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    What is the record/history of the PJ in Portugal?

    Is the police force in Portugal well-respected internationally? Or is it an unsophisticated institution with a disastrous record? I can see that the recent history is flawed, but I was wondering what their long-term performance has been.


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    My take on Portugal is that it is a very small, very poor country in the EU. They don't have the manpower or resources that many other countries, the UK, Germany or France for instance, have.

    They also have few child abductions, but they normally solve the ones that do pop up. Their record is better than that of the UK.
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    Reporting in:

    I just wanted to say that since I started the "Is anybody
    in charge of Portugal" thread, which is a rousing success
    with 56 things, I thought maybe we could combine this
    thread and that thread since Portugal is of interest to
    both threads. I don't know if we have to vote on that or
    what, but I'm sure there is a rule somewhere.

    Also, I didn't want anyone to worry about me, but
    I'm sort of dividing my time between this and reading
    the vow things in The New York Times. This is a sign
    that my life has now fully completed its circle since I used to read those many years ago.

    Also, there are a lot of serious people out there who are very serious about engagements. Very serious. Very.

    Sort of like here.

    Here's some reading material on worldwide police.



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