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    NY - Christal Jones, 16, Bronx, 3 Jan 2001

    To my fellow Websleuths,
    I have brought Christal's name up before some time ago on this site. I would like Christal to have her own thread.

    The dark side of Vermont life

    I wish I could come home. ... Im doing bad because all of the kids are spoiled because they are her real children and she lets them do whatever they want all of the time. ... I love you. Please love me back. Christal Jones, in a letter to her mother from a foster home in 1996

    I know I made some really bad decisions. ... I swear Im sorry for everything. I will try this time and I mean it too. I wont think about hanging out and Ill concentrate on school, work, and most importantly you and the rest of the family. Christal Jones, in a letter to her mother from Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center in 1999

    It is Jan. 3 in Burlington. The city, still basking in the afterglow of the holidays, is mounded with the remnants of a New Years snowstorm. There are still scads of skiers in town, and well-coifed tourists stroll Church Street.

    Its the first real day of business of the new year.

    A few hundred miles away in the Bronx, its time to resume the routine. Snow has fallen; the holidays have passed; and New York City is opening shop.

    Lydia Maldonado tries for the third time to reach a friend on the phone and again receives no answer. Shes worried enough now to call police.

    A patrol officer enters a first-floor apartment of the two-story brick building at 1346 Zerega Ave. Inside, he finds a young woman not Maldonados friend reclined face up on a bed. She seems to be asleep.

    Jane Doe, as shell be known for the next eight hours, is dead. She is Christal Jean Jones, 16, of Burlington.

    Theres blood coming from Christals nose and foam in her mouth.

    Police suspect a drug overdose. The truth will prove to be more disturbing, another tear in the cloth that is supposed to insulate Vermont from the coarse realities of the rest of the world.


    On January 3, Christal Jones, a 16-year-old girl from Burlington, was murdered in New York City. (Burlington Free Press, 2/7/01) According to news reports, she was recruited in Burlington to move to New York and become part of a prostitution ring, and she was motivated by a desire to get money to buy heroin. (WCAX, 2/1/01, Free Press, 2/7/01) When she died, drugs were found in her body, although they were not the cause of her death. (Free Press, 2/7/01) And Christal Jones tragedy apparently is not unique as many as a dozen Vermont girls may have been involved in this New York ring. (Id.) And since her death, others have come forward to say that teenage girls in Burlington are prostituting themselves to get money to buy heroin. (WCAX)

    Christal had this man's name tattooed on her body (her stomach)

    Woman jailed on sex-ring charges Vt. girls recruited for N.Y. prostitution

    If you want to do a search of her name, please overlook other spellings that come up in a search. Please look for "Christal Jones" not "Crystal Jones".


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    wow---poor little girl----may her sad story be the catalyst to have this disgusting travesty brought to LE and may justice be swift---maybe Christal will save some girls
    The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist.

    Three candles that illume every darkness: truth, nature, knowledge.

    "There, isn't this a beautiful piece of cloth!", exclaimed the swindlers, as they described the lovely design that didn't exist.

    Roll down the windows and turn up the music !!!!!!!

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