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    FL - Lee Co., Human remains in woods, Sep'07 - James Caccavari

    Does any one know more on this or can you please keep me updated if you find out anything.


    Human remains found in woods
    Area off Burnt Store deemed crime scene

    By Gabriella Souza
    Originally posted on September 20, 2007

    Human remains were found scattered throughout a densely wooded area off Burnt Store Road in unincorporated Lee County on Wednesday.

    Workers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found the skeletal remains about a quarter of a mile off the road while they were removing exotic plants.

    John Sheehan, Lee County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said investigators don't have any details about the bones or how long they were in the area.

    The remains will be turned over to the Lee County medical examiner's office for further investigation, Sheehan said. The area is being considered a crime scene he said.

    Investigators are expected to continue studying the area today, scouring the sandy dirt for possible other remains.

    "Right now, they're searching the area, seeing what else is out there," Sheehan said.

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    Yucca Pens search continues in area where body was found
    By Rachel Myers
    Originally posted on September 21, 2007


    It used to be almost every weekend at the Yucca Pens in north Lee County: reports of beer-guzzling, car-torching camp-outs, complete with marathon all-terrain vehicle races.

    But it's still unclear if the human remains found scattered across the open landscape Wednesday were from any of those revelers.

    Lee County Sheriff's Office spokesman John Sheehan said the single set of bones was turned over to the District 21 Medical Examiner's Office to try to piece together who the person was, when he or she died and how.

    Deputies had scoured the area Thursday, with the help of students from the Southwest Florida Criminal Justice Academy.

    "They're looking for any oddity," said academy director Tim Day, who also is a Cape Coral City Councilman. "They usually call us when they need to search a wide area."

    Sheehan said investigators will continue to search through at least part of this morning.

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    How close is this to Orlando? Thinking of Jennifer Kesse....

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    It's about 3 hours away according to google maps

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    Trenton Duckett?

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    Here is a blog post quoting a now-dead link about the police asking for help identifying him in March 2009.
    He was found in the area of Durden Parkway / Burnt Store Road.

    The sketch above is the same as here:

    James Kevin Caccavari
    The victim was located on September 19, 2007 in Lee County, Florida. He was identified in May 2009, as James Caccavari, missing from Cape Coral, Florida since March 8, 2005.

    James Kevin Caccavari

    Caccavari, 43, disappeared from Cape Coral, Florida on March 8, 2005. In September 2007, his remains were found in a wooded, brushy area off Burnt Store Road. The bones weren't identified until August 2009. Caccavari's death remains under investigation; police aren't certain whether he was murdered, but his parents have always suspected foul play in his case.

    Here's a discussion forum thread giving some info and more dead links.

    Apparently it was a DNA match and he was found buried but the police were not calling it a homicide investigation but a death investigation. COD unknown.

    Not sure how you get buried in the forest if you die naturally.

    James Caccavari 47, Cape Coral FL 2005 REMAINS FOUND 2007 ID'd 2009 - Help Find The Missing
    quotes a dead-link article saying that Caccavari was in the area looking after his parents' house while they were on vacation. They returned from their vacation to find the house burglarized and the son missing with all his belongings. Shortly afterwards a felon named Shawne Nelson was stopped by the police driving the missing man's truck. Caccavari's father is convinced Nelson had something to do with his son's death but it is too late to get a confession out of him since he's been shot to death by the police in an unrelated incident in Colorado.

    James Caccavari in life:
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