working with Gonçalo Amaral and Guilhermino Encarnação on the case, caused some ill-feelings within the Policia Judiciaria but nobody wanted to assume it was unpleasant. The idea that "super cops" had been appointed to the case and that, implicitly, other less qualified agents had been working on it, generated some indirect comments. There are those who remind us that even an experienced and qualified chief inspector like Antonio Teixeira, from homicides, has notorious cases that remain unsolved. The cases of the 'Lisbon Ripper' and others that are connected with the night security agents are mentioned. Nevertheless, this debate, according to some sources contacted by CM, is considered to be the worst possible path for a process that is "under the eyes of the world", as stated by a top officer at the Policia Judiciaria.


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    Google translation of "24Horas" 22 -10

    Half a million for Maddie

    A small fortune. The Portuguese State, which is all of us, has paid about half a million euros to try to locate the small Madeleine McCann, disappeared on 3 May last an apartment of the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve. Among police, judges and forensic experts have already spent the money equivalent to two "pools."
    The 24 made the accounts. At the beginning of the investigations and for nearly two weeks were involved in operations to search anything such as 200 agents, and investigators from the military and PJ's GNR. Most of the Judicial investigators were deployed in Lisbon, and the National Directory and the Central Directorate of Combat the Banditisme. Only police spent in travel is something like 6,000 euros. This value must also be added the daily allowance that each police had a right to travel from Lisbon to the Algarve and that round about 50 thousand euros.
    After a month of investigation the team has been reduced to about half hundred researchers and last month, for only half a dozen investigators from the PJ. Still, five months only the police cost to the state 200,000 euros to try to find Maddie.
    But the costs are not confined to researchers of PJ's military and the National Guard Republican who intervened in the case - the latter with teams cinotécnicas (dogs, search and rescue).
    We must also account for the arrival of England by five policemen and their specialized teams of dogs to detect corpses. Between travel, stay and work spent by more than 100,000 euros since the girl was given as disappeared. All out of our pockets.
    Further, the removal of the coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, the subsequent appointment of Paul Rebelo to lead the investigation and the strengthening of the team of inspectors of PJ was still increase the monthly costs by about 30 thousand euros.
    Then there is still the staff of the Public Prosecutor of Portimão that they must treat the process, a prosecutor, a district attorney and a judge to work almost exclusively for Maddie. None of these three judges earn less than 3,000 euros per month. Putting even the Attorney-General of the Republic, which tracks the investigations hand in hand, we are talking about more than 50 thousand euros already spent in the process in just five months.
    And do not think that spending is staying here. There is also the cost of the National Institute of Legal Medicine for the steps that have been requested.
    Among the various examinations of DNA made under medico-legal expertise in the field of genetics and biology, which include samples of blood and saliva, samples of hair, teeth, bones or other tissues, and compared with samples from other family members to Gerry was to determine whether or not the true father of Madeleine, spent by more than 50,000 euros.
    And still reach the account of the laboratory tests ordered for Birmingham, which will not be less than 200,000 euros.
    The case Maddie is costing real wealth for us all. In summary, we currently pay, per day, more than five thousand euros to meet Maddie.

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    **Especially for english speakers***

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #567


    INTERVIEW: ALIPIO RIBEIRO National director of the PT PJ
    "The hypothesis that Madeleine died is the strongest
    MIGUEL MORA - Lisbon - 21/10/2007

