I am so grateful she is alive, but this makes me so ANGRY. I hope they catch this POS soon!

I feel so sorry for this little girl and her parents. I will be interested in what kind of sentence will be in store for him. Oklahoma has such a varied record of time or punishment in such cases.
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The man who kidnapped a 5-year-old Broken Arrow girl from the front yard of her home and sexually assaulted her is the object of an intense manhunt by Broken Arrow Police. So far, police have little to go on. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports the girl was taken Thursday evening in what Broken Arrow Police call a "snatch and go" abduction. That is where a pedophile sees an opportunity, for example, a girl playing in a yard, takes her and violates her. The good news, the 5-year-old girl is alive and in a hospital.

She's still in the hospital tonight, recovering from surgery.


The hunt for a child predator continues after a 5-year-old was kidnapped and raped in Broken Arrow. The neighbors of the girl are in shock. News On 6 Anchor Latoya Silmon reports Broken Arrow Police say that the suspect dumped the little girl off in a rural neighborhood Thursday.