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    WI - Yuliana Hernandez, 23, stabbed to death, Fitchburg, 17 Oct 2007

    The first article regarding this homicide is 7 sentences long. Bare bones info. Then, take a look at the second article that comes out after that on the same day.

    Homicide Investigation in Fitchburg
    Around 8:50 Wednesday morning, Fitchburg Police received a call about a domestic dispute at in an apartment complex at 3313 Leopold Way.

    Police found 23-year-old Yuliana Hernandez dead. A male, who police say knew Hernandez, was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

    Police say he is a person of interest in Hernandez's death.

    They are not releasing his name or Hernandez's cause of death, pending further investigation.

    Most neighbors in the area told us they did not even hear what happened until they saw the police.

    27 News has a crew on the scene and we will update this developing story as more information becomes available.


    What's really interesting is how the newspaper suddenly takes the focus off the crime, and shines a spotlight on the AREA of the city it happened in. This is an area of suburban Madison that has an incredibly high crime rate, compared with the rest of the city. It's amazing to me that they have not released ANY details of the crime, or the perpetrator, but they have this big long article about how the crime "could have happened anywhere". Talk about getting defensive and losing focus! PR is more important than this murdered woman???


    Killing could have happened anywhere, apartment owners say

    Police and fire calls to the Fitchburg apartment complex where a woman was killed in a domestic dispute Wednesday have dropped "to virtually nothing" since the large property was bought in fall 2005 and redeveloped, a spokesman for the owners said.

    "The unfortunate incident that happened here could have happened anywhere in the city," said Brandon Scholz, spokesman for E.J. Plesko & Associates of Madison, which purchased the formerly troubled Ridgewood Country Club Apartments and split it into two sections known as The Pines and The Fairways.

    Police were called to an apartment at 3313 Leopold Way for a domestic disturbance at 8:51 a.m. and found 23-year-old Yuliana H. Hernandez dead at the scene. An injured man found with her has been described as a "person of interest" in the ongoing homicide investigation.
    Fitchburg Police Chief Tom Blatter on Wednesday would not identify him but confirmed that the man and Hernandez were in a relationship. The man had surgery Wednesday for life-threatening injuries and police had been unable to speak with him through late Wednesday afternoon.
    "There's so much more we need to know," Blatter said, adding, however, that the "facts of the investigation" made it "clear" to police that the woman's death was the result of a homicide.

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    today's news

    Not much new info- but there's a little bit here:


    Blatter said officers were called to the apartment at 3313 Leopold Way shortly before 9 a.m. today.
    Gloria Bernal, who lives three doors down from the ground floor apartment that officers investigated, said in a telephone interview that she was awakened this morning by three sharp sounds that came at five-second intervals.
    At the time, she said, she thought she her mind might have been playing tricks on her. Sometime after 8 a.m., however, she heard a woman "screaming down the hallway" and thought someone might be having a heart attack.
    Police flooded the building and when they told her later that the apartment was a crime scene, she said "that shook me up very much." She thinks now that the sounds that woke her might have been gunshots.
    Bernal, 55, has lived in the two-story building for seven years and said while it was once a good place to live, it has taken a downturn recently.

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    From February 2009:


    Julio Marin-Garcia, who told a judge Wednesday he still doesn't recall stabbing his wife to death, will spend at least 20 years of a life sentence in prison - the minimum for a first-degree murder conviction - before he can ask to be released...

    The period for extended supervision eligibility that Markson gave to Marin-Garcia was the shortest in a Dane County domestic abuse-related first-degree intentional homicide case since Wisconsin's Truth In Sentencing law took effect in 2000...

    Marin-Garcia was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide after a trial in July.

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