    The person responsible for the investigation of the “Madeleine case” tries to clarify the facts whilst under an unprecedented media pressure. Sooner or later the truth will be known, he affirms. And those responsible will be judged in Portugal.
    Question. How do you feel about directing such a media dominated case?
    Reply: . Well, it is certainly true that the case of Madeleine has surpassed the limits of pure police work, for very different reasons it has awoken great international interest and has been developed much further than its policing aspect. It has an enormous media source, which no policeman in the world has been able to control. But this has nothing to do with us, if it had happened in a few kilometres further away, in Spain, or in France, it would have been the same. The case has many elements that have fed media interest, there are many protagonists, it has been very public since the beginning and imagination has been lit up. … People create their version of the story and tell it, it seems as though all of us are suddenly criminal investigators.
    Question. Everyone except for you and the British police is talking. At least officially. Because there have been many filtrations and leaks.
    Reply. There have been, without a doubt, but less than would appear. Journalist’s imagination has also worked intensively. What is certain is that the police must have the serenity to separate history and fantasy from the policing. We cannot let ourselves be carried away by emotion, we must maintain all open hypotheses and walk step by step.
    Question. Does this mean that there is still much to be done in order to reach a conclusion?.
    Reply: .I am convinced that, sooner or later, we will have a result. I cannot say when. That would not be balanced on my part. But I am optimistic. The police, by nature are optimistic, because they have to uncover mysteries, but they have to work without preconceived ideas and have an open mind to all possibilities.
    Question. But the first chief, Gonçalo Amaral, is certain that Madeleine died on the 3rd May.
    Reply. That he was certain, I do not know, I think it is better not to have certainties in order not to have surprises. There is, in effect, a hypothesis that has gained some veracity and has greater strength, but we are not excluding anything. If there is a lead that says the girl has been sighted in some place, we must investigate it and eliminate it. Although, it is true that during the first phase, the investigation was directed almost exclusively to the abduction thesis.
    Question. Some people have criticised this option: There are scarcely no precedents of child abductions in Portugal and police literature does not take into account abductions from closed buildings because predators act in open areas. …
    Reply. It is true that there is very little tradition of this kind of abduction in Portugal, but we cannot eliminate this possibility. The parents are foreigners, and everything was analysed without discarding any means.
    Question. Was there any failure to investigate the parents from the very first moment, given that there were such confusing witness statements and that they were the last to see the girl?
    Reply. It is easy to say that now.
    Question. Are you suggesting that there was pressure to give priority to the abduction theory?
    Reply. We have never been pressured in any direction. Collaboration with the British police has always been loyal and respectful.
    Question. But it was the family group that suggested the paedophile abduction route....
    Reply. Yes, but the British police have never interfered, they could not. It is obvious that if we need information the British police will provide it. As would the French, Spanish or any other European police force. But we lead the investigation.
    Question. As this is a British context, with British suspects and a British victim, it would be logical to think that more help would be provided.
    Reply. It was a British context and we are far from having a precise idea of what happened that night. It is true to say that the context has made things very difficult.
    Question. Have you had the feeling over the last months that you were fighting against a machinery that was too powerful for the means of the PJ?
    Reply. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that. Firstly, we have never had insufficient means in this case, although it is certain that that the unreasonable international interest has multiplied the presumed sightings of the girl and the false leads to a level that would have been excessive for any police force in the world. Secondly, I am still not in possession of the truth, so I cannot make any moral opinions about this campaign. I do not have results yet, I do not know what happened that night.
    Question. Did the British police suggest brining the dogs, which ended up turning the investigation around by 180º?
    Reply. They proposed it, yes, because they are very rare animals that we do not have and of great reliability. Although they do not give conclusive proof, the dogs enable use to explore another line of investigation.
    Question. Do you thin that this strange case will have a simple solution? Or do you believe that that will take new turns?
    Reply. I have my ideas about this, but I cannot say anything about this. The only idea that I can transmit is that, whatever the meaning of what happened that night, it was a dramatic situation for those who experienced it.
    Question. You have said that this is a difficult case. Have you been critical of the PJ?
    Reply. There are many missing children cases in the world and sometimes nothing is known about them for years. But none of these cases has this external component, this social glow that gives it a fantastic almost unreal dimension..Any police force would be uncomfortable in such a scenario, with this excess of public exposure. You have to have very tight nerves in order to be systematic in these conditions. Now we are going to give the investigation a new impulse and also analyse fearlessly what we have done, not to judge or to criticise, but to try to understand indications that we perhaps did not understand correctly at the time.
