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    Our father deserved visit from his friends

    *note* As far as I know, this was not posted on-line, my friend hand typed it after reading it in her local newspaper. She said it was a letter to the editor. Bless their hearts! Blessings, Lanie

    Our father deserved visit from his friends

    We are writing this letter to the residents of Troy who knew our father Wilmont Long. We are ashamed to say that you people who knew him could not show him the respect he deserved upon his death.

    Over the years he and Grandfather Adam Long helped many of you when your chips were down.

    Whether you needed a car fixed, a lawnmower repaired or couldn't buy food for your families, both our dad and grandfather would help you. If you needed money they would loan it to you. When our dad got down on his luck you all turned your backs on him. He was your friend when he had money or when his Social Security check came. But he was no one to you when he needed help.

    We have seen my dad over the years work on your cars in the snow and rain to help you out. He was slow but he knew what he was doing. You couldn't even send flowers to his funeral. You all know who you are and you all know who took advantage of him when he had money. We know most of you and we don't ever want you to tell us you're sorry about our father's death because we know that you are not sincere and at this point in time there are a few choice words for all of you that can not be printed.

    You have truly shown us who his true friends were. No matter what, our dad was a good man and he took care of his family, both children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    There are not a lot of you who could measure up to our dad because he was one in a million and always will be. We will miss him but we know you won't.

    — Daughters, Darla Grapner, Troy; Wilma Shafer, Piqua; Debra Persinger, Troy and Karen Young, Mt. Sterling, Ky.

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    Well good for them. I hope whomever reads it that didn't pay their respects feels bad for it. I've seen things like this happen time and time again.

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