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    7 teens die in car

    I put this in the crimes section because I think SOMEONE SHOULD be held responsible UNLESS this underage child stole his parents car for a joy ride. Otherwise, if he was allowed to, they should go to jail. All these children were underage and only had learners permit. BTW, why isn't this all over the news???


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    "A motorist came upon the wreckage early Sunday morning."

    These children were out this late ( or missing) and their parents weren't combing the entire town?

    I did find this:
    "Relatives said the driver, Michael Fradella, had taken his father's keys while family members were asleep. The four girls killed had been at a slumber party that they apparently left through a window, investigators said."

    This would be why we have the burglar alarm. To keep the kids IN. I'm cutting this one out to hang in the kid's rooms when they pass 10.
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Unhappy Video link

    Video from memorial services. Click on the video link Services Held for Children Lost in Crash in the left hand column. So sad. These were darling kids with their whole lives ahead of them!!! Their parents will never be the same again!