    Question. Did you ever imagine that you would become famous due to a case like this?
    Reply. I will not become famous for this case. But I know the drama of the persons who have been close to it (he refers to Gonçalo Amaral). Therefore I know that wherever I go, even to far away places, everyone is talking about the case, it is always on the table.
    Question. Is the PJ’s prestige in doubt?
    Reply. No, neither that of Portugal or the Policía Judicial is in doubt. People will not stop coming to the Algarve on holiday because of this. Neither will the country’s image change. But all police forces in the world would like to resolve a case like this and resolve it well.
    Question. Some people believe that the case will remain unsolved.
    Reply. I hope to be able to close the case. We are not yet able to do so, but if we view the case from a distance, little time has passed. Many similar cases have taken longer and been resolved.. I think that this will also be the case here. We have an idea of what happened. I do not guarantee this, but I feel this will be the case.
    Question. As regards the sending of a new team of investigators from Lisbon, what meaning does this have?
    Reply. In the initial moment we made a large human investment in the case in order to discard all the leads that kept arising. Then a team of a half a dozen investgators was put into place, a normal dimension for similar cases. Now we have added a new structure of reflection in order to analyse the fundamental issues once again. Many investigations change during their course because this tends to help them advance. In the US, the FBI frequently does this. . It helps to rethink, to see what was well evaluated, what was underestimated...
    Question: . ¿How many men do you now have working on the ground??
    Reply. More than a dozen.
    Question. That would seem to be many.
    Reply. This is not just any case: It was obvious from the first moment that this would not be an easy case.
    Question. Do you say this because of the immediate presence of journalists in P de L? Or because of the involvement of the Foreign Office in the parents’ campaign?
    Reply. I have never felt political pressure. And the British police have never been an obstacle. From the beginning they have been magnificent collaborators..
    Question. But the spokespersons for the McCanns have strongly criticised the work of the PJ. …
    Reply. Yes, but they talked with the family and the press, not with the police. And it must be understood that the British press also works in this way. They made unfair remarks but we cannot react to this on a daily basis and play ping pong, the PJ against the British press. We are not interested in this game: We have a different tradition to theirs, one of less communication and the judicial secrecy that restricts us.
    Question. Up until now, leaks have favoured speculations that the McCanns qualify as very suspicious. Do you not feel that the PJ should inform them officially instead of letting this information land in the press?
    Reply. According to the new Procedural Code, all proceedings will be public and the secret will be the exception. This is a change of paradigm and we will have to improve our means of communication and mount a better press strategy. But even the best strategy in the world would not have been able to disprove this mixture of leaks and imagination. It is impossible to work with this. Only an American style crisis management cabinet could do this. But this is not created from one day to the next.
    Question. Will you take over the communications about the case?
    Reply. I want to be close, but I cannot take this on. In cases such as these there is never much to say, so as not to prejudice the investigation. If speaking means to hinder, anything we volunteer could ignite the fire even further..
    Question. What will you do when the laboratory results arrive from Birmingham? In spite of the fact that everyone in the UK is already talking about them....
    Reply. When they arrive we will ponder what we can and what we cannot say. Much contradictory information has come out, rumours and noise, but it is irrelevant. These are very complex analyses, they are difficult to carry out. I know that when the British police know the results, we will know then as well. And I also know that the Birmingham laboratory is one of the best in the world.
    Question. Amaral, the coordinator whom you took off the case for criticising the British police in a newspaper, thinks that the key to the case lies in the DNA analyses. Do you share the same faith?
    Reply. They may be of much help, in a definitive sense, in order to clarify what happened. But there are no elements that on their own can resolve an investigation. The analyses are complementary to other elements. They must be viewed with serenity and distance. The police must be encouraged but not be passionate
    Question. Last week Amaral updated Paulo Rebelo, the new chief sent from Lisbon about the case. Does this mean that Amaral will continue to help with the case?
    Reply. Of course.
    Question. The McCanns already have a very sophisticated team of lawyers. Do you think that the PJ can mount a solid accusation
    Reply. We have already done a big job of analysing and discarding hundreds of tests and leads, but in all investigations there is a key moment, a click that clarifies everything and helps the end to be reached. We have not yet arrived at this click.
    Question. If there were to be trial, would this be in Portugal?
    Reply. We would first need to define the facts and then those responsible. Of course, the trial should take place here, even without those accused. But this is a very distant question which we have not yet considered. And it does not mean that we think that those who are to be tried are British citizens.
    Question. For weeks it has been said that a commission to interrogate the friends dining at the Tapas bar on 3rd May is being prepared. Is the commission ready yet?
    Reply. Yes, it is ready and will travel in a few days with a team of police officers and with the Portimao public prosecutor.

