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    Could this work to find Madeleine?

    Check this out:

    A web site that was used to try to find a missing sailor in the Pacific off the coast of San Francisco, and now being used to try to find the missing pilot, Steve Fossett.


    Somehow these people get access to satellite photos. Not sure how, but if they can then surely the massively-well-connected and well-funded McCanns could.

    These cases are a little different because you're looking for something big -- a sailboat or an airplane -- not a person or disturbed ground. Still ...

    I think this would be a good approach because there would be THOUSANDS of people willing to take part. Which raises the question: "Do the McCanns WANT thousands of people helping them find their daughter ...."


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    It's an interesting thought, isn't it? A kind of global grid search, if I read it rightly?

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    A few links:


    Mentioned here:


    "And an intelligence expert has said photographs taken by spy satellites could hold the key to Madeleine's disappearance."


    About JARIC:


    The folks on the Mirror board don't seem to think it is realistic.

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    Anything is certainly worth a try, especially at this juncture.

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    Hey, I've seen spy movies where they use satellite pictures that narrow down the scope to identifying people on the ground. Do satellites record data and store it? Or do you have to work with someone to program them to find someone?

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    I know it is just the movies, but Will Smith was in a movie where he was being traced using satellite images. Are there current satellite images where at least street level could be seen so that it could be determined what type of activity was going on during the time period the McCann and Co. claimed they were checking on children. etc?

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    This would, undoubtedly, cost $$$$$ and is also setting a presidence for future cases. The question could also arise in the future if another child went missing, i.e. why wouldn't the same technology be used? (I can already see legal issues.)

    However, IMO it would certainly be a better use of $ for Britain to spend money on missing children than the war in Iraq.

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