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    TX - Martin Byerly, 58, Jasper, 28 Sept 2007


    October 5, 2007

    The search for a missing man from Jasper has intensified following the discovery of blood inside his truck.

    58 year old Martin Lynn Byerly of Jasper was last seen on Friday, September 28.

    Byerly's truck is providing evidence that police hope will put them closer to finding the missing man.

    Friday, Jasper police dusted Martin Byerly's Chevy truck and conducted tests, looking for evidence to help them figure out what happened to him.


    If you have any information about Martin Byerly, call the Jasper Police Department at 384-3471.

    much more at link

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    Martin Lynn Byerly, a white male, 58 years of age has not been seen since the night of Friday September 28, 2007. Byerly is described as 5' 11" tall and weighing approximately 185 lbs. He has brown hair and brown eyes and a mustache.

    Byerly was last seen at "Jake's Place" on U.S. 96 in Jasper. His white 1990 Chevrolet pickup truck was located Saturday morning, the 29th, at the Payless Shoe store located on U.S. 190 in Jasper. Foul play is suspected.

    Anyone having any information concerning the disappearance of Martin Byerly is asked to contact the Jasper Police Department at 409 384-3471.

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    Missing from bar


    9 Jan 08

    The family of Martin Byerly is just looking for closure.

    "We just need closure and a body to bury," said Dana Weeks, wife of Martin Byerly, who has been missing since Sept. 28, 2007.

    On that Friday, Byerly was last seen at Jake's Place on U.S. Highway 96 in Jasper. His white 1990 Chevrolet pickup truck was found Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Payless Shoe Source store located on Highway 190 in Jasper.

    Byerly is described as a while male, 5'11" and weighing 185 pounds. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache.

    much, much more at link


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    Body Positively Identified as Martin Byerly

    Sep 09, 2008

    "Jasper Police Chief Todd Hunter said Tuesday that tests have proven that the human remains found in May of this year in a wooded area north of Jasper are that of Martin Lynn Byerly, a local auto mechanic that is believed to have been murdered in September of last year."

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    From June 2009:


    A Jasper County jury took a little over three hours to convict Eric Wade Smith of the capital murder death of Martin Byerly in September of 2007... The conviction carries an automatic life in prison without the possibility of parole...

    Hollis also poked holes in Smith's assertion that Byerly sexually assaulted him in the Tri-A-Nite Hotel in September of 2007. "I have dealt with a lot of sexual assault victims," Hollis said during closing statements. "I have never known one to murder their perpetrator and then hide their body. I've never known one to clean up to the extent Eric Smith did"...

    Hollis asserted that Smith robbed Byerly during their meeting in September and when Byerly refused to give up his wallet, he assaulted the Jasper man. "Eric Smith reacted to this as he did in other cases in his life by taking it from him," Hollis said. "He got him down on the floor and beat his brains in with a cinderblock.

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