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    in 24Horas this morning (tabloid alert):


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #568

    Analyses on hair and fluids don't conclude whether the child was alive or dead

    Maddie's residues in the house of Robert Murat

    The Portuguese authorities are convinced that they have collected residues - hair and bodily fluids - which prove the presence of Madeleine McCann in the residence of Robert Murat, the Anglo-Portuguese that was constituted an arguido within the process of the disappearance of the girl, on May 3, from Praia da Luz, in Lagos, Algarve.

    "When the suspect's house was searched, several clues were detected that point to Maddie having been in that house. This is based on forensic tests that were performed both at the Scientific Police Lab and at the National Institute for Forensic Medicine", a high-ranking judicial officer told 24Horas. Those diligences, according to the same source, were made after the McCanns had rented the Renault Scenic, where fluids from the child were also detected.

    "There was time for concealing and getting rid of the body", the same source said.

    The problem is that evidence is not conclusive. "It has not been possible to confirm definitely if the residues belong to a living person or a dead person", the same source confesses.

    "She may have been there alive." The relationship of the Anglo-British man with Maddie's parents is also under scrutiny. "Although [Murat] denies knowing the McCanns, we have been able to conclude that this fact does not match the truth. They [Murat and the McCanns] knew each other. But the fact that Maddie may have been in Murat's house is not enough to prove that he hid her body. She may have been there alive", the same source admitted.

    A top officer at the National Institute for Forensics Medicine has also confirmed that tests were performed on residues that were collected in the house and from the vehicles of Robert Murat by PJ inspectors and confirmed that there is a possibility that the body was hidden there.

    These samples would have been collected during two searches, that were performed on June 10 and August 4. When he was detained and constituted an arguido, on May 14, Murat did not see his house being thoroughly searched. It was not possible to determine during which one of these diligences the residues were found, which may compromise the Anglo-British man in the alleged disappearance of the little girl.

    Another source that is connected to the investigations said that "only after all the forensic tests [which were performed by a forensic lab in Birmingham] are back, will it be possible to have more certainties".

    Meanwhile, the McCanns' lawyers will deliver to British authorities a list with the names of 25 persons. The purpose is to "help clean the couple's names" and to make the Portuguese authorities to focus the diligences back into the direction of finding little Madeleine.

    The McCanns continue to maintain the abduction theory.

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    in 24Horas this morning (10/23):


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=38 post #569

    Three Portuguese policemen are going to Leicester

    How the PJ is going to squeeze the McCanns

    The Policia Judiciaria is going to try to clarify in England all the doubts about what happened on the fateful night of May 3, confronting the McCanns, their relatives and friends, with questions that remained unanswered after the various questionings that followed the disappearance of Madeleine in Praia da Luz. The questions are in a document of several dozens of pages which contains over one hundred questions, which focus mainly on the analysis of the steps that were made by all the people who are related to the couple. The British authorities are going to perform the interrogations.

    24Horas has discovered that three members of PJ are going to be sent to England, probably this week, who will personally deliver the mentioned rogatory letter. After fulfilling this formality, the English policemen should start to hear Madeleine's parents and the friends that were in their company on the day the little girl was reported missing. Although the alarm was raised shortly after 10.30 p.m., the Judiciaria believes there are failures in the versions of the people involved and that Maddie may have disappeared earlier (although the investigators are convinced that she died as the result of an accident - on the apartment's stairs).

    The Portuguese policemen can only watch the interrogation, but all questions will have to be made by the homicide inspectors in Leicester. Our investigators are not allowed to question any of the people directly. "But it's important that our investigators are present in the interrogation room, because they can again analyse the gestures and facial expressions of the persons that are being heard. That is also part of the criminal investigation. It's the so-called behaviour analysis", a judicial officer who is connected to the investigations has explained to 24Horas.

    During the interrogations, our policemen may suggest new questions to their British colleagues, but those will only ask them if they want to.

    This means they may just ask the questions that are contained in the rogatory letter and ignore the suggestions from their Portuguese colleagues.

