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    NJ - Clifton, woman found dead, Oct'07 - Chaz Venable

    I read about this late this morning (or I should say, yesterday morning) and have been checking for updates all day. I can't get on WS from work so I haven't checked the 'missing' thread yet. This poor woman is not listed on the State Police missing persons website, but I was hoping they would have been able to post her identity by now. It's possible she's from another state. Here's one of the articles from foxnews.com:

    MYFoxNY.com -- A woman in her early 30s and pregnant was found dead off the Garden State Parkway in Clifton.

    New Jersey State Police say it's not clear how long the body had been there.
    A Turnpike maintenance worker found the body at around 10:15 am on the south side of the Parkway.

    Turnpike officials says it doesn't seem like the woman was a disabled motorist at any point as no car was found abandoned.

    Another article I read stated she could have been there anywhere from a few day to several weeks, which is why I would find it hard to believe she was from this state. Wouldn't someone have noticed her missing? Too many question for now I suppose.
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    Id'ed as 22 yo Chaz Venable...info at link.

    Hope this is the same story.

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