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    travel thoughts

    On may 30th the Mccanns left for the pope and stopped traveling on June the 10 . Between this time peroid they visited several locations in the name of bringing attention to their daughters plight. I have found myself constantly brought back to this time period. Why did they travel? Where were the other members of the tappas group during this time period? Were any still at the resort? Could the Mccanns have been using this travel as a way to get the media and the worlds eyes away from the resort so that their daughters body could be moved? I know if my child went missing I would not be traveling anywhere barely less then a month after she dissapeared. Of couse everyone is different. What was the purpose of these trips? If the Mccanns wanted to bring attention to Maddies plight in these countries all they needed to do was invite press from said countires to inteview them all day long in portugal and play the interviews on thier tv stations. The press would have been their ASAP. I don't think physically going to the countries in this day and age for this purpose is so advantages it seems purpousful to go while your child is missing thousands of miles away. I understand the religious need for visiting the Pope but I honestly feel that you do not need to be in the pysical presence of the pope to feel the comfort or anything else you seek from your religion. Religion is not about the physical being. I find this travling intresting and would love to know more about this time period and the other members of the Tapas group as well as the Mcaanns daily activities.


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    mjak, I also would love to know what happened during those 10-11 days, especially because of the car they rented the day before they left and which could've been used for moving Madeleine's body while they were away.

    We do know that one of Gerry's sisters and her husband traveled to PDL within a couple days of Madeleine's disappearance and stayed almost the whole summer. And there are references to some of the Tapas group staying behind to help them. Who? I have no clue.

    If this was any country without secrecy laws, we'd know by now the exact movements of the McCanns' friends- when they left Portugal, where they went, if they returned, etc. Because the PJ won't reveal what they know, it's all speculation.

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    The Paynes

    According to Sep 18 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/liv...n_page_id=1770
    "Dr Fiona Payne, 34.

    Mr Payne's wife, she is understood to have told police she saw Mr Murat shortly after Madeleine vanished.
    Dr Payne and her husband stayed on in the Algarve to support the McCanns. When the couple were made official suspects, she said: "It's an outrage - a preposterous accusation."

    Don't know where they stayed or what they did
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