    "The same happens in Portugal. Whenever it is necessary to interrogate a national citizen who is suspected of a crime, it's us who ask the questions. Foreign policemen may offer suggestions, but that is all. Those are the rules", a top officer from PJ concluded.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=39 post #571

    Madeleine McCann case
    Kate cries like a poker player

    The key to the mystery lies "certainly with Kate, a very special and disturbed woman", guarantees to CM Jose Cabrera Fornero, a forensic psychiatrist who has been following the case since the beginning. The Spanish man attentively watched "the staged interview" that the couple gave to Antena 3, and its purpose was "to have the Spanish people on their side". But 70 percent of the viewers who called the channel believes the McCanns are lying, and the psychiatrist sides with them - "by crying without moving a single muscle, Kate looked like a poker player".

    A specialist in facial expressions, Cabrera says that "the face of Kate is always the same, except for the tears - the first ones over the last five months and curiously only after having been criticised for not crying". Now she did it but her face "doesn't express any emotion or feeling. When one cries, one's face muscles move, and she didn't move a single muscle, just like poker players. That is highly significant", says the Spanish psychiatrist, and "brings us the certainty that she is hiding something".

    Cabrera says the 30 minutes of conversation ended up being "a non-spontaneous interview, perfectly ordered in terms of the questions that were asked by the journalist. And it gives us the impression that the entire stance was staged by the couple".

    The Spanish man even remembers Gerry's last sentence and even considers it "genial": "Don't talk until they take the microphone off you". This only proves that all of it was just a big theatre play, the entire interview was staged. That is clear".

    José Cabrera noticed that "during half an hour of interview his only concern was to control her. It's extraordinary. Whenever she opened her mouth to speak, he squeezed her hand - and all of this because the key to this mystery certainly lies with her, she is a very special woman..."

    Kate McCann "had psychiatric problems for a long time", the specialist guarantees, and "now they have become worse". Cabrera retained an interview that Maddie's grandparents gave to the Spanish television recently: "In their innocence, they said that Kate had told them, some time before the disappearance, that the little girl was looking increasingly like herself, which from a psychiatric point of view means a lot..."

    For the Spaniard, the origin of a bad relationship between mother and daughter - that was reflected by the writings about Madeleine in Kate's personal diary - "which is highly significant" for all the specialists that have been following this case since early May".

    Gerry's greatest concern has been "to control his wife's impulses in public - and that was once again well demonstrated throughout this interview", says José Cabrera Fornero. "He is the one who dominates the entire situation, he knows everything and he knows he must control her and her problematic personality, so she does not exceed herself in front of the cameras and talks too much..."

    All the gestures and facial expressions "become fatal for someone who has something to hide" - this is dictated by the experience that was collected over the years by this specialist in forensic psychiatry. "And there is no way to avoid that."

    Nothing moves Jose Cabrera "against this couple", whom he does not know, but he defended the McCanns' guilt in the 'Pros & Contras' show on RTP, when the Policia Judiciaria confirmed their suspicions on the couple - and yesterday he reinforced his theory to CM, one day after Kate and Gerry chose Spain for their first interview after becoming arguidos.

    The English press itself confirmed yesterday that "70 percent of viewers that called Antena 3 believe the McCanns are lying", the online edition of the 'Daily Mail' announced.

    José Cabrera was not surprised: "Any English person is cold, but there is something more to her - her personality is not normal. And he makes an impression by only worrying about her answers..."


    "The interview was a circus act": Moita Flores, criminologist, considers the interview was another act from the McCanns.

    Correio da Manha - What is your opinion about the McCanns during the interview they gave to Spanish television?

    Moita Flores - The whole thing looked like a circus act to me, duting which the couple repeated the usual commonplaces, once again escaping the essential. And once again they revealed that they have a lot to tell, but they don't want to...

    - During this interview to Antena 3, Kate shows herself a lot more emotional that usual.

    - But the curious thing was that even before this interview was made, it was known the lady was going to cry, which then happened. And she even managed to play the part well...

    - Do you believe there was image staging during this interview?

    - One should notice that it was known beforehand that the couple would take the opportunity to compliment the Portuguese police, which then happened...

