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    Superstar Colin tells of 'blessed' life with special needs child


    Monday October 15 2007
    Hollywood superstar Colin Farrell yesterday opened his heart and revealed that his four-year-old son James is a special-needs child.
    The renowned Irish actor revealed that his treasured son was born with a rare form of cerebral palsy called Angelman Syndrome.
    In a moving interview, the actor described how the condition has affected his sons speech and mobility.
    But despite the heartbreak the syndrome has caused he said that he is “incredibly blessed to have him in my life” and told of his joy when James recently took his first steps.
    He said that his son had shown “amazing courage” in the first four years of his life and that he is an “incredibly happy boy” despite his condition.
    Ironically Colin – who has joint custody of James with his mother Kim Bordenave – proudly led the Irish team to Croke Park for the Special Olympics before his son was born.
    Colin – who has starred in such movies as Miami Vice and Phone Booth – said that James has “enriched” his life “incredibly.” (more at link w/pic)

    FYI this syndrome is genetic and not a "rare form of cerebral palsy"! They think my daughter might have this, but her tests have come back negative. There's a high false result rate, so they will retest in a few years. Anyway, just thought this was interesting.

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    God picks special parents for special children..They are blessed..

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    What a nice story. I will definitely be praying for little James!!

    Oh, and Colin Farrell is delicious.

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    What a cute pic of the two of them together! What a heartwarming story.

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    Isn't it interesting that Colin was involved in the Special Olympics before his son was born, almost as if he was being prepared to raise a special needs son. I'm glad the parents are on the same page and doing their best for their child. They have my prayers.

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    WOW.. for a celebrity, esp one with a reputation of being a bad boy and a ladies' man,, I am impressed!! I have a new level of respect for him now. And that he is so involved & devoted to his little boy even though he & the mom aren't together.. that is quite amazing. In the past, most celebrites would be pressured to deny they had a disabled kid and just sweep it under the rug. You know, anything to keep up that perfect macho image (or perfect feminine ideal). I think it's cool he is so outspoken about it. And yeah,, what an adorable photo!!!!!

    And then to think of other celebrites (esp rap 'stars'--ugh) who just make babies who are perfectly normal and healthy, and then leave 'em behind..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
    What a nice story. I will definitely be praying for little James!!

    Oh, and Colin Farrell is delicious.
    Amen sister!
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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