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    WI - Ben Wilberding, 21, Tomahawk, 24 May 1996


    Oct 19, 2007

    The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department says it's got a new lead in the case of a Tomahawk man who disappeared nearly 11 years ago, but officers aren't saying what it is.

    Ben Wilberding was 21 when he vanished.

    Both officers and family still think someone in Tomahawk has answers.

    Wilberding was last seen in May of 1996, at his parents' home on County Road CC.

    His sister says someone else had Wilberding's Drivers License and social security card, but a former sheriff says no evidence linked that person to a crime.

    If you have information, call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department at (715) 536-6272
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    I hope I am posting this correctly but here is another link with a short video and a bit more information on this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesikah1 View Post
    I hope I am posting this correctly but here is another link with a short video and a bit more information on this case.
    You posted perfectly. Welcome to WS!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesikah1 View Post
    I hope I am posting this correctly but here is another link with a short video and a bit more information on this case.

    Thanks for the link!
    Also WELCOME to WS!!!!

    I can't imagine LE not thinking a crime had been commited 11 yrs ago.
    Seriously not many people vanish for 11 yrs without getting in touch with someone. Why in the world would someone have his drivers license & SS card? This case needs futher looked into.

    I am very glad something new has turned up. Wi has a very huge problem with unsolved cases.......

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    Ben Wilberding
    Missing since May 24, 1996 from Tomahawk, Lincoln County, Wisconsin
    Classification: Missing
    Vital Statistics
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 21 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'10"; 170 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Brown hair; brown eyes.
    Dentals: Available, missing his two front teeth

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    On May 24, 1996 Ben Wilberding disappeared from his parents' home on County Road CC in rural Tomahawk. He spoke to his sister from his home that morning, and that was the last she or anyone else heard from him.
    Weeks later police found his driver's license and social security card, on a different person. Police investigated that person, but found no evidence linking him to a crime.

    Ben's last paycheck remains at Hurd Millwork Co. in Merrill where he was employed as summer help, and his vehicle is parked where it was when he went missing. His Social Security card hasn't been used and his driver's license has not been renewed.
    There doesn't seem to be any reasons why Wilberding disappeared, no clues as to where he might be and no ideas if he just fled the country, or if foul play was involved

    If you have any information concerning this case please contact:
    Lincoln County Sheriff's Department

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    NEW INFO: Crews Searching Near Tomahawk for Remains of Missing Man After Tip

    Lincoln County authorities say they're searching for human remains in an area where they were told a man missing since 1996 may be buried.

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    NEW INFO: No Human Remains Found in Lincoln County Missing Person Search


    The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department has completed its search on County Road CC in the Town of Wilson. Despite the day long search no sign of human remains were found.

    Investigators were searching for the remains of a man missing since 1996.

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    Wow, this is 40 miles from me and I have never heard of him. My niece and her husband both work at Hurd and have for many years. I am going to ask them about this.
    Praying for Jason.
    Find Beaner!
    Where is Kayla Berg?
    Justice for Stephanie Low, 9-22-14 RIP Stephanie

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    A year ago, Carsky put Kraemer in touch with a woman in Tomahawk, Wis., whose brother went missing in 1996. Ben Wilberding was 21 when last seen. “He was on the family property, staying with his older brother,” says Candie Wetenkamp, Ben’s sister. The investigation stalled, she says, and she confided with Kraemer about her frustrations with the police.

    In late July of 2010, Wetenkamp finally got investigators with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and the State Crime Lab to agree to search the family’s land, including the dilapidated mobile home where Wilberding and his older brother once lived. Kraemer made the four-hour drive to help out. “They needed someone to shake things up a little bit,” she says.

    Police found no human remains. But days later, Wetenkamp’s family continued to search with private investigators.

    Kraemer decided to talk to Arthur “Artie” Wilberding, 41, Ben’s older brother and presumed to be the last person to see him alive. “The rumors have always been that Artie killed him and hid the body on the property,” Kraemer says. “So I just went and knocked on his door.” After more than an hour, with Candie Wetenkamp waiting in her car, Kraemer walked out with what she says was an admission from Artie Wilberding.

    “He was very remorseful,” she says. “He said he knew where the body was, but that [his friend] had killed him.” Kraemer and Wetenkamp went to the house of the friend, an older man and surrogate father to the Wilberding siblings. “He was canning pickles,” Kraemer recalls. “So I’m eating cucumbers and telling him what Artie had told me. He tells me Artiekilled Ben and the body was under the trailer.”

    Back they went with the team of private investigators to the family property. And in the ground where the mobile home once stood, they found what appeared to be human bones. “God am I excited,” Kraemer said, hours after the discovery. “It almost feels like I found Becky. I know that must sound crazy…”

    The county sheriff was alerted and Arthur was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for a drug offense. Convicted in August 2010 of possession of THC and theft, he remained in jail in early October but hadn’t been charged with causing harm to his brother. The remains found beneath his mobile home had yet to be identified as human.


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