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    MI - Jason Davis, 34, Lynnette Lawson, 28, & 2 kids shot to death, 18 Oct 2007


    Why were these kids still in this home?!!!
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    they have a POI

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    yes, why were these children left in this drug infested house?

    As long as there are drugs, there will be violence and children dying. It will never stop.

    Time to put slugs in drug dealers and makers.


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    I wonder what the police did in the past when they came out on these reports of "narcotics" complaints?
    IF this was about drugs it is unbelievably sad that the kids have to suffer for the parents, especially over something as senseless as drugs.
    And before anyone flames me just let me say I WAS a drug addict 2 yrs ago, but NEVER put my 2 girls in harms way or would give anyone a reason to hurt my babies.
    These poor kids...the innocent pawns in all this who have to pay with their precious lives...it is just NOT worth it...
    They deserve to have a life...God it makes me wanna cry....

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    The children had business being put in such a home. They did nothing to deserve this. What on earth was the mother thinking keeping her children in a drug house? My heart is breaking for them!! When will all the stupid stuff stop??!!!!
    Here is a local link to the story:


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