    - Gerry looks confident that the DNA tests cannot incriminate them.

    - When he mentioned the tests, it was a silly reply to a docile interviewer. Everybody knows that DNA tests identify people, and they don't lie. But they do not condemn anyone on their own. That was miserable.

    - How can the couple's statements be defined?

    - It was an act that nobody believes in. After the kidnapping theory, now they insist on their innocence. An innocent person does not need this...


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    in 24Horas today:


    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...386581&page=39 post #571

    Company hired by the McCanns placed dozens of men in the terrain

    Top detectives are searching for Maddie

    Gerry and Kate McCann have hired the Spanish private detective agency Metodo3, which offers the services of dozens of elite private investigators. This company owns the telephone number 0034902300213, which was created to collect information on Madeleine and which will soon be prepared to receive leads in several languages, as Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Arabic.

    The cost of each call will be a little over 0,85 euros, a source at Metodo3 has told 24Horas.

    Yesterday, when it was contacted by our newspaper, the network of operators who are supposed to take the calls was not one hundred percent operational yet, given the fact that they had nobody to answer in Portuguese or French, and even less in Arabic. They only spoke Spanish.

    Since Wednesday at 9.30 a.m., "many calls" have reached this phone line, especially from abroad.

    A source at the company said the investigators' work was to "receive information, investigate the more credible ones and to pass them on to the authorities that are in charge of the investigation".

    It is noted that until yesterday, the company confirmed they had not delivered anything relevant to the Portuguese police.

    Without revealing the exact number of investigators that are designated for the Madeleine case, this source only stated they are more than 10 and that many of them are already on the terrain, namely in Spain and Morocco.

    Metodo3 was created 20 years ago in Barcelona, by Marita Fernandez Lado, and has since then investigated over 16 thousand cases. It presently occupies the first place in the ranking of the best detective agencies in Spain. It has 32 investigators in Barcelona, 15 in Madrid and 3 in Argentina. It even received a honorable mention from the Spanish Interior Ministery for its dedication to issues of security in companies, namely in the computer area. Metodo3 has a hacker department.

    But as far as 24Horas was able to discover with a source close to the family, British agency Control Risk is also helping out, covering the area of England.

    When contacted by 24Horas, Liz Freeborn, a member of staff, said she could not give away detail for confidentiality reasons, but confirmed the existence of a department that handles abductions, and the company operates at worldwide level.

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    24Horas, 27 Oct 2007

    Copied from: http://helpmadeleine.proboards79.com...348441&page=15 post #218

    PJ awaits registry of McCann phonecalls

    The Portuguese authorities still don't have the register of phonecalls made by the McCanns during the last five months and it is, therefore, impossible for them to check the calls.

    Or, in other words, they don't know exactly who the couple called, nor when, according to what 24Horas has learned from a top level source within the Judiciary who wishes to remain anonymous. "We are dealing with a problem which is held up by the international cooperation that this case demands. The PJ and the Public Ministry have done everything necessary, but the fact that we are dealing with foreign citizens implies that things are out of our hands," highlights the same source.

    When the McCanns became suspects, which happened a few days after little Madeleine's disappearance the 3 of May in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve, the PJ tried to obtain a list of phone calls that the McCann made on the eve, and after, that fateful day. Except the McCanns and all their friends used cellphones on a British network.

    As such, it was necessary to ask the English authorities to request this information from the British companies. This request would have been made when the investigation team was under the leadership of Gonçalo Amaral, since removed from the case for having, specifically, accused the English authorities of only performing diligences which protoected the McCann couple, which, as is public knowledge, has strong connections to the English PM, Gordon Brown, to the point that he provided his own spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, to help the couple in their defense.

    Until now, these registers, that would allow the Portuguese authorities to know who the couple called, have not arrived.

    But this [type of] situation is not new to the case. The same has happened with the DNA results which were requested from one of the best known laboratories in the world, located in the city of Birmingham. The results have been dribbled in to the investigators, but the final report has still not been sent to the Portimão Public Minister.

    "At this moment, we only have various contradictions from the evidence collected and the results are not conclusive," admitted the source connected to the investigation.

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